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Jan and John Maggs
Antiques & Art
November 2019 Newsletter

Our November Opening is now behind us. Thanks to all who came and also to those who joined us through the Sunday Splash. We're grateful for your continuing interest in what we offer and for your participation in our two major shows. Although many of the things in the photos were sold, you might enjoy a peek at our showrooms on the Friday evening before the show. There's a link below.

As is customary, this post-opening newsletter features a few of the best pieces that are still in the shop. There's a link to this page, too. Y ou'll find something new in a few jewelry listings: a brief video of the piece in motion, as it would be when worn. We hope that this will give a presence impossible in a still shot.

Our December Newsletter will go online in two weeks. It will feature  dozens of gift ideas, with an emphasis on affordability. Look for it in your inbox on December 3.

We hope that you'll find plenty to enjoy in this newsletter.

Our Fall Opening

It is always a pleasure to set up an event in our new showrooms, and our most  recent show was no exception. The t all ceilings, excellent lighting, and s ufficient room to allow space around groupings of objects enable us to spotlight each piece as we never could before. Our large galleries encourage us to be creative and challenge us to take full advantage of them, and they reward our efforts when we get it right. We felt that the shop looked particularly good this time, and we'd like to share a few pictures with our readers who couldn't be here. Click the sign above to visit the shop on the eve of our opening.
The best of the Rest
This beautiful Georgian aquamarine paste pendant is only one of the pieces that were still in the shop at the end of our show. For details about two dozen examples of the best jewelry, furniture, and accessories, just click the pendant.

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The Back Page

On a recent morning we drove to nearby Ashfield, where we witnessed an idyllic view from Hawley Road, looking down on Apple Valley. The breathtaking view would require a poet to describe it. Or you could click here to see for yourself.
And thank you for being a newsletter reader. You matter to us.
John and Jan