Randall Middle School
November 1, 2019
11/3 Daylight Savings
11/11 Veterans Day, All District Offices Closed
11/12 Parent Teacher Conferences, No School for Students
11/13 Picture Retakes
11/18 Randall PTO Meeting, 6:00 p.m.
11/26 Board of Education Meeting 6:30 p.m.
11/27 Thanksgiving Recess, No School for Staff and Students
11/28 Thanksgiving Recess, District Offices Closed
11/29 Thanksgiving Recess, District Offices Closed
Note from the Principal
I am pleased to say we are continuing to have a great school year. Our students are truly very special young people and it is great seeing them grow everyday. We continue to have a focus on student learning and are diligently working to ensure they are proficient in content that is essential for their particular grade level.

As you know we have our parent-teacher conferences on November 12th. This is a great chance to see your child’s progress and work with their teachers to identify how best to support your child. 

Thank you for supporting our school.
News from the School Counselor
November is National Career Development Month! As the School Counselor, part of my role is to provide the foundation for the acquisition of skills, attitudes and knowledge that enable students to make a successful transition from school to the world of work, and from job to job across the lifespan. 

Within the month of November, I will visit all 5th grade classrooms to complete a personality type assessment with all students! We will then discover what occupations may relate to their personality type. In 6th grade, we will learn about career clusters and complete a career interest inventory!
Band News
Rehearsals have begun in the band room.
All students should have an instrument at this point! These instruments need to be at school on the day of their band rehearsal (day 1 or 2) and the day of their lesson (5th grade lessons are on day 4, 5, or 6, 6th grade are on day 1, 2, or 3.) 

Otherwise, instruments should go home so students can practice!
The Randall Offbeats (previously the elementary select band) started rehearsals at the end of October. Mrs. Allen and Ms. Bennett are looking forward to working with this new group!
Music News
5th Grade Music News!!! We have been exploring and listening to a variety of genres in music class to expand our musical knowledge and better our listening skills. We have also been using our music reading skills to play boom whackers and other instruments in class.

6th grade Music News!!!! We have been reviewing how to properly play xylophones and have been reading music to play along with familiar songs. Some of us have even challenged ourselves to play with three mallets!!
String Corner News
All Orchestra students have started Lessons and Orchestra rehearsals. 

Every string student needs to bring their instruments on Days 4 AND 6! You need your instrument twice a week- don’t forget! 

We are still accepting new string students. Please see the link on the district page on the Music Department tab for the sign up sheet! You can also email Mrs. Capano directly at acapano@cortlandschools.org
News From The Math Specialists
These 6th graders have been using snap cubes to illustrate tape diagram concepts and their application to ratios. A few students even wanted to create their own ratio word problems for Mrs. Snyder to solve!
5th Grade News
Mrs. Pristash and Ms. Taylors class have just started reading the novel Esperanza Rising. The novel is bursting with figurative language, and we are experiencing how a story can be enhanced by adding this kind of language. We are also learning many Spanish words like fiesta and vaqueros. We are gaining an understanding of what life was like in Mexico in the late 1800’s.
We would like to welcome the new PTO officers!

President - Amy Johnson
Vice President - Christopher Nightingale
Treasurer - Shelly Browngardt 
Secretary - Sarah Brown

Our first fundraiser is going to be an apparel sale! We intend to share more information soon and have orders ready for the holiday. 
Youth Bureau After School Activities
The Cortland Youth Center welcomes 5th and 6th graders to come to the center from 3-6 p.m. every weeknight for safe and fun activities!

Dinner is offered for 5th and 6th graders 3 nights a week! The center is also open many Saturdays from 1-5 p.m.

The CYB Center is located in downtown Cortland at 35 Port Watson St. The Center offers a variety of activities and the facility is equipped with pool, ping-pong, and foosball tables; a full kitchen, a music room with guitars, amps, a full drum-kit; a sound stage and DJ booth; and closets full of games and craft supplies.

The Youth Center wants the community to know that there are responsible, caring staff members on the premises to play games with you,help you with your homework, or connect your family with other services, if you need them. For more information, give the center staff a call at 607-753-3580. The Youth Services and activities can accommodate people with special needs.

The Youth Center provides many opportunities, such as games, field trips and guest speakers! We will have their form to complete available at Randall conferences for families or guardians to complete, if you are interested!
The Public Library has
Many Programs!
School Lunch is a Healthy and Delicious Option!
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