President's Message, Rev. Paul Demuth

Dear Friends of BACC,

As we enter into the seasons of Thanksgiving and Christmas, it is appropriate to reflect on the convergence of factors that give us hope. While the press — and unfortunately, many of our own conversations — dwell on the distrust, misinformation, conflicts and ecological disaster in our society, we who look to the future see another picture that is hope filled.

Scientists, physicists, philosophers, theologians and futurists are beginning to see the convergence of thought, imagination and studies that show that there really is an exciting
interplay that is occurring in our universe both on the macro and micro levels. Who would have
imagined that those who study our universe are discovering the interplay of the universe and the
micro world with many of the theories of the origin of creation? Theologians and philosophers
too, are seeing congruence of scientific theory as important factors on their reflection on a
greater power whose creation infiltrates every level of development. Governments are seeing the effects, both positive and negative, of their policies as they influence communities on the other side of the world. And in our own local area, we are seeing the exciting convergence of government,
education, business and nonprofits in a united effort to plan for our future.

Could the “silo approach” to study, work, play, and organize be slowly melting away?
This is not to say that we naively avoid areas of conflict and self indulgence. They are still here
in abundance. But there is enough evidence of our interdependence on one another to look for
the dawning of a new day in which we see every sector of our universe as related.
At BACC, we have been doing a lot of planning to renew our own organization in the light of
these realities. We are still the leading organization (of almost 30 years) that engages
community leaders in understanding and shaping the future of the greater Green Bay area. Our
focus over the past two years has been to bring the power of foresight analysis to community
leaders and to infuse foresight into the strategic planning process of organizations throughout
greater Green Bay. We are seeking strategic partners in this endeavor who will work
together with us to engage every level of our community in thoughtful insight into the future
growth of our community. We are planning to expand our organization and seek the
resources and staff that are needed to accomplish on the local level what we see happening
throughout our world.

When the challenges we face seem both exciting and daunting, it is perhaps best to see how
these universal movements can become a reality here at home. Who knows--in a few years our
efforts may have a ripple effect in other communities near and far. It’s worth dreaming, planning,
and implementing right here in our own backyard!
So, enjoy your family and friends, your workplace and social arenas, your religious and
community gatherings during the coming weeks. We have a lot for which to be thankful! And
let’s continue to work together as a community.