"Godliness with contentment is great gain." 1 Timothy 6:6
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'My New Hope' has been given a makeover! When you click on "My New Hope" from www.newhopeeastlake.org, you will be directed to our new Church Management Platform. Once you create an account, you will have access to your personalized page where you can view a summary of your giving, sign up for events, view upcoming events and more!

Click Here to Create a Tithe.ly ChMS Account. Be sure to click the dropdown in the lower left section to select 'Log into Member Area' before beginning.
Questions? Contact: churchoffice@go-newhope.com
When you give online or use the giving envelopes, there are several options. Here is a brief guide to help ensure your gifts go to the right places:

GENERAL: Tithes, offerings and anything not defined.
BUILDING: These funds will be used for our new building.
MISSIONS: We have several missions activities we participate in throughout the year, so choose this option for any of those.
SPECIAL DESIGNATION: This one can be used for anything you define. This can range from children's ministry, KSG to an event. Just write a note in the memo if giving online or on your envelope letting us know which ministry or cause you're giving to.

At times, there will be options in the drop down (if giving online) for specific events, i.e. VBS, Compassion in Action, etc.
If Gratitude Is Life-Changing, What about Ingratitude?
Gratitude is trendy this time of year. The stores are chock full of reminders to give thanks and to be grateful. A scroll through my feed has posts with inspirational quotes and Bible verses on thanksgiving. It’s in my own home: as the calendar turned to November, I hung a hand-lettered “Grateful and Blessed” sign over the fireplace and bought a t-shirt that declares I’m “Grateful. Thankful. Blessed.” We often talk about the benefits of gratitude, but let’s look at 5 things the Bible teaches about ingratitude. Being thankful isn’t just a trend; it’s a command. 
10 Benefits of Family Prayer Time
Communication is a basic building block for families so communicating with God should be viewed as a basic building block of the family’s faith. Many parents may say a simple grace at meal or a simple prayer with a child at bedtime, but do you want to do more? Do you want to actually connect your family to God through prayer? Do you want family prayer to make a difference? Discover some great benefits of praying together that can inspire you to persist. Here are 10 top benefits to consider: Learn More
10 Prayers That Transform Your Finances
While this may seem obvious to you, it is a surprise to many people when they realize that God is generous. I didn’t think God was generous when I was a young man. Somehow, while growing up, I got the idea that if I begged God for help and if I was good enough, He might show me a little mercy. A lot of people have this belief about God. But God is amazingly generous. He made the first move of generosity toward us. And the second move and the third. Learn More
Your Giving at a Glance
General $74,666.66 / Budget $80,024.00
Building $9,744.48 / Budget $5,594.76
Don't ever think your giving goes unnoticed.
Your gifts are put to action to help others on a local and global scale.
Thank you for your generosity and continued support!
Here are ways your gifts are making a difference:
Local Food Drives
Backpack Donations
Community Service