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November 2020
N Stands for November and New Things

If there is one thing that we can all agree on in 2020, it is that nothing comes as a shock or surprise when it comes to what life throws our way personally and professionally as educators.
I firmly believe--when looking at the positive aspects of teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic--that this situation has made us even more empathetic toward others and bolstered our instructional strategies for students.  
Despite all the chaos and uncertainty, each of you have shown up, taught, coached and cared for the students of Mississippi. That is admirable.  
We are moving forward at the RCU, working toward alternate measures of program quality, studying the impact of formative assessment on statewide test results and administering fall testing. We have flexed our practices to meet the needs of the school districts that have done the same.  
There is not a perfect, cookie-cutter method of finding our way this year, but we are all working toward the same goal of benefiting the students of Mississippi. I am reminded of the quote by Henry Adams, "A teacher affects eternity; he (or she) can never tell where his influence stops." This is what drives me every day, and it is evident that it motivates each of you as well.
For our educational technology focus of the month, I want to discuss some of the ways that educators are interacting with students in a remote or instructional technology fashion this fall.
Greg Kulowiec provides us a digital station model template that helps teachers have a workable solution in the online world. If you have not used HyperDocs in your classroom, you really should consider exploring the world of this format of student-centered, digital lessons.
Ditch That Textbook has a  few ideas and templates to get you started with little to no effort.
Last, if you have not heard of Loom, you should check it out. I am torn between using it or EdPuzzle more. Both are great ways to embed video in a variety of ways with Canvas and Google Classroom integration capabilities. This fall I have used both in my classes at Mississippi State with positive feedback from students.  
Consider using a few of these as you adapt the spring semester for your classes!
Remember to reflect on the successes and setbacks you encounter this fall with the mindset that you are making a difference in the lives of our students for a better tomorrow!
Sean Owen, PhD
Assessment Manager

Important Dates

Fall 2020 Testing
Nov. 9-20 (Normal testing)
Nov. 20 (Make-up testing)
5 p.m., Jan. 29 (Final reports available)
Fall 2020 National Certification Testing
National certification testing will occur between Nov. 9 and Dec. 4. The RCU will publish MDE certification reports in Jan., contingent upon the release of results by certification companies.
Spring Roster Submission Period
Jan. 25-Feb. 19
SEC Test Coordinator Training
Feb. 11 - location TBD

Feb. 16, Feb. 17 - two, one-day opportunities at the Hunter Henry Center

MS-CPAS Updates
Fall testing is underway for secondary students who will take their end-of-course MS-CPAS this fall. If any issues arise during testing, please consult the CTE Testing Manual located on the RCU website for instructions on how to proceed. If you are not able to find an answer to your question, please submit a ticket via the RCU Helpdesk.
We are also in the process of preparing for our spring test coordinator training, so please be on the lookout for information about that soon, and be sure to mark the dates listed in the table above in your calendar.  
National Certifications Updates
This school year, new national certification exams are being offered for Health Science, Early Childhood Education, Metal Fabrication, Precision Machining and Transportation Logistics. Along with these new national certification exams comes questions about how these exams are to be administered to students.  
In order to assist you with these questions, we have placed resources for each certification (new and old) on the Student Certification page of the RCU website. Here, you will find survival guides, testing manuals, quick reference guides and other tools and resources that will help you prepare for national certification exams.
Also, look out for tutorials for each certification. These tutorials will include downloadable presentations and videos breaking down procedures for preparing for and administering each national certification.
We also want to remind you that there is still an opportunity for first- and second-year Culinary Arts students who missed out on the ProStart exam last year due to COVID-19 to take that exam. 
Performance-Based Assessment
Performance-Based Assessment tasks are currently being finalized for Simulation and Animation Design, Digital Media Technology and Architecture and Drafting. The Simulation and Animation Design task will be accessible on Dec. 7. The Digital Media Technology and Architecture and Drafting tasks will be accessible on Jan. 11.  
These tasks will be located behind a district login on the RCU website, so testing coordinators will need to retrieve these materials for their instructors. PBA tasks cannot be completed virtually due to test security protocols. If you have virtual students that do not return before the close of the PBA window on March 31, those students will take the MS-CPAS in place of PBA during your MS-CPAS testing window in April.
Please put March 31 on your calendar as the deadline for PBA submission. All artifacts will be due by 5 PM, and tasks will be scored by industry professionals through blind scoring. Instructors will not need to secure evaluators.
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