November Development Update
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Digital Disclaimer Signatures
Soon, the disclaimer you see on every management checkout will have new options for completion in addition to the existing print and get a physical signature method. You will be able to email the disclaimer to your customer for a digital signature, collect a digital signature right in the office by asking your customer to sign the screen (with mouse or touchscreen), and mark that you already have a signed disclaimer on file. Please feel free to contact us with questions before this goes live. We expect to release this update in the next few weeks.
More to Come...
  • Optional Grade Setting: Allows sites to skip using the grade field if desired
  • Combined Basic & Full Roster: Streamlines rosters into one with option to show age/bday
  • Musco Lighting Sync: Ability to send calendar events to Musco, inc. edit all ID setup
  • Axess Door Opening System: Ability to send a door open command on membership card scan
  • Infinite Calendar Events on Load: See past and future by clicking arrows instead of date range
  • Restricting Adv. Activity Registration if Dates Full:
  • Calendar Export: Send calendar data to Outlook, Mac, or Google calendars
  • MuniciPay Update: A closer connection with this gateway
  • Xpress Bill Pay Integration: A brand new gateway connection
  • Second Parent/Guardian Setting: Set a 2nd guardian for rosters and notification
  • Reservation Date Cancellation Instead of Deletion: Track removed dates more accurately
  • Promo Codes Unique to Individual or Account: One time use per account or member
  • Default Reservation Deposit: Pre-fills a deposit amount in reservations for set facility
  • Permit Email After Payment: Sends receipt and permit after payment made if previously withheld
  • Set Block Fee Fill on Request Processing: Pre-fills selected fee on reservations made from requests
  • Sibling Discount on Adv. Activity Program Level: Allows discounts over multiple activities of program
  • Update to Features Display: Shows all available optional features in Misc > Features
  • Temporary Password on Add New Member: Can send temp password when creating new member
  • Notes for Temporary Password Email: Can include notes when sending a temporary password
  • Cancelled Item Filter on Product Orders Report: Choose to include cancelled items or not
  • Flash Replacement on Webcam Capture: Capture membership photos with new service
  • Show All Dates for Team Score Add: Ability to add score by clicking date instead of remembering it
  • Non-CC Refund Split on Disb by Payment Type Report: Shows cash & check refund columns instead
  • Default to Today on Daily Payment Summary Report: Shows one day by default, can be changed
  • Credit Card Storage Use for Autopay Items: Allows use of stored cards for recurring item checkout
  • Facility Sales Report Accuracy Update: Uses expected revenue from sale instead of received income
  • Facility Revenue Report: Report to show reservation income by facility for reservation date range
  • Research into EMV Card Reader: Looking into support for credit card reader like Stripe
  • Quick-Add Events to Calendar: Ability to add holidays, maintenance, etc. to the calendar quickly
  • Program/Membership Income Accuracy Update & Payment/Balance Report: Removes fee, waived, and balance columns from Program Income and Membership Income reports as they include non-income and are causing report inaccuracies. Adds new reports to show fees, paid, and balance per registrant instead.

But wait, there's more...
Check Misc > Think Tank for a more up-to-date list and to vote on items and be notified of their completion.
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