November 2020
Families, we encourage you to stay updated on what's going on campus regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Click on the link below.
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100% Remote Instruction is Starting this Month!

All FAU classes will be transitioning to fully remote instruction starting on November 26th.

Here are some tips to ensure a smooth transition from in-person classes to online learning.

  • Provide a space for your students to work on their classwork.

  • Send care packages if they are still residing on campus.

  • Have a stress-relief day with your students if they are residing at home.

  • Help your students stay organized by encouraging them to use planners and calendars.

  • Prepare for your student to return home to finish the Fall semester.

  • Set aside some time for yourself to relax to reduce stress.
Creating Healthy Sleep Habits

Sleep is essential to be productive and perform at one’s best!
Here is how you can support your student to get enough sleep each night to optimize their productivity and academic performance!
Tips to Support a Better Night’s Sleep for Your Student

  • Create a sleep sanctuary at home.

  • A cold and dark room with limited noise can make it easier to fall asleep.

  • Recommendations for a sleep-focused care package include temporary black-out shades, sleep masks, ear plugs, and your student’s favorite blend of caffeine-free tea!

  • Student can also get many of these items from Owls Care’s Virtual Hoot Loot Club or Resource Order forms. Encourage your student to access these giveaways by following @fauowlscare.

  • iOS users can use Night Shift (Tell Siri to turn it on).

  • Windows 10 users can use Night Light.

  • Android users may use Comfort View or Twilight (an app within Play Store).
First-Generation Student Success
In honor of National First-Generation Day, we invite you to join FAU and other NASPA First-Forward SE Regional Community institutions for a virtual professional development opportunity on supporting first-generation students. 

  • Thursday, November 5th, 2020 at 10 a.m. Eastern Time.
2021 Orientation Leader Applications are Open!
Do you have a student who wants to become more involved with the university, enhance their leadership skills, and be a part of a legacy here at FAU? Encourage them to apply to be an Orientation Leader for the 2021-2022 school year!

Do not hesitate to email us at, visit our social media accounts or call us at 561.297.2733 for more information!

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