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Greetings from the NRC    Nov 2019 15
From seaside classrooms to a State House exhibit to an innovative way to welcome a new university president, Osher Institutes share inspiring stories of success this month.  Once again, there's evidence of cross country creativity, from Delaware to California, from Alabama to Massachusetts. OLLIs show us that ingenuity knows no state boundaries.
As is my traditional reminder in the month of Thanksgiving, this is the perfect time to show your appreciation to one another. Certainly it is the season to give thanks, but is also the month with peak attendance in OLLI courses, learning activities, events, and interest groups. There are so many and so much to be thankful for: outstanding staff; dedicated volunteer leaders; forward-thinking university or college hosts; and knowledgeable instructors and discussion leaders. You collectively provide the "many hands" of OLLI to create an amazing network of 124 programs in 390 towns and cities across the country. But most importantly, let's thank the OLLI members - 170,000+ who consistently support our programs with steadfast attention, fees and charitable contributions. (Double the thanks if she or he happens to be a Military Veteran.) Please, take the time to acknowledge each other for enabling your OLLI to thrive. 

And speaking of thanks, I want to publicly state deep appreciation to my esteemed Bernard Osher Foundation associate, Senior Program Director David Blazevich. We will have more expressions of our appreciation for David in next month's Osher Institute Newsletter as he will depart on December 6th to assume the Executive Director position for the Fleishhacker Foundation. In the meantime, suffice to say David has been a tremendous colleague and loyal friend to the NRC and to each of the Osher Institutes.
With gratitude and best wishes,
Steve Thaxton, Executive Director

OLLI at Berkshire Community College
Creative Aging Exhibit Displayed at the Massachusetts State House
Twenty-five profiles and stunning photos of vibrant, active Berkshire residents ages 65 and up were displayed at the Massachusetts State House between October 21-25, in concert with National Arts and Humanities Month. The State House installation was sponsored by Massachusetts State Senator Adam Hinds.
"Creative Aging: 65 and Better in the Berkshires," was organized by OLLI at Berkshire Community College. The profiles have been serialized in the Berkshire Eagle beginning in October 2019.
The photographs and written profiles were created by OLLI member volunteers for its groundbreaking "University Day" Event in August entitled "Living Longer, Living Better: Changing the Culture of Aging" to highlight the diversity and vitality of older adults and to help break stereotypes of growing older. After being exhibited at the State House, the installation will return to Berkshire County and be shown in a variety of locations.  
"Creative Aging: 65 and Better in the Berkshires" was created in concert with Age Friendly Berkshires, a coalition of organizations, municipalities and individuals in the Berkshires dedicated to creating a more livable Berkshire County for people of all ages, with a focus on the needs of an aging population. Age Friendly Berkshires was the first community in Massachusetts to join the AARP Network of Age Friendly States and Communities. 
"It's time to change the perception of older Americans to reflect reality," noted Megan Whilden, Executive Director of OLLI at BCC. "'Creative Aging' shows us the many different ways older adults give back to communities, express themselves creatively, and explore new possibilities in the third age of life." 
Submitted by: Megan Whilden, Executive Director, OLLI at Berkshire Community College

OLLI at University of Delaware
"UD by the Sea" was a summer highlight at the University of Delaware's OLLI program this year. Held in Rehoboth Beach, Del., next to the Atlantic Ocean, the four-day learning conference kicked off the summer season and brought together 141 OLLI members from across the state for a variety of dynamic sessions and social activities.

From the ice cream (the UDairy Creamery contest-winning "OLLI Folly") to the conference tote bags (designed by a UD student-led plastic-bag reduction initiative) and nearly everything in between, the event underscored strong university and community connections.

Members participated in learning tracks representing music and the performing arts, marine ecology, and Delaware culture and history. Presenters included two Delaware Superior Court judges, the music director of the Delaware Symphony Orchestra, educators from UD's Delaware Sea Grant program, and other OLLI and UD faculty.

"It was exciting to be involved in the planning," said OLLI member Debra Roberts of Dover, who helped coordinate the music learning track. "Once we reached out to our proposed presenters, not one of them turned us down. Each presenter was happy to take time from their busy schedule to prepare a presentation."

"We're already making plans for next year," said OLLI managers Anna Moshier and Jennifer Merrill. "It was great to have the members get together and talk about our respective UD OLLI programs and learn from each other, but we want to open this event to the public in the future, to be able to showcase the rich learning opportunities here at OLLI and UD."

Read the full article with photo gallery on the   University of Delaware's OLLI website.

Submitted by: Jennifer Merrill & Anna Moshier, Managers, OLLI at the University of Delaware

OLLI at University of Alabama in Huntsville
Going the Last Mile
The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) received its ninth president, Dr. Darren Dawson, in June 2019. In his honor, the OLLI at UAH Board of Directors welcomed him to the family by donating $1,000 to the UAH Last-Mile Scholarship Fund designated to the College of Professional and Continuing Studies (CPCS), the home college for OLLI.

The University introduced the Last-Mile Scholarship Fund in celebration of UAH's 50 th year. This scholarship fund is provided to eligible upper-level students who will have unmet financial needs related to academic expenses. President Dawson commented, "Without the benefit of a college degree, students who leave never get to see the full potential of the educational investment they have already made." 

OLLI at UAH recognizes students seeking degrees in CPCS would benefit tremendously from the scholarship, as most CPCS students typically have more financial obligations than traditional students.  These students have the desire, the will, and courage to return to school, and the OLLI Board of Directors wants to do more to serve the students by making sure this time is successful!

Violet Edwards, UAH Development Officer, stated, "We are dealing with students who have started and stopped for a particular reason. I started graduate school in my 20's and dropped out. I came back in my 30's with three kids while "adulting" and if I did not have assistance, I would have dropped out again and
never returned. Financial assistance is extremely important so our students don't have to choose from either paying for their $500 chemistry book to graduate or making their car payment."

President Dawson and Dr. Karen Clanton, Dean of CPCS, were invited to OLLI's first Weekly Bonus lecture of the Fall term to accept the donation. Members in attendance had the opportunity to meet President Dawson and learn more about the Last-Mile Scholarship Fund.

Submitted by: Ale Pacheco, OLLI Program Manager, OLLI at University of Alabama in Huntsville

Osher NRC 2019 Webinar Series
Mark your calendar for the next webinar on November 20, 2019 beginning at 2pm Eastern/1pm Central/noon Mountain/11am Pacific/10am in Alaska and 9am in Hawaii. Register for the webinar here.

Fundraising for Sustainability and Growth
The Osher Institute at University of Richmond presents their fundraising strategy for sustainability and growth. Presenters will discuss the planning, launch, and development techniques for their fundraising program. The Osher Institute at Richmond University story provides an effective-practice example - or case study - of how an Osher Institute can lay the foundation for a well-structured fundraising program designed to provide increasing levels of philanthropic support over time. Learn about the important considerations and steps towards developing a robust, ongoing fundraising program.
Peggy Watson, Director
Osher Lifelong Learning Institute @ the University of Richmond
Amy Edwards, Stewardship Assistant
Osher Lifelong Learning Institute @ the University of Richmond

If you have interest in being a presenter or have ideas for future webinars, please contact Kevin Connaughton (kevin.connaughton@northwestern.edu ). 

Spaces and Places of OLLI SpacesAndPlaces
University of California, Irvine
In 2014, OLLI at the University of California, Irvine (UCI) received notice of the need to vacate their old 85-person, off-campus classroom. To complicate matters, their host UCI Division of Continuing Education did not have available space for the program to move onto campus. The goal became finding a 150-person classroom with free parking to accommodate the current 750 members with potential for future growth for up to 1300 members. With concerted work and careful planning, the Institute moved into a new custom-built facility in August 2016.
OLLI at UCI found a 2,800 square-foot unfinished space in the Irvine Station - a historic site and now, master planned transportation and shopping facility owned by the City of Irvine. This site, 15 minutes from UCI, and 10 minutes from their previous site, had just four walls with a dirt floor, no plumbing and no HVAC. OLLI leaders suggested a floor plan to the University and the City of Irvine: a 2100 square foot classroom; 185 square foot office; 250 square foot conference room; and, 170 square foot ADA compliant restroom. After lengthy negotiations and planning, the two-year project required "prepaid rent" from OLLI to the City of $400K, along with a commitment from the City to cover remaining expenses of $200K. The $400K was available from a contingency fund of $10 per membership that had been collected and accruing since 1997. OLLI budgets also invested an additional $72K in A/V and video recording equipment.
Kirwan Rockefeller, OLLI's UCI Liaison to the Division of Continuing Education, said, "OLLI at UCI is a valuable and much-loved component of UCI's community outreach. As part of our 60-year curriculum, we are proud of the partnership with the City of Irvine, to custom design the OLLI location at the Irvine Train Station. In their new location, OLLI at UCI creates an inclusive, supportive and affirmative environment to improve the lives of people and communities of Orange County."
The Academy of Lifelong Learning at UCI, founded in 1997, became part of the Osher Institute Network in 2003. OLLI at UCI seeks to enhance the quality of life for 767 members by promoting intellectual growth in a center for senior learning. In collaboration with the University of California, Irvine, a public institution, the Institute provides unique educational experiences in a socially interactive environment.

Want to see your own distinctive "Space or Place" in this newsletter? Please send it to oshernrc@northwestern.edu.

An Advice Column for Osher Institute Staff and Volunteers
dearolliDear Olli
Dear Olli,
We have an issue, but a very good issue to have. Our membership has expanded and we are running out of space! We already use some off-site locations to hold classes but are looking for those "out of the box ideas." Do you have any?
~OLLI Director
Dear OLLI Director,
Space seems to be a frequent issue for many OLLIs, but as you said, too many members is a good problem to have! In terms of alternative sites, of course there are the obvious locations: religious organizations' facilities, public libraries, community centers, and so on. But it seems like you are looking for those unusual spaces, and we have a few ideas. Several OLLIs hold classes in local museums; but your local arts community goes beyond just the museums. There have been classes held in local theaters, music venues, even artist's hosting classes in their personal studios. Beyond that, Institutes have held classes in restaurants, wineries, breweries, arboretums, and nature preserves. There is even an OLLI arts class where the instructor teaches from his home (he has an extensive arts collection). Take a look around your community, your imagination is the limit for alternative spaces.

Have a question for Olli? Please send it in care of Kevin Connaughton (kevin.connaughton@northwestern.edu). 

Educational Travel Ideas from the OLLI Network
The OLLI Traveler OlliTraveler
OLLI at University of South Florida
Portugal & Spain: Treasures Along the Golden Douro
Please join us and travel onboard the 124-passenger ms Douro Serenity river vessel to cruise through Portugal and Spain. Learn about the culture, history and the beautiful wine region of the Douro River Valley. Don't forget to bring your camera to capture the spectacular views as you sit back and take in the scenery. Twenty-eight sightseeing tours are included. Also, experience as many as five UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The trip includes thirteen nights, including three nights in Madrid and three nights in Lisbon. This trip is open to members of all OLLIs as well as their adult  friends and family members. Learn more about this trip to Portugal and Spain.
Dates: October 2-16, 2020

OLLI at California State University San Bernardino
Hamilton, an American Musical at the Hollywood Pantages Theater
HAMILTON is the story of America's Founding Father Alexander Hamilton, an immigrant from the West Indies who became George Washington's right-hand man during the Revolutionary War and was the new nation's first Treasury Secretary. Featuring a score that blends hip-hop, jazz, blues, rap, R&B, and Broadway, HAMILTON is the story of America then, told by America now.  At the 2016 Tony Awards,  Hamilton  received a record-setting sixteen nominations, winning eleven, including Best Musical. It received the 2016 Grammy Award for Best Musical Theater Album and the 2016 Pulitzer Prize for Drama. Don't miss this incredible opportunity to see the amazing  HAMILTON.
Date : March 21, 2020

OLLI at University of Pittsburgh
Amsterdam, the Dutch Golden Age and the Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Tulp
Join OLLI at Pitt for this entirely customized trip to Amsterdam, the 800-year-old thriving capital of the Netherlands! Professor Dr. Jeff Aziz, Senior Lecturer in English at the University of Pittsburgh, will accompany the group as it does a "deep dive" into the famous museums of Amsterdam. Dr. Aziz, whose current research interest is the representation of the medical/anatomical body in the European context, will provide morning lectures to prepare us for our day, with a focus on the art of Amsterdam and the stories it tells about the city's history in the development of science, medicine, and anatomy. Not to mention, we will also go to the famous Hortus Botanicus, one of the oldest botanical gardens in the world. If you are someone that is weary of travel trips where you must pack, unpack and move every day or so, this trip could be for you! This trip is open to members of all OLLIs Read more about this trip to Amsterdam or  watch this video.
Dates : May 10-20, 2020

Quick Tips for Helping Operate an Osher Institute
didyouknowQuick Tip - Create Holiday Spirit
Each year, OLLI at Furman University members decorate the Osher Institute lobby and a tree with ornaments representing their favorite past OLLI courses. Ornaments have included:
  • Covered Wagon-Oregon Trail
  • Musical Instrucments-various music classes
  • Knitted Items-knitting classes
  • Tiny Baskets-basket weaving class
  • Red and Blue Characters-"Decision 2016"
  • Cross-Crusades class
  • Leaf-Hiking class
  • Tiny Tim-Dickens class
  • Hand-Carved Ornaments-Woodcarving class
This tradition helps to create a fun space for members to gather and socialize!

  Career Openings in the OLLI Network
jobboardJob Board
Program Manager of Educational Programming - Osher Lifelong Learning Institute
University of Nevada Las Vegas

OLLI Business Coordinator

Program Administrator - Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

Program Assistant - Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

Is there a staff opening at your Osher Institute? Please send it to us at  oshernrc@northwestern.edu