A Note from the Executive Director
The words thank you and grateful are often on our lips in November, but in no year more than 2020 is that appropriate. Thank you to all the organizations that are supporting full voter participation this year. Thank you to our health care provider teams for all you are doing to care for us during the pandemic. Thank you to our educators who are navigating an unprecedented shift in their work. Thank you to all of the governmental and non-profit agencies that are working at capacity to maintain our health care and education infrastructures and responses. And thank you to all New Mexicans who are wearing masks, social distancing, washing hands, and battling COVID fatigue to ensure we all stay healthy. We are grateful to everyone who has gone above and beyond during this unprecedented time.

While these words feel terribly insufficient, the staff and Board of NMASBHC hope all of you have an opportunity this month for the family and community togetherness (even if it is virtual!) that will help us continue to battle for the health of the children and families of New Mexico.

NMASBHC is grateful to you all and wishing you good health,

Nancy Rodriguez,
COVID-19 - Reentry Guidance
As our state’s public health response to the pandemic of COVID-19 continues to unfold, the New Mexico Alliance for School-Based Health Care and the school-based health centers we support are all in the process of responding appropriately. NMASBHC worked with partners from OSAH, PED and various SBHC providers to create the Guidance for New Mexico School-Based Health Centers for 2020-2021 School Reopening/Reentry.

Additionally, NMPED has released its COVID-19 Response Toolkit for Elementary Schools, which details the school responsibilities; you can find that tool at: https://webnew.ped.state.nm.us/reentry-district-and-school-guidance/. They continue to update that page with other guidance and tools.

If you would like to contribute information and suggestions for the NMASBHC guidance on reentry, contact NMASBHC staff. We are also interested in updates on what your school hosts are requesting of you.
2020 SBHC Annual Update & Survey
Thank you to all SBHCs who completed the

The SBHCs to receive the $100 drawing are:
Bernalillo High & Tucumcari

This information helps us to keep the information in the NM SBHC Directory and Map updated. The survey serves as an essential tool for SBHC information shared with legislators, state agencies, community members and funders across New Mexico. 
2020 NMASBHC Calendar

In November, we feature Mayfield High SBHC.
Pictured are Mayfield High School SBHC Staff & Principal:
Dolores Ortiz, Amanda Garcia, Eric Fraass, Jacqueline Rivers and Riba Calloway
Mayfield High SBHC is sponsored by Ben Archer Health Center.

Thank you to all the SBHCs who contributed photographs for the 2020 SBHC Calendar.
A special note of gratitude to this year's sponsor: Presbyterian Health Plan Inc.
2021 NMASBHC Calendar - Open Now!
It is time to start preparing for the 2021 SBHC calendar.
We look forward to seeing your submissions! If your team is working in separate locations, you may consider submitting a collage or other creative options!
HSD/Medicaid Updates
Medicaid Managed Care Policy Manual Updates
On October 1, 2020, HSD/Medicaid published a newly revised Medicaid Managed Care Policy Manual. Included in the revisions are updates to the section relevant to SBHCs.

Operators/sponsors of SBHCs are encouraged to review Section 14 on School-Based Health Center, and particularly 14.4 on Adolescent Confidentiality to learn about new requirements of for MCO suppression of communications.

Medicaid Pandemic-Related Regulatory Changes & Updates
The federal public health emergency period has been extended to January 20, 2021, which extends provisions in a number of HSD/MAD regulatory directives. For SBHCs, it also means that there will be a continued suspension of recertification processes.

Please reach out to NMASBHC if you need assistance in navigating the new landscape, and visit the NM Medicaid portal (https://nmmedicaid.portal.conduent.com/static/covid.htm) for special and regularly updated policy direction related to the pandemic.

NM Medicaid Presumptive Eligibility Determiner Trainings: November & December
NM Medicaid Presumptive Eligibility Determiner Trainings will be held on November 18-19 and December 16-17.

Please contact HSD at the email address below to get information about the trainings offered and to register for them if you need them. Seating is limited and space is available on a first come, first served basis. After successful registration, you will receive a confirmation e-mail that will include instructions on how to join the training on its scheduled date and time. If you have any questions regarding entities qualified to participate as PEDs, the PED certification process or for more information on training sessions being scheduled for future months, please e-mail: HSD.PEDeterminers@state.nm.us or call 505-476-7151.
Open Enrollment Kicks Off November 1st
Individuals have 45 days, starting November 1st through December 15th to secure health insurance for January 1st coverage. Visit www.bewellnm.com for more support in reviewing plans available, getting support via chat or virtual appointments and more. If families need free or low-cost coverage, they also can use the NM Health Coverage Connector tool at: https://www.osi.state.nm.us/index.php/nmhealthcoverageconnector/.

Clinic Resources, Training Opportunities, and Community Announcements
LARC Virtual Trainings

The LARC Mentoring Program continues to offer virtual training options.

Contraceptive counseling for perimenopausal persons(1 CME avail)
Tuesday, November 10, 2020 at 12 PM - 1 PM (Click Here to Register!)
Join us for our telehealth session of the LMP Reproductive Health Webinar Series at 12pm (MST)! This webinar will discuss contraceptive counseling for perimenopausal women. 1.0 CME offered at no cost!

Contraception trouble shooting for Urgent and ED providers (1 CME Credit)
Tuesday, November 17th at 12 PM-1 PM (MST) (Click Here to Register!)
This webinar will discuss contraception trouble shooting for Urgent and ED Providers. 1.0 CME offered at no cost!

PMS/PMDD Webinar (1 CME Credit)
Tuesday, November 24th at 12 PM-1 PM (MST) (Click Here to Register!)
This webinar will discuss PMS and PMDD. 1.0 CME offered at no cost!
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many children are no longer covered by private insurance. Parents may not be aware that these children are eligible for free vaccines through the Vaccines For Children (VFC) program. VFC is a federally funded program that provides vaccines at no cost to certain children 18 and younger who might not otherwise be vaccinated because of the inability to pay. 
This updated 1-page handout for parents of children ages 0–18 years is easy to share. 

NM has seen its first cases of Influenza.  Here is the Latest Flu Surveillance report. 
The NMDOH website, TogetherNM.org, has a page devoted to Flu information.
There are 23 New and Updated Ask the Experts Questions & Answers from IAC experts. This is based on recently updated ACIP recommendations.

To refer patients to a clinic in local communities statewide, or to make sure your clinic is listed, go to www.immunizenm.org. The Department of Health provides immunizations at no cost year-round at public health clinics in every county for uninsured children. To find your local Public health office visit www.nmhealth.org, however, please check with your local public health office for details about this due to COVID-19.
NMIC Annual Meeting & Celebration
NMIC is partnering with Comagine Health to host the NMIC Annual Update and Celebration by a Zoom meeting with 1.75 hour blocks on 3 consecutive days:

Tuesday, December 1 - 12 PM - 1:45 PM
Wednesday, December 2 - 12 PM - 1:45 PM
Thursday, December 3 - 12 PM - 1:45 PM
Dec 1st: Dr. Andrew Kroger, Medical Educator with the CDC will address vaccination decline during the pandemic and how to safely recall and catch children up. There will be an Influenza update, followed by a panel of local experts to discuss the status of COVID-19 vaccine planning in NM and Influenza status, including Dan Burke, Aja Sanzone, and Joelle Jacobs. 

Dec 2nd: Katie Cruz, NMSIIS Program Manager will present on NMSIIS as a tool for pandemic control, followed by some NMIC planning discussion. 

Dec 3rd:  David Forman, UNM CASAA, will present on motivational interviewing as a tool for influencing vaccine behavior. 

United Way Grant Possibility

United Way of Central New Mexico is is able to offer an opportunity for programs in Bernalillo, Sandoval, Torrance and Valencia Counties.

There are three new grant categories:
Impact Grants - focus on education, youth development and family stability.
Basic Needs Grants support emergent needs, such as food and emergency shelter.
Capacity Building Grants improve a non-profit's ability to fulfill its mission.
Click here for information about the the grant process and categories.

Go to the United Way of Central New Mexico Website for more information.
Utility and Rental/Mortgage Assistance
Pandemic-related utility and housing insecurity are a real challenge in New Mexico. A number of resources are now available for families and have application due dates in November. Please make those in need aware of the following opportunities:

*The NM Mortgage Finance Authority has funds to pay past-due housing related expenses. Learn more at: http://housingnm.org/static/covid-assistance.
Please note that there is a November 13th deadline.

*City of Albuquerque Rental and Utility Assistance Program received an influx of funds from the CARES Act; the city estimates these funds will be expended in November.

*Bernalillo County has a rental and utility assistance grant program.
YRRS - New Data Released
The 2019 YRRS data for the country and state are now available. Visit CDC YRBS for national trends and the NM YRRS Website for more information about our state's data.

Click here to watch the YRRS Promo Video
November Health Awareness Activities
November is American Diabetes Month

School Nurses and School-Based Health Centers are often a first point of contact for information about diabetes and addressing the progression of pre-diabetes.

The following are some resources:
November is Healthy Skin Month

Due to the pandemic, washing your hands is constantly stressed. Your skin is your largest and most visible organ. It is important to take steps to protect your skin and keep it healthy.

You can do this with some easy steps: wash often, use an antiperspirant, protect your skin and use sunscreen, moisturize your skin, replace your loofah, replace your razor, change your makeup, wash your makeup brushes, prevent blisters, check your skin.

The following are some resources:
November 19, 2020
is the Great American Smokeout, an event sponsored by the American Cancer Society as a day to start a smoke-free life.

It is never too late to quit.

Visit the NM TUPAC program for some information and resources.
New Mexico Alliance for School-Based Health Care
www.nmasbhc.org | (505) 404-8059 | info@nmasbhc.org