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Cru International Bourbon Barrel Style Red Blend ($146.65 for 30-750 ml bottles) - AVAILABLE NOW!!!!! LIMITED QUANTITIES STILL AVAILABLE!!!!!

Cru International Bourbon Barrel Style White Blend ($141.65 for 30-750 ml bottles) - 
See below for more information

4-week wines - Fruit Wine - Save $5
Wildberry White Zinfandel (fruit) - Regular $121.20 - SALE $116.20

4-week wines - Save $5
Sauvignon Blanc (white) - Regular $126.20 -  SALE $121.20
A clean, refreshing and food friendly white wine offering a light, fruity aroma with green, herbal flavours and a touch of mint.
Oak - None, Body - Medium, Sweetness - Dry

Pinot Noir (red)Regular $132.20 - SALE $127.20
The soft texture and dark colour compliment the flavours of berry fruit, with a subtle raspberry undertone. An approachable yet still sophisticated red wine.
Oak - Medium, Body - Medium, Sweetness - Dry

6-week wines - Cru Select - Save $12.50
Australian Chardonnay (white) - Regular $174.20 - SALE $161.70
A classic style Chardonnay that is clean, crisp, and rich in varietal character with fruit flavours abound. It is golden-hued and slightly tart while flavours of vanilla and cloves tantalize the palate.
Oak - Medium, Body - Medium, Sweetness - Dry 

Italian Valpolicella (red) - Regular $179.20 - SALE $166.70
An aroma reminiscent of farm fresh cherries backed by streaks of dark chocolate. Toasted oak on the palate helps it age into an Italian style wine of award winning potential.
Oak - Medium, Body - Medium, Sweetness - Dry 

Sale Prices in effect until Saturday, November 30th,

Get your wine on time for Christmas

The Christmas Season is not that far away....and you want to make sure you have enough wine in the cellar for all of your guests.  Prepare now!  Note the final dates for making the best Craft Wine in time for Christmas:

En Primeur Winery Series  - Saturday, October 19th, 2019
Cru Select - Saturday, November 2nd, 2019
Cru International/MiVino - Saturday, November 9th, 2019
Grand Cru/Heritage Estates/Orchard Breezin' Fruit Wines - Saturday, November 9th, 2019

Don't be disappointed.  Order today!

Go all in this Fall with Double Down Bourbon Barrel Style Blends!

These unique Cru International Bourbon Barrel Style blends are about boosting bold flavour and richness in the wine. With a more intense set of aromas and flavours, be prepared to expect subtle and smooth bourbon, sweet and spicy notes, and overall southern charming character.

Cru International Bourbon Barrel Style White Blend ($141.65 for 30-750 ml bottles)

Tropical fruit, vanilla, and toasty notes on the nose. The palate is full bodied with a long oaky finish.

Pairs perfectly with crab mac and cheese, mushroom soup, seafood risotto, aged cheddar cheeses, and even buttery popcorn.

Try it before you order it? Find it at the LCBO and the Wine Rack -  Bodacious Bold and Buttery Chardonnay Style

Cru International Bourbon Barrel Style Red Blend ($146.65 for 30-750 ml bottles) - AVAILABLE NOW!!!!! LIMITED QUANTITIES STILL AVAILABLE!!!!!

Sweet vanilla, caramel, and toasty notes on the nose complimented by red fruit. The palate is smooth and juicy with a long oaky finish.

Try it with grilled steak, BBQ ribs or hard cheeses like Parmigiano- Reggiano, Gouda and smoked cheddar.

Try it before you order it? Find it at the LCBO and the Wine Rack -  Bodacious Bourbon Barrel Aged Red

Don't miss out on these truly unique wines. Pre-order today for delivery in October!

Now Available: Cranapple Celebration!

This white wine features tart green apples balanced out by smooth white cranberries, to create an easy drinking wine with a crisp, refreshing finish.

Available now for $121.20 for 30-750 ml bottles. Order yours today!
Introducing Restricted Quantities (RQ) 2020!
Fond recollections of happiness, fervent reiterations of love; a fulsome renewal of youth - may these be numbered among your many celebrations.
This year RQ puts on the ritz in celebration of twenty years of craft winemaking excellence.
Immerse yourself in the spendor of Restricted Quantites' roaring twenties premium wine collection. Craft and share the bee's knees of wines from the renowned regions of Chile, Argentina, Spain and Australia.
RQ 2020 line-up consists of the following wines:
Argentina Bonarda Syrah (Red) inspired by the '20's slang "The Darb" - $195.20 for 30-750 ml bottles
January 2020 release

Spanish Macabeo (White) inspired by the '20's slang "The Caterpillars Kimono" - $ 189.20 for 30-750 ml bottles
January 2020 release

Chile Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot (Red) inspired by the '20's slang "The Big Shot"- $195.20 for 30-750 ml bottles
February 2020 release

Australian Pinot Noir Shiraz (Red) inspired by the '20's slang "The Cat's Meow" - $195.20 for 30-750 ml bottles
March 2020 release

Spanish Rose (Blush) inspired by the '20's slang "The Deb" - $189.20 for 30-750 ml bottles
April 2020 release
We will be highlighting each wine over the next few months. Each wine will take 8 weeks from release date to bottle. Pre-order your wines now to avoid disappointment!

Cru Specialty Fall Seasonal Releases are Here!

Cru Specialty dessert wines satisfy every sweet tooth. The smaller batch format makes just enough of these rich and complex specialty wines to satisfy your dessert cravings, and a few bottles left to gift to family and friends.

The line-up includes the following delicious flavours:
- Black Forest Port
- Coffee Port
- Raspberry Mocha Port
- Toasted Caramel Port
- Creme Brulee Port

Available in now for $179.20 for 30-375 ml bottles. Order yours today!

Introducing our Referral Program!

We want to thank-you for sharing your Craft Wine from the Cork and Vine with family and friends.  So, we are introducing our Referral Program. Here is how it works:

1. Simply refer a friend or family member to come and make wine with us. All they have to do is put your name as their referral on their New Customer Form.

2. They will receive 30 free bottles with their first purchase of wine (a $47.50 value).

3. You will receive a gift certificate in the amount of $10 to be applied to your next purchase.

It is that easy! You will receive the gift certificate as an e-mail.

Help us spread the word about the benefits of making your own Craft Wine at The Cork and Vine.

Introducing a new wine to the En Primeur Winery Series line-up :
Chilean Carmenere!!

This opulent and rich, Carménère boasts the luscious flavours of red cherries and berries, hints of spice and leather enhanced with robust tannins.

Available now for $187.65 for 30-750 ml bottles. Order yours today!

Wine Fortified Figs for Fall

The festive fig, a delicious member of the mulberry family, harvested in October and November has been cultivated since ancient times. This rich and fibrous fruit is the most decadent pairing to wine fortification. Using your RJS Craft Winemaking red wines in this jamming recipe will provide you with luxurious spreads through the cooler months of the year. Given as gifts or just to brighten up someone's day, this DIY wine recipe pairs well with cheese, toast or cakes.     Read more

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