November 2019 Newsletter
Promoting Mathematical Thinking
Math is one of the most important elements of our lives. Math helps us understand and organize the world around us. Math is much more than being able to count, add, and subtract – it is an approach to life and a way of thinking about the world. Learn More
Infants & Toddlers
Kindergarten & School-Agers
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Which of the following statements best describes you?
A. I am advanced and confident in my math skills and able to teach children math
B. I feel comfortable with most math skills and find it easy to introduce math
C. I usually stick to basics of math (shapes, etc.) due to my lack of confidence
D. I prefer to avoid math language and instruction in my learning environment
Poll Results: October 2019 Newsletter
Which statements best reflects your knowledge of the Caring for Our Children (CFOC) resource?

A. I refer to CFOC often when making health and safety decisions in my program - 41 responses or 35%
B. I have used CFOC a few times when making changes to health & safety practices - 20 responses or 17%
C. I am aware of the CFOC resource; I have never used it - 17 responses or 15%
D. I was not aware of the CFOC resource; I am excited to check it out! -
39 responses or 33%

117 total responses
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Strengthening Mathematical Thinking: Program-Wide...

This month's newsletter explores many different ways that educators can incorporate math language and exploration into their learning environment. At the program level, there are things the staff can do to ensure that everyone in the program is...

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Student Spotlight
Donna Ogonowski
Northern Virginia
I learned about CCEI in the summer of 2018 and signed up our school for the center program and myself for a certificate program. I have just completed the coursework and now applying for the credentialing from the CDA Council. I love that the employees at my center can complete the courses they need at their pace while meeting requirements for annual training for state requirements. It’s a wonderful option for us.
I highly recommend CCEI to all that I know.

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