November Trails Newsletter
October 28th Trails Meeting Summary
  • The middle school hiking club is in the middle of their fall hiking series! Both groups walked the peaceful trail along the creek at Adawehi through the pine and birch forest.
  • Work on the recreation complex trail is under way! Volunteers recently removed trash from an old home-site on October 29th.
  • Ryan led a hike at the Highwood Apartment Complex on the ICC/Tom Raymond trail this month and plans to lead another hike on November 6th, weather permitting.
  • Discussions on developing the trails on Chocolate Drop and Round Mountain are happening.
  • Thanks to the Kudzu warriors for attacking many of the kudzu infested trails in Polk County!
  • The Melrose Mountain Climbing Park has been developing trails to provide access for climbers. Partnering with the Carolina Climbers Coalition, Jonathan and his group of volunteers are focused on constructing a high quality, sustainable trail. And for non-climbers, it will provide a nice steep hike and a chance to watch climbers in action.
  • Ryan paddled on the Green River from the dam at Lake Adger to where the Green and Broad Rivers meet--read about his experience here. We are looking to establish a River Keeper who can regularly maintain and provide feedback on this section of the river.
  • Conserving Carolina is hosting a hike on Weed Patch Mountain November 8th. If you haven't already signed up, you can join a waiting list by emailing Click HERE for more info about the hike.
We will have a workday on the Recreation Complex Trail near the Middle School on November 15th from 10am until noon. Please bring your own water and snacks. Also, bring any loppers, rakes, handsaws, and digging tools that you have, and are willing to let us use.
  • Check the Facebook page for future work days
Trails Update
  • Completing the recreation complex trail is a top priority for our trails staff. We hope you can come out and join us for our November 15th workday.
  • Please report on any down trees, or other trail obstructions that you encounter so we can address them as soon as possible. The fall weather is sure to keep bringing down trees that will need to be cleared off the trail.
  • We are in the middle of White Tailed Deer mating season. Please keep this in mind as you are driving. Deer can reach speeds of greater than 35 mph! More interesting deer facts can be found here.
AmeriCorps Update

October was a busy Month for Ryan. After paddling the Green River, he spent three days at a trail building & maintenance workshop east of the mountains, followed by a stream bank restoration and education event in Boone. And then a day focused on bats at the Cradle of Forestry in the Pisgah National Forest. A month of learning centered around protecting and understanding our natural resources, and allowing people to get out and enjoy it too: an exceptional October.

At the trails course, Ryan learned the basics of trail construction and maintenance--an important course for the trails coordinator to attend! Ryan reports that the course covered many aspects surrounding trails, but his greatest take-away was that in both trail construction and maintenance, it is important to minimize the amount of water that will impact the trail, and to disperse that water over a large area. At the stream bank workshop, Ryan learned about the importance of allowing an abundance of vegetation to grow along stream banks to prevent erosion, and the subsequent impact erosion has on water quality. After the classroom portion of the course was complete, the class went outside and planted trees along the stream!

Ryan's bat day was excellent--and appropriately timed with Halloween just around the corner! Here are some interesting facts from the workshop:
1) Although bats do transmit rabies, it infrequently affects humans or other animals, as most bats die shortly after contracting the disease
2) A majority of bats eat fruit, or insects
3) Bats are great for our ecosystem! They remove insects that transmit disease and help pollinate plants--both of which decrease the need for pesticides. Interested in helping the bats? You could build a bat house! We encourage you learn more about bats; they are pretty cool.

Read about Ryan's trip on the river here!
  • Upcoming Outings:

  • Conserving Carolina will be hosting a hike at Weed Patch Mountain on Friday November 8th.
  • The middle school hiking club will visit Alexander's Ford this month. We will focus on tree identification on this historic jaunt.
  • There is be a nature walk at the Highwoood Apartments on November 6th.

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