Changing dog at a time!
November 2020 - AIR Newsletter!

October 2020 Statistics:

Adoptions - 41

Intakes - 45
(Strays & Owner Surrenders)

Animals currently in our care - 78
(these numbers change daily)

Live Release Rate - 98.4% (Year)

Number of Employees - 3

Happy November, Dog Lovers!

What a month October has been! I hope you are all doing well and are staying safe with our current state of affairs dealing with COVID. It's been a challenge for us as we still love to meet people for intakes and adoptions! Meeting adoptive families and seeing the smiles on both the dogs and families faces....are priceless to us.

October was a very busy month for us although it doesn't reflect in our numbers of Adoptions and Intakes because we were quite busy getting ready for the epic event Paws Across the Pacific! Thanks to Greater Good Charities, Wings of Rescue and the John R. Peterson Foundation almost 600 dogs and cats found their way to amazing opportunities with partner rescues and shelters across the Pacific! They had wonderful families lined up to adopt many of them upon arrival. It kept us very busy.

We still believe that our donors and adopters are what make us and we love that we have built this rescue up with the help of our Community to what it is today! We promise to keep it simple thus we currently only have three employees that do the bulk of the daily work. That means most of your donations and dollars go directly where it should.... to the animals care.

We truly appreciate your sharing of our posts, transporting food for the dogs from Kona and referring us to others to find their perfect K9 matches! For's all about the dogs.

Warmly in rescue,

Daylynn Kyles
Aloha Ilio Rescue - #TEAMAIR
Greater Good Charities - PawsXPacific
This year, Hawaii shelters began to face an unprecedented crisis situation due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Doors needed to be closed to the general public for safety of animals and humans alike, opportunities to better lives on the mainland started to become unavailable, and overcrowding started to become a reality. Euthanizing animals due to space issues wasn't a path anyone wanted to take. Everyone was looking for a solution and the best outcome for these wonderful animals who deserved more than a cage life.

Thankfully, our prayers were all answered when Greater Good Charities partnered with John R. Peterson Foundation and Wings of Rescue to launch Paws Across the Pacific. It was the largest, single pet rescue flight in history.

On October 28, 2020, the Greater Good Charities flew a Hercules C-130 aircraft from Oakland, California to the Hawaiian Islands of Kauai, Maui and the Big Island before returning to Seattle, Washington. This single chartered aircraft transported almost 600 pets from a total of 6 shelters. It was more than just a number, 600, it was about the safety, health and overall well-being of all these pets that were given a chance at a forever home. Veterinary services helped to ensure this prior to their departure, during the flight and upon arrival on the mainland.

According to Wings of Rescue CEO, Ric Browde, 70 of these pets had already been pre-adopted and were off to their new homes after being cleared upon arrival.

Aloha Ilio Rescue is immensely grateful for this opportunity of a lifetime. We were able to transport dogs, like Polu, who deserved a forever home. It takes a village!

Tiffany and Bonnie posing for a picture while preparing for PawsxPacific
Kerry picking up dogs to get to the flight!
Here's Bonnie taking a moment to smile with this beauty

We hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween! Here are some of our pets donning their Halloween costumes!
Pupdate - Hilo
Greater Good Charities fearless leader and CEO, Liz Baker decided to adopt one of the Aloha Ilio Rescue puppies and named him Hilo. Whether he knows it yet or not, Hilo hit the jackpot and will be happily enjoying life in Tucson with his new family.

We cannot wait to see all of his new adventures.

Who do you think looks happier? Hilo or Liz?
Pupdate - Ricky (was Finn)
Ricky (was Finn) was surrendered to rescue after having too much energy for his current family. We knew he needed to find a home where he could do what his breed is meant for. Low and behold, he is looking fabulous and enjoying his life with his Maui family. This is a dog who finally gets to do what he was bred for. Enjoy all of your Maui adventures Ricky!

Pupdate - Zoey
Zoey found her forever with a family on Oahu. This family is amazing and was determined to give Zoey all the love and attention she needed. They didn't care that we didn't know her exact age or that we found a lump and didn't know what the outcome diagnosis would be. We loved their resilience and love!

As you can see, Zoey will enjoy many walks with her human siblings. Enjoy your Oahu life, Zoey. Something tells us you will be spoiled forever!

UPDATE: Lump was benign! Yay!!!

Foster Spotlight!
It truly takes a village and our fosters mean the world to us here at Aloha Ilio Rescue. Without our loving fosters, we wouldn't be able to keep changing the lives of these dogs, one dog at a time. TEAM AIR continues to grow everyday and our team is spread out throughout Hawaii Island.

This month, we would like to spotlight one of our West Side fosters in Kona, Kathy!

Kathy Kim Peters is a very valuable member of TEAM AIR! She fosters puppies and dogs with special needs and pretty much everything else that is shown to her. She is always ready to help nursing mothers with their litters and doesn't shy away from medical issues that may require vet visits and medications.

Thank you Kathy for being an integral member of TEAM AIR and helping us on the Kona side!

Fostering Saves Lives!
How can you sign up to become a foster with Aloha Ilio? Go to our website at and fill out a foster application!
Thank you Microcom!
Thank you to Microcom for displaying our banners, running a towel drive, and showcasing some of dogs kennel cards at your store front in the Prince Kuhio Mall! We would like to also thank everyone who stopped by and those who donated towels. It is a huge help to us and we share those towels with Good Karma Spay & Neuter for surgery use.

aloha Pawz

Thank you Aloha Pawz!!

We would like to thank our friends at Aloha Pawz for spotlighting our dogs weekly at their shop. Their staff is comprised of amazing animal lovers and as such help us to find loving homes for some of our smaller dogs, like Zia. After a few visits and her own spotlights at the shop, Zia found her forever home. Check out their online store! Many local made items to choose from and new delivery/pickup options.

Daylynn with the Aloha Pawz staff
Paulla the owner of Aloha Pawz - holding Rocky
Zia found her forever!

*Foster Cynthia and Aloha Pawz employee Rob showcasing Zia prior to her adoption
Patiently waiting for their FOREVER!

Are you their K9 Match?
Gunner is a beautiful, 7 year old, long haired mixed breed male. He is a larger dog who needs an indoor home to call his own. He will also need regular visits to the groomer to keep him looking fabulous!

Do you have an indoor home who can provide Gunner with love and grooming for the rest of his life?

Oops! Adopted! 11/03/2020
Chubbs is a 2 year old, beautiful pitbull catahoula mix. He is a super sweet, friendly and active but not hyperactive young boy. His only possible flaw is a hint that he may dislike his feline counterparts (cats).

Are you looking for a playful and sweet boy for your fenced yard? Chubbs is your man!
Bruce is roughly a 1 year old, pitbull mix. He came to rescue after being found wandering the streets with a horrible skin condition, skinny and obviously not feeling well at all. He has since received the veterinary care and treatment that he needed to set him on the road to recovery and on the search for a forever home.

Look at Bruce now! He is a great dog who loves his walks and is good on a leash. He also enjoys playing with other dogs and wants to be a lap dog. Can you believe he also likes the water?

Is your family looking for a big cuddle love bug to call your own? or are you looking for a sweet adventure buddy? Bruce is the man you're looking for!
How can you help TEAM AIR?

Help us in our efforts to achieve our mission to change the lives of our island's dogs, one dog at a time! Your generous contributions, donations and overwhelming support, enable us to be #K9matchmakers and spread awareness within our local community. We have many opportunities for you to get involved and be a member of our TEAM AIR ohana. Together, we can make a difference and save more animals everyday! Currently we have only three paid employees within our organization so you can rest assured, as always, your donations DO COUNT more towards our animals care. We purposely try to keep our overhead low for this very reason.

Check out our website at:

Please consider a small monthly donation to our organization to assist us with spay and neuters within our community, food, and veterinary bills. Every little bit helps and we couldn't save as many animals without your love and support. Thank you!