How the Soft Lift works
Nov 2020
This November we're talking about non-surgical facial rejuvenation. We've come a long way since the early days of fillers and using a one-size-fits-all approach.

Now fillers are part art, part science. Precise, highly advanced, customizable - and in the hands of a skilled injector the ultimate anti-aging tool.

Read our BLOG about the evolution of BOTOX® and dermal fillers, what are MD Codes and how we use them to achieve a non-surgical Soft Lift (or our version the Volumizing Swan Lift™).

Get answers on what causes jowls and how to treat them on our "Ask Dr. Steyn" page and peptide skincare products that act like baby BOTOX® to relax muscle? Learn more...

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Learn How Advanced Injection Techniques Reverse Aging Skin
The Soft Lift Has Evolved. We're Using New Fillers & Methods to Sculpt the Face
Pick any industry – technology, medicine, beauty – and you’ll see a constant bubbling of innovation and progress. The medical aesthetics industry is no different. It’s always on the cutting-edge of the latest anti-aging breakthrough that is more effective, natural-looking and longer-lasting than its predecessor. 

The Soft Lift is one of those advances in facial rejuvenation that has evolved over the years. From simply treating wrinkles and volume loss, it has morphed into a sophisticated system of mapping out the face (using MD Codes™) to enhance, contour, restore, revitalize and literally make patients look 10-15 years younger – all without ever stepping foot in a surgeon’s office. 

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Dear Dr. Steyn,

I've noticed my jowls have gotten worse over the last couple of years. I'm in my early 60's but don't want surgery (yet). Can fillers help? Thanks, Susan.

Dear Susan,

Yes, we can improve the appearance of jowls (sagging skin around the chin and jawline). The solution is to restore volume in the mid-face and other areas to create structure and lift sagging facial anatomy.

The best way to learn what procedures are right for you is to book a consultation with Dr. Steyn. You will receive a customized treatment plan outlining all your options and a timeline for implementing it.
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