Somerset Lake Newsletter November 2019
 Somerset Lake Community November Events
November 6th - Welcome Committee Meeting 6:30pm
November 7th - Events Committee Meeting 7:15pm
November 14th - Lake Committee Meeting 6:30pm
November 18th - Playground Committee Meeting 7:00pm
November 21st - Board Meeting 6:30pm
November 28th - Thanksgiving - Clubhouse closed
November 29th - Black Friday - Clubhouse closed

Upcoming December Events

December 7th, Breakfast with Santa - 10:00am to1:00pm
December 13th, Adult Christmas Party 6:00pm to 10:00pm
December 19th, Ladies Champagne, 7:00pm to 11:00pm

Somerset Lake Adult Costume Party was a Haunting Success!
A Ghostly Time was Had by All!
Over 100 ghoulish residents and friends enjoyed the Somerset Lake Halloween Party. Costumes were worn, prizes were given, and lots of games and dancing was had by all. Thanks to Kim Swed who organized the party and spent the day decorating with other volunteers from the community. Without volunteers this event would not be possible. Thanks you Cathy Sanders and Debbie Houtchens who submitted photos to the clubhouse.

If you left anything behind, like a sippy cup with the name Gideon, black gloves with gold nail polish, gold glitter mask with feather, or black wig, please stop by the office to pick up your things.

We can hardly wait until next year!
A Very Spectral Thank You

Thank you Kim Swed for organizing the Somerset Lake Adult Costume Party.  Thank You for all your hard work!

Photo credit Debbie Houtchens
Events Committee
We need you!

The Events Committee is looking for community volunteers to join to help plan events. You need not help with every event. We have two big events coming up listed below.

Breakfast with Santa is scheduled for 10am on Saturday, December 7th. You need not join the Events Committee to volunteer for this event. High School teens are also welcome to volunteer for this event.

Adult Christmas Party is scheduled for Saturday, December 13th, at 6pm. Please consider volunteering for this event.

If you are interested, please email the clubhouse at,and we will add your name for further communications.
Welcome Committee

The Welcome Club will meet on Wednesday, November 6, at 6:30pm in the Clubhouse. We have several new residents that will be visited in the month of November. Anyone interested, is welcomed to come and join us.

Donna Lewis
Lake Committee

Somerset Lake’s Policy for Managing Migratory Geese

As the days get colder, the migratory Canadian Geese start gathering on Somerset Lake. Our lake has a year-round, resident goose population of a few dozen, but during the fall & winter this can balloon to thousands of geese. Unfortunately, this large quantity of geese is a noisy nuisance and negatively impacts the health of our lake. 

Each goose can produce up to a pound of waste daily, which is a direct contributor to toxic algae blooms and poor water quality. While the lake committee members are big fans and supporters of our lake’s wildlife community, our goal is a healthy lake which will continue to support a diverse eco-system, including our few dozen resident geese.  A lake full of thousands of geese and excessive algae not only affects the lake’s health and aesthetics for all but is also costly for our residents to fund remediation efforts such as more frequent lake treatments and dredging.

Management of nuisance geese can only legally be done with non-contact methods. Some communities utilize dogs or noise makers. The lake committee has chosen to use drones and radio-controlled boats, in the fall and usually around dusk, to encourage migratory geese to fly a little farther south. This does not hurt the geese in any way, and they find similar alternate locations to reside for the winter. 
When we are conducting these management efforts, please do not complain to the authorities as they are already aware of, and allow, our efforts. We recognize that not everyone will agree with our approach, and if you wish to discuss this issue (or any others) with the lake committee, please feel free to attend our next meeting (we meet the second Thursday of each month at 6:30 pm), or contact Scott Duncan, chairman.

Architectural Committee

Just in case you hope to get an exterior project done before the snow flies, please stop by the newly established sample closet to make sure that project meets SL guidelines. The closet displays updated sample boards and binders outlining approved exterior paints/stains, trim paints, shutter styles/colors, roofing materials, etc. approved for each home series within the community.
Remember, BEFORE you sign a contract to have any exterior work done, you will first need to get Architectural Committee approval. Any new color requests or changes must also be approved by the Architectural Committee. This approval process may take up to a month. Please complete the Architectural Request Form found under the Document Links tab on the Somerset Lakes website ( ) if you will be tackling exterior work such as painting, staining, roofing, tree removal, window replacement, or hard scaping. This form can be downloaded and submitted electronically. Other specific guidelines (solar panel installation, approved roofing materials, shed installation, etc.) are also available under the Document Links tab. If you have any questions or topics for the committee to address, please contact Cheri Hadley of Brandywine Valley Properties at (302) 293-8093 or .
As always, this volunteer Committee, in cooperation with Brandywine Valley Properties, Somerset Lake’s management company, will continue to review applications submitted by the Community for exterior home projects as well as handle requests for exceptions to the Community’s existing architectural policies. Please click on the links for Approved Roofing Materials and Approved Exterior Paint Colors.
Interior Committee

On October 15 we reviewed the information we were able to obtain after meeting with several contractors the past two months. Along with the obvious redecorating on the clubhouse main level, we also discovered some much needed updating to electrical wiring and some flooring issues that need addressed. Many of these items are overdue in needing replaced.  
We were able to come up with a realistic monetary figure for costs and the Board will discuss this with Brandywine Valley Properties to come up with a plan to finance.

Laura Benincasa
Clubhouse Interior Committee co-chair

Playground Committee
Thank you to all those that expressed interest in joining the Playground Committee!  During our first meeting, we discussed general feedback regarding the current playground, what types of features we would like to see in a new playground, and had a very productive brainstorming session regarding options and next steps.
Next meeting is scheduled for Monday November 18 th at 7:00pm.
Somerset Teens
Does your High School student want to volunteer at the clubhouse? We sometimes need help with events or other things at the clubhouse. If your High School student would like to volunteer, please ask your student to send name, address, grade, and phone number to Please include High School Volunteer and their name in the subject area. When we need help throughout the year we will ask if he/she is available. They need not be available for every event to be on the list. We are happy to fill out any forms for volunteering that your student may need for community volunteer hours. It is up to the student to check with the school to make sure the volunteer hours qualify.   Volunteers must be Somerset Lake Residents.

Pavilion Closing November 1st
Many residents enjoyed the extended season for the Pavilion. The Pavilion is closing on November 1st, and all furniture will be put away. We will open again in the Spring when weather permits.

Dock News
The DOCK by the Boathouse is CLOSED until further notice.
The dock by the boathouse is closed for inspection and may need repair. Cones have been placed at the dock entrance so please do not remove them. The dock with the gazebo by the pool is still open for your enjoyment.
Fitness Center Update!

We are updating our security system and after 11/13 we will be able to add more passcodes to the fitness area. Thank you for your patience.

Please remember our fitness level hours are 5am to 10pm.

Wine Club
The Wine over Water Club has become very popular. Thank you Michele Duncan for sending the photo of all the Halloween decorated wine bottles. These are such fun evenings! Next meeting is Friday, November 8th, 7:00pm.
On-going Community Events (Classes and Clubs)
November 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th (Monday) Yoga with Hilary 6:00 pm
November 7th, 14th, 21st (Thursday) Yoga with Julia Byrem 10:00 am
November 8th (Friday) Wine over Water 7:00 pm
November 22nd (Friday) Somerset Lake Beer Share 7:00 pm

Somerset Lake Beer Share

Come on Friday, November 22nd, to Somerset Lake's Beer Share, at 7:00pm. This beer club is for craft beer enthusiasts! Bring your favorite IPA to share. If you don't drink IPA, bring something you like to drink.

Beer Share will be meeting the Fourth Friday of each month at the Clubhouse.

Snacks are appreciated but not required.

All 21 and over are welcome!

Somerset Lake Wine over Water

WOW, nearly time for another Wine Over Water club gathering. Is there a North American wine you are thankful for, or a wine you like to enjoy on Thanksgiving? In the spirit of Thanksgiving, please share it with us Friday, November 8 starting at 7 pm at the Clubhouse. There will be a tray of Bobbie® subs from Capriotti’s for snacking.
If you have any questions, please contact me at . New visitors are welcome. 
Your wine coordinator, 
Michelle Duncan

Yoga with Julia Byrem 
Most Thursdays in November 10:00 am - 11:00 am - Aerobics room/fitness level of the clubhouse.

This yoga session will be drop-in only, to best meet everyone's scheduling needs. You can just pay as you go, $11 per class. I am very excited to meet everyone on Thursday!

For more details please contact:

Yoga with Hillary Fox MD

Monday Evenings 6pm-7pm - Aerobics room/fitness level of the clubhouse
$12 for drop-in; 5 class package for $50;
10 class package for $80

If anyone purchases a package and wishes to attend yoga in the park, the classes can be combined, makes it much easier to come to class and not worry about having to carry cash, and saves a little too.
Those who are still interested in a community yoga practice are invited to New Garden Park, Tuesdays from 6pm-7pm. As of now we are in Lyceum Hall and take our mats outside if the weather permits.
Please visit to learn more about Hilary and to subscribe to her newsletter or Facebook page.

Energy Therapy

Would you like to: 
Reduce Stress? Calm anxiety or depression? Strengthen your immune system? Ease neck and back problems? Promote a sense of well being? Recover from surgery and remove drugs? Ease acute and chronic conditions including cancer? Remove medication and trauma from your energy field? Schedule your private session conveniently located at the Clubhouse today! 

Click Link for more info: Energy Therapy with Jeane
Melt Class with Amanda Yue
Discover MELT new stuff and the Secrets to Pain Free Living at any Age.

Pre-Pain Signals:
-Wake up with stiffness in our neck, low back, hands or feet
-Joints and muscles feel stiff after sitting for long periods of time

So pay attention to the signals your body is sending you and use this as a reminder that you should MELT today.
Come to a MELT class and experience changes in how your body looks and feels. Learn simple self-treatments you can do at home to remain active, healthy, and pain-free for life. This all-levels class will use a MELT Soft Roller to simulate the results of manual therapy. Learn to eliminate stuck stress before it accumulates causing chronic aches, pains, and unwanted signs of aging. Reduce inflammation, ease chronic neck and low back strain, improve alignment, enhance athletic performance, and keep your whole body feeling great at any age. Don’t miss your chance to experience this unique self-care technique, featured in the bestselling book  The MELT Method . For more information about MELT, go 

Please contact the clubhouse if you are interested in this class. Amanda will have class here at Somerset Lake if 5 or more residents are interested.
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