November 2020
Republican Women of Simi Valley & Moorpark
President's Message
By: Pam Campeau
It’s post election day and here we are waiting for final numbers to be announced. We've been through this before. We can do it again. Life is full of surprises...and especially this election year!

Win or lose, our three SVMRWF members are to be congratulated and commended for their hard fought campaigns.

Despite Covid-19, many of you contributed a considerable amount of volunteer hours all year toward electing and then re-electing Mike Garcia and President Trump. You devoted personal time to walking neighborhoods, making thousands and thousands of phone calls, waving signs, participating in rallies, and donating to Republican candidates at the city, state, and national level. 

You also volunteered at CAGOP headquarters, answering questions for people living in Moorpark, Simi Valley, Conejo Valley, and Los Angeles. You trained and then observed at drop off and poll locations over four days. THANK YOU for stepping up this year!

With a strong grassroots campaign of contributors and volunteers, Republican women can always make a difference! Across the city, across the state, across the nation. It's never too early to jump on the volunteer train to prepare for the next election.

Next year we will begin to prepare for 2022 elections. We will educate the
public on Republican values and principles, provide voter registration services, encourage Simi Valley and Moorpark Republican women to run for office, and so much more. Your support is needed more than ever. Let's continue to make a difference in our communities. We always have been and continue to be hardworking Republican women. Let's keep the momentum going!
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Nominations for 2021 Board of Directors

Thank you to the members of this year's Nominating Committee. Ann Duran - chair, Bonnie Graeve, Christina Orta, Elva Cooper, and Sarit Judge
The committee would like to present the following nominations for 2021 Board offices.
CORRESPONDING SECRETARY - Jessica Freeman and Virginia Montero
TREASURER - Sarit Judge
4TH VP LEGISLATION - Elaine Freeman
3RD VP MEMBERSHIP - Alyssa Kroeger
2ND VP WAYS AND MEANS - Bonnie Graeve
1ST VP - PROGRAMS - Jennifer Van Laar
PRESIDENT - Christina Orta
At the upcoming November 20th membership meeting, the nominating committee report will be presented followed by nominations from the floor. Nominations will then be closed and a membership vote taken.
We also will have chair positions to fill for Communications Secretary, Americanism, Caring for America, Garden Tour, and Street Fairs. Let us know if you are interested in any of these positions and/or have further questions.
We'd like to thank the members who have stepped up to fill these positions.
A Special Note:
We recently lost two people who have always been HUGE contributors of their time, talents and so much more to the Simi Valley community. Debbie Thomas and Gordon Lindeen. Gordon's wife, Ann, and a member of our Club, passed away earlier this year. Besides being staunch Republicans who have supported local Republican candidates in many ways and SVMRWF, Debbie (as well as her husband, Fred) and the Lindeen's have made a huge impact on Simi Valley for many years. How thankful we are for their support of non-profits and strong causes for many, many years. They will be personally missed by so many.
Our heartfelt sympathies go to both the Fred Thomas and Lindeen families.
September Legislative Report by Elaine Freeman, Legislative V.P.
elaine freeman_b
Here is a brief report on the Governor’s Executive Orders. The Governor has the authority to issue Executive Orders without oversight of the Legislature. Governor Newsom has utilized this method of governing extensively, particularly since the Covid-19 virus. Executive orders allow him to set aside rules (laws) and spend the people’s money without any checks or balances. 
Here are a few examples. Executive Order N-63-20 waived certain requirements of reporting by registered sex offenders such as not requiring them to provide a signature, fingerprints and photograph for 60 days. Another is the requirements related to the responsibility of a health care provider to obtain verbal or written consent before the use of telehealth services and to document that consent, as well as any implementing regulations (Executive order N-43-20).  The Director of Alcoholic Beverage Control now has authority to suspend, for a period of up to 60 days, the deadlines for renewing licenses upon payment of annual fees and license renewal penalty fees that are due by Executive Order N-40-20. 
So, you can see the orders can affect many facets of every State government action.
Looking Forward by Member Christina Lindsay-Orta
I co-hosted an event last night with CA GOP Chairwoman, Jessica Millan Patterson. Wow is she impressive and what she has done with the CA GOP is the start of a new movement. Not only is she the first woman Chair, first Latina, but she has probably the most diverse board with millennials, openly gay men, Taiwanese, Korean, females… In her words “We are not the party of Old White Men”, the Dems would like to label us as that but we need to speak against it as Republicans probably have the most diverse ticket in CA this election.
One of the most critical points I took away from her message was that we as Republicans MUST be involved and active in the redistricting coming in 2022. Having Simi Valley included in LA County with Santa Clarita and parts of the Valley has obviously hurt Republicans on the ballot, Simi should be in a Ventura County district, plain and simple. Moorpark benefits from the unity with Simi Valley politics and not being drowned out by Oxnard. If we are silent in 2022 with redistricting, we will pay a dear price.
This is also an exciting time to engage and unite with all the police unions. Police forces are ripe for coming over to the Republican party in the LA County and historically blue areas. Jessica is all about talking up the 85-90% areas we can unite on and show our support of the police, leaving the 10% issues like defined benefits and pension aside. 
We are most hopeful that we can pick up seats in Fresno and many seats in Orange County this election.  Now is an opportune time to pick up votes from people that are ticked off with Newsom closing their beaches, skate parks, businesses, etc. Surfers that can’t surf and skateboarders that can’t skate are fed up. Talk to your hair dressers as they are wanting to turn Republican after these lockdowns too. Republicans are most guilty for silencing ourselves and censuring ourselves. We cannot be the “Silent Majority” any longer. Democrats say they are the party of choice but they are only pro-choice on a singular issue…abortion. Republicans are the party of true choice and not control. Democrats want to control what schools your kids go to, IF they can go back to school. Whether or not you’ll have funded police to protect your neighborhoods, what kind of healthcare you’ll have and no choice in your doctor, whether or not you can go to church and worship freely, have the right to defend your home. They are the party of control, we are the party of real choice! Please follow Jessica on social media @CAGOPChairwoman as well as for great updates!
A Salute to our Gold Members
2020 is a golden year. Why? Because so many of our members chose to become a Gold Member. Without fundraisers this year, we depend on our members to help support SVMRWF until we can open up to the public again. We thank all of you who renewed and who joined us this year. 2021 renewals will begin in December.
Gold Members
Claudia Allen, Patricia Campbell, Elva Cooper, Cheryl Cronin, Gisela Dawley, Gina Evans, Lupita Fanning, Alice Fiducia, Elaine Freeman, Jessica Freeman, Ivy Giles, Gail Hartung, Char Jackowitcz, Linda Kaden-Inhat, Alissa Kroeger, Kathy Layton, Martha Macker, Jackie McMahon, Christina Orta, Peggy Sadler, Carol Sherman, Lorna Sinn, Carol Stump, Kathy Weiner, Barbra Williamson, Christina Wright-Roper, Leslie Resnick
Board of Directors Propose Membership Increase in 2021
At the last regularly scheduled Board meeting, a proposal was made and approved to increase full, associate, and gold memberships. The following proposed increases were discussed and voted upon to be presented at the next general membership meeting for a full vote:
2020 full membership dues are $35; 2021 proposal is to increase to $45. Only full memberships are reported to the California Federation of Republican Women on a monthly basis. Twenty-five dollars for each renewal and new member is paid to the CFRW per their By-Laws. This entitles you to be a member of CFRW and receive their on-line newsletter, have access to programs, and much more. 
2020 associate membership dues are $10; 2021 proposal is to increase to $20.The proposal for Gold membership does not need a full membership vote because the amount is over and above standard membership dues. Gold membership is an additional benefit package. The current Gold membership is $70, but there will be an increase to $100 beginning November 1, 2020.
These increases will allow SVMRWF to sponsor Young Republicans, Support the Troops and other Board approved incoming donation requests.
These two proposed increases will be separately voted on at the November membership meeting. 
Just a few of the many members who volunteered at the official Simi Valley Republican Hdqtrs., Lea Williams (with the Trump-Garcia Campaign), and volunteers Patricia Campbell, President Pam, and Jennifer Jones
Mike Osborn, outgoing VC Republican Central Committee Chairman, Conejo Valley RWF member, Tamara Howard and her husband, and Jessica Patterson, CAGOP President at the last meeting of the year.
Pam Campeau - President
Vacant - VP Programs
Pat Bonnell -  VP Ways & Means
Char Jackowitcz - Membership 
Elaine Freeman -  VP Legislation
Ann Duran - Treasurer
Christina Lindsey Orta - Recording Secretary
Carol Sherman - Corresponding Secretary

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