November 2019
Civic Readiness Pilot Projects Take Flight with Binghamton, Harpursville, Owego-Apalachin, Susquehanna Valley and
Union-Endicott CSD Teachers!
How can we help students develop civic identities and civic voices? What could civic action projects aligned with the NYS K-12 Social Studies Framework look like? How will technology be used to give voice to students and help them communicate with an authentic audience?  These were some of the questions central to three days of regional curriculum work facilitated by Pat Walsh and Nicole Laura.

Creating civically active students is a major component of the NYS K-12 Social Studies Framework and of the proposed NYS Seal of Civic Readiness that will be going to the Board of Regents early in 2020. Participants followed a road map of defining tasks and building and refining curricular units with the main outcomes for students being:

  • Identifying an issue of significance to their local community
  • Using resources and research to develop a plan for civic action
  • Using partnerships to collaborate and communicate with an authentic audience
  • Identifying and using options for student voice products including video and podcasts

A scope and sequence for the projects was created as well as project success criteria. Dustin Andrus and Alicia Sherman joined the work on Day 3 to assist with the identification of and “how to’s” for technology resources for podcasting and video production including Soundtrap , Beautiful Audio Editor , Soundzabound , edpuzzle , flipgrid , DoInk and Adobe Spark Video

The teachers will return in April to share the work of students in the pilot project and to think forward. A good deal of excitement for the potential of the projects was shared by the group and PLIC staff.
A Day with Howard Hughes Medical Institute BioInteractive
On Saturday October 26th, Professional Learning Specialist Maureen Smith, along with over 30 biology teachers from across the state, participated in a day devoted to Making Sense of Data in the Living Environment with representatives from HHMI BioInteractive .

HHMI introduced the teachers to all of the free 9-12 resources, to include activities, premier videos, interactive media, planning tools, resource playlists, and professional development that their foundation provides to educators. The institute's resources are aligned to the NYS Science Learning Standards and are based on peer-reviewed science. They are designed to help students build their science practice skills in graphing, data analysis, mathematical reasoning, as well as to support writing evidence-based explanations while learning disciplinary core ideas.

Keep an eye out in the Spring for another day of professional learning with HHMI!
Math Regional Collaborations and PLCs
In the month of November, Regional Math Specialists Paul Volkert and Cody Osterhout, joined educators from multiple districts for the first ½ day and full-day collaboration sessions that will run during the year. These sessions included 40 teachers from multiple grade levels and districts, including 3rd grade, 6th-8th grade, and Algebra I, for Regional Collaborations and PLCs.

Throughout the course of the year, PLC participants will establish a common scope and sequence, develop and administer shared assessments, and have DDI conversations to evaluate and improve instruction. Teachers participating in Regional Collaboration sessions share instructional strategies & best practices to raise engagement and increase student growth.

Each PLC started with a discussion about the state assessment, focusing in on test items and how they might impact our community's scope and sequence. Common assessments were then made and given to be used to guide the conversations at later sessions. One of the benefits of these groups (at the 3-8 level) is that some schools are administering the common assessments on paper, while others are doing it on the computer. These conversations will help drive instruction in the classroom.

For the Regional Collaborations, groups discussed strategies and practices that have been successful in the classroom and designed plans for future work. Some activities that were done during these sessions included adding resources to their common Padlets and analyzing the unpacking documents for the Next Generation Math Standards and how this might impact instruction. These activities provide great opportunities for teachers to continue to grow their knowledge of the math standards and practices.

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