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Funding Your Business
Use Your IRA/401K
to Fund Your Business
If you have retirement funds that you have not yet paid taxes on, you can access those funds to capitalize a business. You can then use those funds to buy a business, for any business expense, and to pay salary!


You are in control, you decide how much of your retirement funds you wish to use for the business. When working with a company that specializes in this funding option, and follows all of the IRS guidelines, you are able to buy a business Debt Free and Equity Rich (from the rollover of your IRA/401K funds). Additionally, you'll have a new 401K/Profit Sharing Plan that you can begin to contribute Tax Deferred.
Click here to learn more about using your retirement account and other funding options that are available.
Fun Facts
Auntie Anne's Pretzel was founded by
Anne F. Beiler in Downington, PA in 1988.

Auntie Anne's stores are located in shopping malls, Walmart stores, airports, train stations and amusement parks and serves pretzels, dips and drinks.

Today, there are over 600 Auntie Anne's locations worldwide.
The Fear Factor of Buying a Franchise




Author and Philosopher Bertrand Russell once said "To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom."

Buying a franchise is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make, so feeling fear is not only normal, it is entirely appropriate to the situation.

Who has fear? Everyone! Fear prevents us (most of us, anyway) from jumping out of a moving car or going over a waterfall in a barrel. Fear helps us make choices that are less likely to endanger our lives. Fear also prevents us from gambling our life's savings on a horse race or marrying someone we've known only a few days.
However, when we feel we have enough information about a subject, we can often get over fear and do things that were beyond our comfort zone.
If you are one of those people who has done your homework and found the franchise opportunity you've always dreamed of but can't seem to commit to a decision, then the final doubts you have are probably about your own abilities rather than the franchise itself.
This is where a qualified franchise consultant can help you. By assessing your interests, skills and experience, a consultant can guide you to a decision where risks are at an acceptable level and the benefits, while not certain, are well worth the effort.
The only problem with fear is when you allow it to stop you from doing something you know will make a positive difference in your life. Don't let fear stop you from reaching your goals! 
Buyer Checklist 
green checkmark

1. Work with a consultant, he/she already knows the answers to most of your questions.

2. Take your time.

3. Identify your financial goals.

4. Understand your marketplace. 

5. Compare several franchise options.

6. Attend the Discovery Day.

7.Validate information with current franchisees.

8. Consult with a franchise attorney prior to signing any documents.

9. Begin your journey as a successful business owner.

Did you know... 

One out of every 12 businesses operating today is a franchise.


What are some of the benefits to owning a franchise?

1. It's an established, successful brand.  
2. There are proven operating systems in place.  
3. Volume purchasing power. 
4. Shared experience with other franchisees. 
5. Formalized training and marketing programs to help ensure your success.


We've helped many aspiring business owners, just like yourself, realize their entrepreneurial dreams by matching them with their ideal Business or Franchise Opportunity.  If you're ready to take control of your future but need expert assistance finding just the right business, we can help.

You are never charged a fee for our services.
Featured Franchise Opportunities
Kitchen Refresh
Cash Needed: $2K-$65K
Total Investment: $2K-$65K
Current Locations: 8        
Kitchen Refresh was founded by Chris Reinicke, a former home inspector, after he repeatedly heard this same question from home buyers "I love the layout of the kitchen, but hate the look. What can I do about it?"  At the time, the only options were repainting, refacing, or a complete tear out.
While searching for a less expensive option, Chris had an "aha" moment: only paint the cabinet boxes - since they are solid construction, and use a more efficient machining method to just manufacture all new, solid, one-piece doors and drawer fronts and update the hardware.  With this innovative process, there is massive cost savings of working with the existing cabinetry.
Kitchen Refresh franchisees are owner-operators who typically have an interior design or carpentry/home remodeling services background or natural ability, are coachable, are great verbal communicators with excellent problem solving skills and can effectively project manage and deliver superior client service.
Kitchen Refresh can be ideal for an interior designer who is currently employed with a design company but who wants to embark on their own venture and who would otherwise be nervous about taking that leap, or for an existing interior designer or home remodeling contractor who already has their own business and would like to add an additional income stream, along with opportunities of cross-selling their other interior design or remodeling services they provide.  By starting with or adding a Kitchen Refresh franchise, it may provide stability while you build complementary aspects of your interior design or home remodeling business. 
For more information, Click here 
Or call 800-401-9154
Footprints Floors
Cash Needed: $30K
Total Investment: $65K-$92K
Current Locations: 25                              

Since 2008, Footprints Floors has excelled as a family-owned and operated, one-of-a-kind, versatile flooring business.  Over the past decade,  Footprints Floors has mastered the installation of vinyl, laminate, tile, stone, and hardwood floors and also specialize in the restoration of hardwood.  Footprints Floors operates with a true sense of honesty and fairness and prides themselves on providing outstanding customer service from the initial call to the final payment.  They offer prompt free estimates and never charge extra, or require their clients to hire another company to move furniture, plumbing, or appliances.  Their dedication to the services that they provide has allowed them to quickly become the largest flooring contractor in the state of Colorado and they are quickly expanding nationwide.

Footprints Floors might sound like a traditional flooring company, but they have taken the standard idea of a flooring business and reinvented it to be simpler, more efficient, and extremely cost-effective for their franchise owners.

Footprints Floors is a home-based opportunity with minimal overhead and do not have any showrooms or samples.  Their franchisees simply act as consultants while working with customers.  They determine what their client is looking for, complete the estimate, and then allow the customer to source the flooring from anywhere they see fit, there is no hardcore selling involved.  This is a highly assisted franchise concept where corporate not only helps to generate customers, but also provides franchisees with a corporate call center that fields all customer calls, completes scheduling, and handles the inevitable complaint.  They have done all the necessary footwork to ensure the success of their franchisees.

For more information, Click here
Or call 800-401-9154
Gyro Chef Mediterranean Food Truck
Cash Needed: $40K
Total Investment: $123K-$216K
Current Locations: 1

Ali Moradi has been in the restaurant business since 2005 owning and operating restaurants and catering businesses.  Gyro Chef started as an extension of one of his successful restaurants.  Due to its success In October 2016, Ali moved to focusing on his food truck and catering business surrounding the Atlanta area while also pursuing his passion in teaching and helping other food business entrepreneurs.  You can find Gyro Chef on the street of Atlanta and events from Alpharetta, and Roswell to Midtown.  You can also book Gyro Chef for your corporate events and private parties.  Gyro Chef's menu items included: babaganoush, gyro rolls, shawarma platters, kabob platters, and much more. 

Gyro Chef is part of The Roaming Hunger Agency - the culinary community builders that bring together colleagues, friends, family members and strangers through unexpected and joyful moments while experiencing the great offerings from local food trucks.

The Roaming Hunger Agency has nearly a decade of experience leveraging their propriety data, network and mobile expertise to create unique brand amplification programs designed to inspire action and engagement.  From food trucks to mobile DJ's to restaurant pop-ups.

As a Gyro Chef franchise owner, you will receive a week of initial training, two days a year refresher training, ongoing support from corporate, and continuous marketing support from The Roaming Hunger Agency.

For more information, Click here
Or call 800-401-9154
Eight Turn Crepe
Cash Needed: $50K
Total Investment: $150K-$300K
Current Locations: 2     

The name 'Eight Turn' comes from the deep, asian reverence and respect for the number eight.  The number EIGHT (8) (八 ) (hachi) in Japanese signifies happiness and prosperity.  It is also symbolic of the concept of infinity - Happiness and Prosperity Forever.

The word 'Turn' doesn't just reflect the beautiful way that their crepes are designed.  It also comes from a mindset of changing the paradigm and emerging into a new, healthy and happy reality.

Eight Turn Crepe opened its doors in New York's Soho neighborhood in 2013.  Founded by Hiro Ninisha , a Japanese hospitality expert who has lived in New York City for the last two decades.  Hiro's vision was to bring a Japanese product to America and introduce a scalable business which focuses on superior customer service, presentation and quality.

Eight Turn Crepe serves made-to-order crepes rolled in the traditional Japanese cone-style.  Their gluten-free batter crepes are filled with fresh, unique ingredients and then artfully rolled so that they can be eaten with one hand.  Prepared sweet or savory, their crepes can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert.  With more than 40 crepe menu items, coffee, drinks and gelato offerings, Eight Turn Crepe is on the verge of becoming a force to be reckoned within the fast casual restaurant industry.

Eight Turn Crepe is looking for franchisees with a passion for incredible food and want to invest in an emerging concept poised to redefine the crepe industry in the rapidly growing Japanese fast casual category.  Preferred franchisees will have experience owning and operating multiple franchise units in a territory, or be qualified investors who want to join a growing franchise.

For more information, Click here
Or call 800-401-9154
Verve Taco
Cash Needed: $80K
Total Investment: $350K+
Current Locations: 2                             
Verve: an onimonipia - it sounds like what it is.
Energy. Vigor. Pep. Enthusiasm. Boldness.

Which is why this strange word is the perfect word for this restaurant.  Creations that are made daily from scratch.  Flavors that are far from subtle.  Freshness that's uncompromising.

Verve Taco's food is not lazy and mass-produced,  created to scale through a global chain.  It's made with passion, enthusiasm, and attention.

Verve Taco's has its humble beginnings in Palm Desert, CA.  Their founders recognized the need for delicious tacos for the malls' captive audience.  It soon became a go-to stop for a satisfying meal, at a good value, washed down with a cold beer from the self serve beer wall.

Why own a Verve Taco franchise?
  • Premier Scratch Mexican Kitchen
  • Best in Class Quality
  • Experienced Support System
As a new Verve Taco franchisee, you will receive:
  • Training - management, operations, and hiring
  • Real Estate Support - site selection and lease negotiations
  • Design and Construction
  • Operations - onsite opening assistance and ongoing support
  • Market and Product Development
For more information, Click here  
Or call 800-401-9154
Master What is an Area Representative or Master Franchise?
Some franchises have opportunities known as Area Representative or Master Franchise.  An Area Representative Franchise involves the development of a geographic region that can be as small as a single city or as large as an entire state; while a Master Franchise is normally reserved for the development of an entire country.  You purchase the right to develop a designated area and share in the franchise fees and royalties with the franchisor.  You work closely with commercial real estate agents, business brokers and consultants in the development of your area.  The investment needed to secure an Area Representative or Master Franchise opportunity can start as low as $150K depending the franchise, size of the population and the geographic area.
For more information, Click here  
Or call 800-401-9154
Master This Month's Featured Resale
LemonShark Poke
Plainview-Long Island, NY

Most franchise systems offer resales.  To find out what's available in your area, Click here
If you would like to learn more about this month's Featured Business Opportunities or have questions about business ownership, you may contact me directly by calling the number below. 

Dave Struck 

Dave Struck


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As a way of saying "Thank you" to our Veterans, many franchise companies offer our Veterans discounts on franchise fees ranging from 10%-50%. Some also offer discounted royalty fees of up to 50% for your first year in business. Call us and we'll be happy
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