American Bald Eagle Foundation
November 2020
Winterizing at the Foundation
It may only be November, but winter has arrived in Haines, Alaska. The snow began to fall early in the month and just has not seemed to stop. With roughly four feet on the ground and no signs of slowing down, the ABEF looks to be in for quite the winter. Winterizing the facility is one of the last outdoor projects staff completes each year.

During the winter, each bird has access to a heater. Although the birds live outside year-round and would naturally do the same in the wild, the heaters give them the option to warm-up if they choose. Breezeway doors were reinforced and roofs were modified to improve snow shed after a year of record-breaking snowfall.
Alaska Bald Eagle Festival Video
The November newsletter is typically full of photos from our annual celebration and fundraiser, the Alaska Bald Eagle Festival. Those who have been following us this year know that the Festival was cancelled due to the ongoing pandemic. In lieu of celebrating in person, ABEF’s Curator of Collections, Katie Bard, decided to share the gathering of the eagles to all of our followers at home.

Over the month of November, Katie traveled to the Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve to capture footage of the event we celebrate each year with the festival: the largest congregation of bald eagles in the world. Although staff wishes each guest could share this experience in-person, safety is a higher priority. Click this link to view the 2020 Alaska Bald Eagle Festival video! This giving season, please consider donating to the ABEF to support future festivals.
Ambassador Update:
Each month, those who sponsor a raptor at the ABEF receive updates about what the bird they support has been up to. From learning new behaviors to building a nest and laying eggs for the first time, ambassador sponsors get to share each new adventure from miles away. Check out the most recent update from Hans below, and head to the ABEF website to sponsor him and start receiving his regular monthly updates!

With snow in the forecast, staff has been hard at work winterizing the facility. While we are still training the birds daily, new behaviors are on the back burner for now. Hans is getting plenty of exercise and practice at his old fluent behaviors, spending lots of time getting in the crate and hanging out calmly on his talon trim station. In lieu of fun new training, Hans is getting lots of enrichment to keep him busy.
Species Spotlight:
Pacific Halibut (Hippoglossus stenolepis)
The Pacific halibut is a large flatfish found off any coastline in Alaska. A flatfish has both eyes on one side of its body and lays flat on the ocean floor, like a flounder. When fully grown, this species can be over 8 feet long, 500 pounds, and sometimes live up to 55 years.Their diet consists mainly of fish and crustaceans based on their age and size.

When born, the halibut has an eye on each side of their head. As they grow, the left eye shifts to the other side of the body while the pigment on the left side fades. By about 6 months the young have transitioned to live as an ambush predator on the ocean floor in shallow waters near the shore. Learn more about the Pacific halibut at the Alaska Department of Fish and Game website.
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