Capernaum Health Clinic is named after a village located on the Sea of Galilee where Jesus taught at the Temple and healed many people. 

In 2011 a group of churches in the Metro Detroit called E.A.C.H (Everyone a chance to hear), along with several churches in South Lyon hosted free medical and dental services for members of the community. As a result of this initial free clinic, in 2012 a coalition of community leaders and local churches, (Crossroads Community Church, First United Methodist Church, Fellowship Evangelical Presbyterian Church, First Baptist Church, Oak Pointe Church, First Presbyterian Church and St. Joseph Catholic Church) wanted to bring free health care to South Lyon. Capernaum Health Clinic formally became a nonprofit using the Capernaum name in 2013, and continues to provide much-needed medical services to the South Lyon community. 

Capernaum's mission statement and the guiding principal of work is: "We strive to demonstrate the love of Jesus in South Lyon by providing caring and compassionate medical and dental services for people in our community." The clinic is for anyone in the South Lyon area who does not have adequate health care coverage to meet their needs. The clinic seeks to serve those people who, for whatever reason, currently find themselves uninsured or unable to access medical care.

In a South Lyon Herald article published in April of 2017, Dr. Cherie Trembath, a member of our church, said, "Our major mission is to serve people in the school district. We don't turn anyone away. We don't look at their zip code or income. If they say they need medical care, we take it at face value. At the clinic, we see what people want and need. It might be a physical or a chronic problem. Many can't afford their medications or going to the doctor's office, Capernaum’s goal is to get people into appropriate long-term care based on their needs."

Along with general medical care, the clinics offer dental care, an optometrist, a podiatrist, dermatologist, and hearing screening. "We can refer people for lower-cost hearing aids and longer-term services", Trembath explained, that along with referrals for specific medical care, Capernaum also has access to financial counselors at Providence Hospital who can work with clinic patients to figure out what kinds of services for which they may be eligible.
Capernaum Health Clinic is doing important work in our community. We can help them to continue to provide these much-needed health services by giving generously to our November mission of the month. 

If you are interested in volunteering or would like additional information, please call 248-225-458, or email .

In Christ,
The Mission Team