November 2019

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Power of Service to Others
At this time of year approaching the holiday season, as we gather around the table with friends and family, we hope that you will gather around the table with us at TLG through this newsletter issue.

By sharing pictures, quotes, books & stories that show what we are about, we hope you will get to know us better. We look forward to getting to know you better as well.

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving!

Top- L to R: Anne Quiello, Len Romano, Susan Hitchcock, Brian Bienn, Nancy Cranford, Kathryn Igou

Row 2-L to R: Bill Dickinson, Marty Gupta, Patricia Thompson, Michael Sessions, Barbara Reilly

Row 3-L to R: Kelly Bergeron, Hope Sonam, Tino Mantella, Barbara Jacobson

Bottom L to R: Josh Turknett, Lyn Turknett, Bob Turknett
Tino Mantella- Grateful for my Career Path
Tino Mantella
President & CEO

People who know me know that the first thing I will want to point out is that IT’S NOT OVER. I am sure I will be working away into my 90's….God willing. I love to participate in meaningful work that tests my abilities and helps people, teams, and companies.
Tino's Favorite Quote

"Excellence – Can be attained if you…

  • Care more than others think is wise
  • Risk more than others think is safe
  • Dream more than others think is practical
  • Expect more than others think is possible"

Author Unknown 
Bob Turknett- My Best Memory of 2019
Bob Turknett, Ed.D.
Co-founder & Co-chair

"Being honored at the Wesley Woods Foundation Heroes, Saints, & Legends Gala in March with Lyn , J. Neal Purcell, Ray M. Robinson
and having my family there with me to celebrate was so special and humbling. The best of memories."

Lyn Turknett- Grandchildren - My Passion
Lyn Turknett, M.A.
Co-founder & Co-chair
Passionate now about grandchildren, giving EVERY child a chance to thrive, and creating agile organizations and agile leaders.

Organizations cannot win unless they get every brain online. Understanding what we are learning from neuroscience is key.

My new favorite quote is from Josh: “The most sophisticated cognitive networks that humans possess - the ones capable of genius level insight - are part of the ordinary cognitive machinery of all human beings.”
Quotes Lyn enjoys...

  • Assume positive intent
  • Leadership is a choice, not a position
  • Leadership is a potent combination of strategy and character, but if you must be without one, be without the strategy. -General Norman Schwarzkopf
  • You don’t see things as THEY are, you see things as YOU are.
  • It’s not the facts and events that upset us, it’s the view we take of them. -Epictetus
  • Service to others is the rent we pay for living on this planet. -Attributed to Marilyn Wright Edelman
  • Having grandchildren is the only thing in life that isn’t overrated.
Michael Sessions- When I want to get away from it all
Michael Sessions, Ph.D.
Sr. Consultant

"This is where I go when I want to get away from it all.

My wife, Teri and I in my adopted country, Polignano a Mare, Italy."  

Can't you just taste the wine and smell the olives? Ahhhhhhhhhh

Barbara Reilly- Joy from Surprises
Barbara Reilly, Ph.D.
Sr. Consultant
"I love it when life gives you a little surprise that brings you joy!"

Josh Turknett- The Joy of Experiences
Josh Turknett, MD
Principal Consultant

This picture says it all. Enjoy special experiences!

This podcast episode Click Here is a good introduction to me and the things I care about.

Josh's Favorite Quote

"Those who wish to sing always find a song." -Swedish Proverb
Len Romano - Top 9 Leadership Tips
Len Romano
Sr. Consultant, Not for Profit Practice

Marty Gupta- Successful People
Marty Gupta
Vice President, Strategy

"A successful person is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at them."
– David Brinkley

Nancy Cranford - Ready to Finish our Bucket List!
Nancy Cranford
Alliance Partner, Talent Solutions

You may have heard that I’m retiring at the end of this week (See "Team Updates" Below) to be with my husband, a disabled veteran and lung cancer survivor. I call him My Miracle Man and he calls me his CEO – Chief Encouragement Officer. I’m looking forward to working on our bucket list and attending many more Atlanta Braves games. I plan to continue serving our favorite non-profits, especially those helping our nations veterans and foster kids. I also plan to stay involved with SHRM-Atlanta and hope to see many of you at upcoming events. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time at Turknett and am honored to stay connected as Alliance Partner Talent Solutions. I hope you will take a moment to read the details of my journey and my retirement “WHY.” Read More
Currently Reading: This book is a classic “oldie but goodie” that I have read and re-read over the years. In fact, every time there was a major change at work, this was my “go to.” It helped ensure I and others got on board so we could ensure success. As I go through a major unexpected change personally, this book is still my “go to.” I’ve learned that embracing change is half the battle!
Nancy's Quote
A recipe for Success:
Lead with courage and character
Give Generously
Serve and Encourage Others
Spread Joy
Believe and Succeed

              - Nancy Cranford
Hope Sonam- The New Millennial VP at Turknett

Hope Sonam
Vice President, Talent Solutions
I am currently in my sixth week as the new Vice President of Talent Solutions here at Turknett Leadership Group. The past six weeks have been a wild ride, both for me and I think for the team as well, as my entry to the organization brings a new generation to the Turknett workplace. While there are five generations in the global workforce at large these days, at a smaller company like Turknett my addition is a form of diversity that has uniquely impacted all of us.

Hope @ Buckingham Palace, London, UK
on a solo trip to Europe prior to starting at Turknett. 

 To drive this point home, allow me to share some interesting truths about my status as it relates to our full-time staff:

  •  I’m not only the only millennial but there is also not a representative of a generation on either side of mine (Gen X or Z).
  •  I’m the only non-married, single head of household.
  •  I am the only active Instagrammer (@hopesonamission if you feel so inclined) Read More...
Currently Reading:

Gabrielle Bernstein
Kathryn Igou - There IS Life after Retirement
Kathryn Igou
Vice President, Operations

If you want proof that there is fun, growth, challenge & fulfillment after retirement, let's meet for coffee or a glass of wine and I'll tell you all about TLG. In my wildest imagination, I never dreamed at 65 years old after two years of retirement that I would be waking up at 5:30 am by choice to start another career. But when you see magic happening in an office, you want to be a part of it. Read More
Currently Reading : I heard about this book on NPR last week and was intrigued. "The Ethical Algorithm" by  Michael Kearns  (Author),  Aaron Roth   (Author)

Just as there is unintended bias in hiring & promotions, there is also unintended bias in the development of algorithms. Of course, numbers can always be manipulated, so there is certainly intended bias sometimes. but I was fascinated by the author's discussion about how easily an algorithm can stray from target without intention.
Kathy's Favorite Quote

"The best time to plant a seed is 20 years ago...
The second best time in NOW. "
Chinese Proverb
Patricia Thompson - My Passion is Mindfulness
Patricia Thompson, Ph.D.
Senior Consultant

Lately, I have been continuing my passion with mindfulness. In October, I had the pleasure of being the keynote speaker on the topic at a conference in Jekyll Island. During the month, I also attended the Wisdom 2.0 conference on mindfulness in NYC, and listened to a variety of prominent thinkers in the field of mindfulness speak. Jon Kabat-Zinn, Sharon Salzburg, Dan Siegel, Rhonda Magee, David Simas, and others shared how they use mindfulness in their careers, in their lives, and as advocates for social change. Read More...
I'm listening to: I recently listened to an Harvard Business Review Ideacast podcast called "How to Have a Relationship and a Career."

In it, associate professor,  Jennifer Petriglieri discussed her research about how successful dual career couples navigate the tradeoffs between pursuing their professional goals while maintaining a fulfilling relationship.
Patricia's Favorite Quote

"We spend so much time being afraid of failure, afraid of rejection. But regret is the thing we should fear most. Failure is an answer. Rejection is an answer. Regret is an eternal question you will never have the answer to."

Trevor Noah
Susan Hitchcock- "Leadership is Better with Women at the Table"
Susan Hitchcock
Executive Director of Women's Initiatives & Board Member

I’m an unabashed advocate for parity in the workplace and especially for women’s advancement and leadership – as well as pay equity. Graduating from a women’s college and starting my corporate career in the mid-60’s when I saw zero women in the C-suite, I have devoted much of my professional and personal life to this passion. Read More
Currently Reading : Dare to Serve: How to Drive Superior Results by Serving Others by Cheryl Bachelder, CEO of Pier One Imports, former CEO of Popeyes’ Louisiana Kitchen, Inc. 
Susan's Favorite Quote

“If I had only one message to share about what I’ve learned in five decades as a leader, it’s that it’s not about me. It’s about how I can help others to excel and accomplish even more than they think they can.”

-Susan Hitchcock
Barbara Jacobson - "Biographies, Moral Imagintion and the Leadership Character Model"

Barbara Jacobson
Chief Administrator

About 20 years ago, my husband wrote a paper entitled “Biography and the Moral Imagination”. He wanted to explain to our then teenagers why he loved biographies so much and was frequently reading one aloud to our family.

In the preface to his article he wrote “Richard Brookhiser says in his biography of George Washington, 'Moral biography has two purposes: to explain its subject, and to shape the minds and hearts of those who read it, by showing how a great man navigated life.   Read More:

Biographies we enjoy:
Psalm of Life by Henry W. Longfellow

Lives of great men all remind us
We can make our lives sublime
And, departing, leave behind us
Footprints on the sands of time.

Footprints, that perhaps another,
Sailing o’er life’s solemn main,
A forlorn and shipwrecked brother,
Seeing, shall take heart again.

Let us, then, be up and doing,
With a heart for any fate;
Still achieving, still pursuing,
Learn to labor and to wait.
Anne Quiello - Life Reminders from a Three-Month Old

Anne Quiello, M.S., A.C.C.
Sr. Consultant

I’ve been taking care of my 3-month old grandson for the past week while his mother transitions back to work. Aside from being delighted with the opportunity to bond with Aiden, he has reminded me of the lessons so easily forgotten in the busy-ness of life. It’s been an extended time of personal reflection for which I’m most grateful.

 Aiden is all about being, whereas I found myself all about doing.      READ MORE

"This war story — the fight to break out of a frozen hell near the Chosin Reservoir — has been told many times before. But Sides tells it exceedingly well, with fresh research, gritty scenes and cinematic sweep."
Anne's Favorite Quote
You can teach a student a lesson for a day; but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives.”  
- Clay P. Bedford, an early and mid- 20 th century industrial innovator
Bill Dickinson- Self Leadership
Bill & husband Cesar with brother & sister-in-law Plantations in Baton Rouge, LA
Bill Dickinson, D.Min, RCC
Sr. Consultant

This is a picture of “self-leadership” and supports my believe that self-leadership fosters more-effective leadership with and for others. I have to “live and enjoy” what I ask others to commit to as self-leaders. 

Bill's Quote
"We are whole persons; and our lives do not revolve around work."
-Bill Dickinson
Brian Bienn- Inspiration from Bryce Canyon
Brian Bienn, Ph.D.
Sr. Consultant, Assessment and Development Practice
Two passions in these snapshots pictures for Brian Bienn- the breath catching immensity and beauty of nature & the New Memphis Institute helping local leaders in Memphis, TN.
Currently Reading: Wherever You Go There You Are by Jon Kabat-Zinn.
Brian's Favorite Quote
"I only went out for a walk, and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in."
- John Muir
W omen in Leadership - Friday, November 15
Friday, November 15, 2019
Commerce Club
7:30am - 10am
Breakfast & Complimentary Parking
Friday, November 15:      

Transformational Leadership: A Purposeful Mission, A Compelling Vision and the Pursuit of Excellence”

featuring Lisa Y. Gordon, President and CEO of Atlanta Habitat for Humanity. 

Lisa has set the nonprofit homebuilder on a new course to become a catalyst for holistic neighborhood redevelopment. In 2017 under her leadership the organization was recognized as an Affiliate of Distinction by Habitat for Humanity International. Previously, Lisa was VP and COO for the Atlanta Beltline, Inc; a cabinet member in former Mayor Shirley Franklin’s administration; City Mgr. of East Point and Assistant City Mgr. of Austin, TX. She holds an undergraduate degree from Georgetown University as well as two master’s degrees. She’s also a CPA. Among her many honors are: 2018 Women Who Mean Business honoree; Fellow of the National Academy of Public Administration; and a 2017 YWCA Woman of Achievement.
To attend, contact Hope Sonam at
or call 770-270-1723

Best Moments from Women in Leadership Last Month Meeting

Her "One Thing"
Mary Moore, Founder & CEO The Cook's Warehouse
Summary of Mary's Presentation in case you missed it.
Mary Moore & TLG team from October 18 Women in Leadership
L-R: David Dunford, Cook's Warehouse; Susan Hitchcock, Director TLG Women in Leadership; Mary Moore, Cook's Warehouse, Lyn & Bob Turknett TLG
Turknett Buzz
Welcome Hope Sonam, TLG’s new Vice President of Talent Solutions 
The TLG family is excited to welcome Hope Sonam to the team. A native Atlantan, Hope brings a perfect combination of skills and interests to our growing organization.

As a graduate of Agnes Scott College with a B.A. in Psychology, Hope brings genuine knowledge and passion to her role. “Hope has a keen interest in helping people, teams and companies unleash their potential, fitting squarely into our company mission”, said Turknett President & CEO, Tino Mantella.

Hope has most recently enjoyed a successful track record of building business in competitive environments. She adds, “I am excited to join this incredible team and enhance people’s lives through our customized solutions, helping people achieve their potential as leaders and contributors to society”. 

Hope will be reaching out to many of you over the next few months. Please welcome her with open arms. She can be reached at  or connect with her on LinkedIn at .
Thank you Nancy Cranford
After five years of service with TLG,
Nancy has decided to retire on November 15 th , 2019.
“Nancy has made an indelible mark on TLG. Her spirit to make an impact on people’s lives was demonstrated throughout her time with us,” said Mantella. During Nancy’s tenure the Turknett organization grew over 100%.

One thing that always stood out about Nancy is that she never met a stranger. No matter what the environment, Nancy would be out in front making many friends. Nancy says “she loves to pay it forward” and she always walked her talk.  Her integrity fit squarely into the Turknett’s founding principle of leading with character.

Prior to joining TLG, Nancy held positions of HR leadership at Macy’s, Toys "R" Us, and The Home Depot. She now plans to spend more time with her husband, who is a disabled Vietnam veteran and lung cancer survivor. Nancy will be devoting added time to volunteerism as well, including but not limited to serving on the board of the Veteran’s Empowerment Organization (VEO), the Hispanic Corporate Council of Atlanta (HCCA) and with SHRM-Atlanta.

We are happy to report that Nancy will still be supporting TLG as an Alliance Partner, Talent Solutions. Please join us in thanking Nancy for her service in helping people, teams and organizations unleash their potential.

If you want to learn more about Nancy’s story, check out her  LinkedIn post.

Tech Alpharetta Event was a great success!
Good Luck, Tino Mantella!

Finalist for IMPACT AWARDS Atlanta Technology Professionals.

The award will be presented on November 21, 2019 . Good luck Tino!

Turknett Leadership Group Mission
"Today, the fight for talent is heightened. Leadership does not just reside in the C-suite but must permeate throughout the organization. The integrity and character of a company can be lost in the push of a button as access to information is at our fingertips. A talented team with a winning strategy and a unified and effective culture heightens the chances for success.

This is where TLG comes in. For more than 30 years, we have been helping our clients unleash their potential. We invite you to review a sampling of our offerings and reach out if you would like an exploratory meeting."
-Tino Mantella, TLG President & CEO
Contact Us
Call 770-270-1723 or email
Barbara & Kathy will gladly set you up with a call or meeting

2310 Parklake Drive, Suite 500, Atlanta, GA 30345 (770) 270-1723
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