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Keeping your head above water!
Image by: David Bruyland

If your cellar, underground carpark, basement flat or any other below ground space is liable to flooding there are answers you can use to limit the risk.

The most effective way to keep water out of your property or business premises if there is no natural drainage, is to use a pump system.

Cougar can help you keep your head above water!

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+ 44 (0) 1442 860000

Don't leaf it to the last minute
Image by : Pepper Mint

“Every time you tear a leaf off a calendar, you present a new place for new ideas and progress”. Charles Kettering.

You know that sometimes, it is easy to leave things to the last minute, especially if you have a long list of things to do.

You can always sit pretty with Cougar!

Whether it is an installation, or you need an urgent call out or repair, spares or you have pump problems, you know for certain you will receive the highest level of service.

Get in touch today and see how you can spread the load!

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Puurfect Peerless
Image by : Daga Roszkowska

Cougar are the only contact in the UK for Peerless Pumps, so if you need a pump or a spare part, you know who to call!

·        Fire Protection
·        Municipal
·        Power
·        Industrial
·        Process
·        Commercial
·        Agriculture

Practically Purrfect Peerless Pumps.

Or call +44 (0) 1442 860000

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YOU can conquer a problem!
Image by : Mabel Amber

Sometimes you have a problem which it seems you cannot conquer.

If you have challenging pump problems, we can offer you a solution (and often more than one!) to solve your conundrum.

“The will to conquer, is the first condition of victory” – Marshal Ferdinand Foch

We have the will, and also the way!

Interested? Send us an mail, if you are.

All hands on deck...
If you are responsible for either shipboard or dockside pumping equipment, then this message is for you!


·        Bunkering oils
·        On-board fresh water
·        Reverse osmosis
·        Waste water disposal
·        Bilge pumps

Wherever you and your ships are in the world, we can supply your parts or pumps, anywhere and, on time!

Even if you don’t have a ship, we would still love to hear from you.

Grill Phil!
“Phil, do you know anything about chemical handling pumps?”

Yes, is the simple answer.
I don't know it all, but have supplied chemical pumps for:

·        The Electronics industry
·        Acid manufacture
·        Metal processing
·        The Oil industry
·        The Food industry
·        Shipping, and many others

And when I don’t know, I have the support of Crest who are experts in chemical handling pumps.

Also, we are the UK agent for Peerless who supply chemical pumps for process under the LaBour brand.

So if you have an application with liquids other than clean water, I am always interested to hear from you!
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