November 2019
Chamber Newsletter
Message From Jim
Looking Back, Looking Forward
Next week is our Annual Membership Meeting & Breakfast, on November 7 th . At that meeting we will celebrate all that we accomplished in 2019, and look forward to 2020. Read Jim’s article which is a great launching point for our breakfast, and make sure that you register for this invaluable event!
Tools + Services Highlight
One new and interesting feature of our new website, is our “Educational Resources” page. You can find it by clicking on the News and Resources button. This page is where we are collecting interesting articles, videos, websites, and more, that we think are important to you and your business. We encourage you to send any articles you write or find our way, so that we can continue to be an educational resource to our business community. Check it out!
Member Thoughts
Dave Frolicstein on Groups + Committees
Chamber Member Dave Frolicstein , owner of Froclicstein Financial, has written an article on his experience with the Chamber and more specifically as an engaged member of several of our Groups + Committees.

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Community Corner
Highlighting St. Charles Veterans Center & National Veterans and Military Families Month
The mission of the combined veteran organization has expanded to include further engaging the community in activities with veterans beyond providing the St. Charles Memorial Day parade and ceremonies, Veterans Day event support and Color/Honor Guard services for local veterans.
Businesses of the Month
Our Businesses of the Month Program Celebrates our Distinguished Members, through a promotional video, written articles, social media presence, and a display in the Chamber office. We look forward to spending 2019 sharing an inside look of these businesses with our Chamber Family and the Community.
Featured Board Member
of the Month

P&F Business Advisors, Inc.
St. Charles Chamber of Commerce

Click here to read William's article on his experience with the Chamber!