9:30am & 11:15am   
November 3
Day of Remembrance
Rev. Thom, Marion Hirsch, and Kat Good, leading worship
Join us for a multigenerational worship service on the Sunday closest to All Souls' Day. As a community of all ages we will remember loved ones who are departed, honor remembrance through ritual, and speak to the loss that is part of life. All are invited to bring a photograph or small memento of a loved one you are remembering. These may be brought forward and placed on the altar before the service or during the Opening Hymn.
November 10
The Story We Find Ourselves In
Rev. Thom, preaching
Last summer the NY Times published the 1619 Project in an effort to "correct the record, reframing the country's history by placing the consequences of slavery and the contributions of black Americans at the center of the national narrative." The Unitarian Universalist Association's common read for this church year is An Indigenous Peoples' History of the United States by Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz. On this Sunday, we will consider the story we find ourselves in and the telling of truthful, faithful stories.
November 17
Rev. Thom, preaching
Thom says of this sermon, "I remember the first time I had to blow a whistle. It was as a summer lifeguard and I had to alert others that I was going in for a rescue. Later, on college campuses, I encountered whistles being distributed as a tool for personal safety. Now, whistleblowers are featured in the news. This sermon will offer a reflection on whistleblowing as well as offer thoughts on how we can become active bystanders."
November 24
We Need a Stranger for This
Rev. Thom, preaching
Most of us are familiar with central Biblical injunction to welcome the stranger. "When a stranger resides with you in your land, you shall not oppress the stranger." (Leviticus 19:33) However, there is also an ancient tradition, still observed, which declares the necessity of a stranger. This sermon begins with a story from a Kurdish wedding and moves on from there.
The View From The Roof
Brad Kosiba, 
Buildings & Grounds Chair
As I write this, the painters are starting to repaint the exterior of our campus buildings: the Church, the Jones Building and the Manse. Combined with the volunteer Jones Classroom renovation project, we have a much brighter campus these days. Next on the list will be the Sanctuary interior, once we get a persistent roof leak solved... KEYS - Please ask Brad, Rachel or any other church staff if you need a quick refresher (3 minutes or less!) on how to unlock and keep a church entry door unlocked. There is a trick! It is easy to learn! In the interest of energy consumption, security and pest control, we ask that you please never block doors open except briefly for deliveries and other momentary needs. Unlock them properly and relock on leaving. Also, if you have any church keys you no longer need, please return them to Rachel. And always... Please remember, YOUR JOB is to email Brad or catch him at church whenever you see something amiss. Early reports save $$$!!!    
"SHREK The Musical" 
Glenn Mehrbach, Music Director
Why was "Shrek the Musical" chosen as this year's musical? People who've seen the movie might expect the same arch humor, and not much else. The musical is a different creature: one with a beating heart and message of acceptance. That message is the need to write our own stories, independent of messages from the outside world. Early on, Princess Fiona sings, "I believe the storybooks I read..." By the time we get to the end, she sings "I've waited all my life, lived it by the book, now I know that's not my story." The Fairytale Creatures, persecuted for who they are, finally realize that "what makes us special makes us strong." Please come to "Shrek the Musical" for the funny jokes, the touching music, the amazing sets and costumes, and our terrific 45-member cast and 6-piece band of all congregation members; you'll leave believing, more than ever, in our first Principle: "The inherent worth and dignity of every person." You'll now need to add "and donkey, wooden boy, ugly duckling..."
CLICK HERE for more information.
Board Election Update:   The candidates for the 2020 Board of Trustees are:
  • Heather O'Connor (Vice President)
  • Becky Wilkes
  • Salem Macknee

Member petition nominations will be accepted until November 1st. You can see candidate pictures and read their bios here. Voting will begin on November 8, and all church members will receive electronic or paper ballots at that time. The deadline to vote will be November 25, and results will be announced on Dec. 1

Please direct any questions to members of the Nominating Committee: Jane Provan, Abbie Beasley-Crombie, George Thompson, or Laura Gilliom. 

Phase I of the Building Project has wrapped up! Having been refurbished by energetic volunteers over the summer, two rooms downstairs and three rooms upstairs are now in use for adult and youth religious education and other meetings. (One remaining room plus auxiliary spaces will be renovated during construction of the new addition.)
Phase II of the Building Project has advanced! Detailed design of the new addition has progressed, in sync with the Town's feedback on all the submissions they've obtained from us over the many months since January 2019. When we receive the actual building permit, hopefully by December, we'll be able to finalize the detailed design, the construction cost figure, and the timetable for project completion!
For more information on the Building Project's purpose, scope and funding status, see the illustrated leaflets online or in print at the Building Project display between the kitchen and the stage. 

The Community Church Concert Series kicks off its fabulous new season with the highly-esteemed, multi-award-winning bluegrass band, Blue Highway on Friday, Nov. 8 at 8 p.m. in the sanctuary! Blue Highway has earned a collective 28 IBMA Awards, 6 SPBGMA Awards, one Dove Award, plus three Grammy nominations as a band and was voted the Favorite Bluegrass Artist of All Time by the readers of Bluegrass Today in April 2016. Fabulous desserts available at intermission!  
Support the church while hearing top-notch acoustic music! Single and SEASON tickets and more information available HERE! Look for our table after Services Nov. 3! AND mark calendars for The Kruger Brothers on Dec. 6 at 8 p.m.! (Tickets going fast!) Questions? Contact: Terry Baker or Jane Provan
It is an annual tradition at the Community Church that the children (K-5th grade) make homemade pumpkin pies and serve them hot with whipped topping to the congregation after the Sunday Services on the Sunday before Thanksgiving. It is a minor miracle that we can make 300 slices of delicious, homemade pie!

PARENT COVENANT GROUPS -- WANT TO CONNECT WITH OTHER PARENTS?  There are still a few spaces left in the Parent Covenant groups.
  • High School Parent Group Meets conveniently on the 1st Sunday of the month during High School Youth Group, 6-8 PM
  • Parents of Young Children (with childcare provided) Meets on 1st Sunday of the month, 3:00-4:30 PM. 
  • Sign up online or contact Marion Hirsch to sign up or for more information. 

How do I find out more about the Children's and Youth Ministry Program? 
There is lots of information on the church website with details, dates and how to register. You can also get on the mailing list for the weekly emails which tell you what is happening on the upcoming Sunday and what fun events are coming.  
To get on the mailing list, contact Marion Hirsch: 
Did you know that our church collects food for the homeless shelter and we volunteer to cook and serve meals there? Did you know that one of our members, Barbara Rodbell, started the tradition of us financially supporting Inter-Faith Council for Social Services' Holiday Meals over twenty years ago?

In November, Share The Plate will be asking for your donation to help provide a Thanksgiving meal to a family of four at the shelter. On the menu are: turkey or ham, sweet potatoes, apples, collard greens, cornbread, rolls and desert. Think of the cheer a hot Thanksgiving dinner will bring to these families. The meal costs the IFC $25 per family and they plan on serving over 400 clients that day.

Holiday times can be especially challenging to those living on limited incomes, which is why we are collecting funds for the IFC specifically for Thanksgiving. When making out a check, please put in the memo line STP: Holiday Meals. Thank you in advance for your generosity.Questions? Please email Lisa Epner.
Are you concerned about the inequalities caused by  the use of cash bail in our local court system? If so, please come to the first official meeting of the Orange County Bail Justice Project! We will meet after service on Sunday 11/3/19 from 12:45-1:45pm in the Commons to plan education and volunteer activities for the coming months and to learn about the basics of bail in Orange County.
For more information, email Catherine Grodensky.
 Thanks to all who contributed and who reached out to people beyond our church walls to support our crowd-sourced fund raiser to help people seeking asylum. It costs $100-$200 per week to meet basic needs for an asylum seeking guest living at our Manse. Within one month of initiating our Faithify campaign, we raised the required minimum of $2000.00. Most of the contributions came from people unaffiliated with our church. In other words, crowd-sourcing worked! Now, we look to increase our early successes by raising enough money to cover a full year for someone working their way through the asylum process. Please help us by sharing this link with friends, family and colleagues looking for ways to help with the humanitarian crisis at the Southern border. For a model outreach letter, email Merry-K. Moos. The campaign ends 11/14
ECO would like to thank everyone who participated in the Climate Strikes in Chapel Hill, Raleigh and Pittsboro on Sept. 20. It is estimated that over 4 million people around the world participated in these global youth-led strikes. Watch this inspiring video!

A couple of notes and reminders about ECO's monthly recycling: Every month, on the first Sunday, we accept batteries, corks, and tiny metal objects. On some months we also take additional items such as eyeglasses, cell phones, or children's books. A reminder that we cannot accept lightbulbs of any kind, and sadly we can no longer take plastic markers or greeting cards. Batteries that are corroded should be in a plastic bag. See our recycling page for more information on what, when and where, and thanks for helping keep these items out of the landfill! 
It's that time again!  A time for us to gather to reflect on all the gifts we have, to celebrate the coming season of cool weather, to join with friends, neighbors, and near and faraway relatives for a joyous meal together. So bring your family (even if you are a family of one), your visiting relatives, a lonely college student, newly arrived neighbors to break bread (not to mention turkey, gravy, pies and veggies) together. There will be food aplenty, entertainment, games, family-appropriate DVDs,  child care, and finally, a neighborhood ramble to work off the aforementioned gravy.  There is a sign up for help of all kinds!  Many hands create a fun event.  CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP , then call or text Sam Brooks (919 259-3611) and let her know the number of your group; our total number will determine how many turkey cookers we will need! A potluck dish for every four people is suggested (one more if we are talking about teenagers).
Our church covenant is an inspiring document and guides us in creating the caring, brave, straightforward, constructive community that we treasure. Health and integrity require nurture and intention. The Living Our Covenant With Intention (LOCI) Ministry strives to increase awareness of the diversity of social, political, and religious beliefs in our congregation. The ministry encourages us to use the tenets of our Covenant to build a more welcoming, thoughtful, and safe community for all of our members. One of the first initiatives of LOCI this fall was to provide church ministries with a laminated copy of the congregational covenant for use for opening readings and reflection. Other initiatives include sponsoring programs relating to the covenant and celebrating diversity within the congregation. Meetings are open and new members are welcome. 
Contact Co-Chairs: Dave Klibanow and Bianca Rodriguez.

There are just few spots open in this year's regular monthly covenant groups:

  • 3rd Mondays, 7-8:30 (1 spot)
  • 1st Wednesdays, 7-8:30 (2 spots)

Come and join the fun and get to know other congregants. Share perspectives on what's important, what feeds your soul/spirit.

Sign up online or email Marion Hirsch for more information.


November and December bring exciting new 
SEA Classes:
  • Connecting with God, a monthly meeting for those questing God, starts 11/10, 2-3:30 PM. Led by Jenny Warnasch, Bianca Rodriquez, and Marion Hirsch.
  • Gardening with Words: The spiritual practice of gathering and arranging language, a three-session workshop led by poet Adam Good. Gives participants a opportunity to play with words and create their own Chalice Lightings. 11/7, 11/14, 12/5, 7-9 PM
  • The Present Moment, just in time for holidays. How can   we be present for our lives- the tough times times, the joy, and even the boredom? Led by Lisa Lackmann, Caroline Sherman, and Paige Smith. 12/5 & 12/12, 7-8:30 PM
Sign up for these classes online or email Marion Hirsch to sign up or for more information.
Mental illness is not caused by moral weakness or bad parents. It is a no-fault brain disorder which affects one out of every five families, yet the stigma persists. Mental illnesses are more common than heart disease and cancer combined and they are treatable. The church's Mental Health Ministry is working to support families who are trying to help their loved ones with mental illness find or accept help.
For more information about this ministry and the monthly Support is Contagious (SIC) Lunch contact Susan Spalt, Julie Worth or Marion Hirsch.The SIC lunches are available for those times when family members need support dealing with mental illness in someone they love. They are not, at this time, able to provide support for church members living with mental illness.



Covenant Group -- The 20s and 30s Covenant Group meets monthly on the 3rd Tuesday from 7-8:30 for fellowship and spiritual deepening. It's a drop-in group. Sign up link.


20s and 30s Facebook group--Contact Marion Hirsch at for more information. 


UNC UU Campus Fellowship meets Wednesdays in the Student Union in 3509 from 5-6 PM. To get on the mailing list contact Marion Hirsch at 

With the shawls shown here, the Community Clickers completed their goal of delivering 30 shawls to UNC Hospice in 2019! These are given to patients at UNC Hospice Home or patients at other facilities and homes within Orange and Chatham County. Join us at our November meetings: 2-4 pm on Wednesday, November 6th (Commons) and 7-9 pm on Monday, November 18th (room change: Jones Building, downstairs in the center room, Room G). We will work on personal projects, including those for our Holiday Bazaar table and baby hats for UNC Hospital. Can't knit or crochet? We can teach you! Stop by our table on Sunday, November 17th to learn more or contact us here. Please drop off Holiday Bazaar projects at either meeting, during tabling, or in our box in the Commons by December 1st. We use needles, hooks, and yarn to create comfort and warmth for our community.  

If you are a senior (self-defined) woman, you are invited to join Rare Women, a group that formed in September. There are three sections: 1st & 3rd Monday, 2 - 4 by Carolyn Holt; 1st & 3rd Thursdays, 1:30 - 3:30 pm, facilitated by Susan Blanchard; 2nd & 4th Thursdays, 11 am - 1 pm, facilitated by Bonnie Gilliom. All groups meet in the Sanctuary and are drop-in groups (so come as you are able). What is said in the group, stays in the group. During November, we will be discussing four chapters from Joan Chittister's book, The Gift of Years - Growing Older Gracefully: "Relationships" and "Solitude" followed by "Transformation" and "Forgiveness." Check our webpage, where you can sign up to be added to the Rare Women Email list, for our guidelines and a more detailed schedule of discussion topics.
You can email us HERE


Book Sharing and Exchange Saturday, November 2, from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. in the Straley Room. We will take turns talking about and sharing short excerpts from our favorite books. Bring any books that you are willing to give away for our end-of-meeting book swap. Contact Ivy Brezina or Lisa Epner for more info or questions. 

On Saturday, November 16, at 10:30 in the Kirby Room, the Nonfiction Readers will discuss Why Religion? A Personal Story by Elaine Pagels. The book is an autobiographical account by the woman who made the study of the ancient Nag Hammadi texts readable by people who aren't religious scholars. It tells of some really difficult periods in her life, and how religion has helped her come to grips with them. Mike Goodyear will be leading our discussion. The Readers meet on the third Saturday of each month. New members and drop-ins are welcome.
Click here to contact the group.
On Saturday, November 23rd, come join us outside and connect with other church members on a stroll along the Riverwalk in Hillsborough, followed by lunch afterwards. We will meet in downtown Hillsborough at 10:15 am at the Nash and Kollack Street entrance and walk along the Eno River to Gold Park, where we'll see the town's Bee Hotel next to the pollinator garden. The Riverwalk is paved, family friendly (strollers or tricycles welcome), and features two bridges spanning the river. Displays along the way describe the natural history and post-civil war human history of life along the Eno River. For questions or to RSVP for the lunch and details about where to meet for the walk, please email Julie Worth.
On Saturday, December 7 starting at 4:30 p.m., we'll begin decorating the Sanctuary and Commons. We'll hang lighted garlands, trim trees and jazz up wreaths with ribbons and sparkling ornaments. It's the biggest all-church, all-ages event of the year!
We'll also make gift baskets for the women and families at the IFC's Homestart Residential Facility. Please place your donations for the gift baskets in the collection box in the Commons. Additional information about supplies needed will be shared through the weekly announcements. At 5:30, we'll gather for our traditional chili, cornbread, and salad supper. Sign-up donate food and help with set-up or clean-up during tabling in November. We'll finish off the evening with a sing-along of holiday tunes!
The Greening is a wonderful start to the winter holiday season, and we need many volunteers to make it happen. Visit the Greening table during coffee hours for information and sign-ups. Questions? Email Bonnie Nelson or call 919-248-1853.

HELP CREATE THE CHURCH'S FIRST YULE BALL!  The Hogwarts Team and friends from other ministries will be hosting a multigenerational dance party extravaganza on January 4 to support the Close the Gap campaign. Join the planning team for our first meeting Sunday, November 3 from 1:00-2:30 in the Sanctuary. BYO lunch. We will need help with decorations, food, music, activities, ticket sales, etc. For more information, contact Selden Holt.
By the time you read this, proceeds from the Fall Auction on October 19th will have exceeded our $18,000 goal! This successful event could not have happened without contributions from those who offered meals, events, services, goods, and more for us to bid on, the many volunteers who helped with advance ticket sales, auction day tasks, and/or by bringing their culinary creations for the finger food buffet (mmmm!), and all of you who bought items, services and experiences! Let the community building begin! Find out what you bought and sold by logging into the catalog website. Select My Statement from the menu bar at the top of the page. You can also check Unsold Items for available places at dinners and events. If you haven't paid, please mail a check ("Community Church" with "Auction" in the memo line) to the church office. Questions or purchases? Contact Don and Susan Blanchard
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The C3HUU Board wants to hear from you! Click here  to share with us your thoughts, comments, concerns, and questions.  Click here to learn more about the Board, including viewing the Board and Congregational Meeting minutes.  
If you would like to learn more about joining The Community Church of Chapel Hill, please contact our Membership Director, Rachel Rose, by calling the office:
(919) 942-2050, emailing,
or find her at one of our Sunday services. Whether you are brand new or a longtime attendee, and whatever your beliefs or background, we welcome you to our community of friendship and ideals.