November 2020 | Issue 02
Franklin Elementary School - Gr. K-4
Parkview Learning Center - Gr. PreK-2
Mrs. Reid's class learned how to find a pumpkin with the most seeds.  They cut open two pumpkins. A small pumpkin and a big pumpkin. The class predicted which pumpkin would have the most seeds in it first. Most students chose the big pumpkin. Students sorted seeds and skip counted to see how many seeds each pumpkin contained. The big pumpkin had 572 seeds the little pumpkin had 576 seeds. We observed that the little pumpkin was darker orange and had more lines. A pumpkin that is darker orange indicates that it has been on the vine longer. The longer a pumpkin is on the vine, the more lines it gets. Each line represents a row of seeds. This is why the little pumpkin had more seeds. The 2nd graders were amazed!
Gilbert Campus - Gr. PreK & 5-8

Under the direction of Sheila Wilcox, 6th-8th grade Rock Ridge orchestra students got to perform some creepy, and not so creepy music, to a socially distanced 5th grade audience in Gilbert on Friday, October 30th. The concert was also streamed live on YouTube at access12tv. It is still available for playback if you’d like to view it. Thanks for everyone’s hard work and dedication for making this event a success!

Eighth grade math students at Gilbert Junior High were conducting experiments to collect and analyze data. In the "Wasting Water" experiment, students simulated a leaky faucet using a cup with a hole in it and measured the water every 5 seconds. During the "Bouncy Ball" experiment, students were measuring how far a ball bounced back up from various heights. Students then analyzed the data in tables, graphs, and equation formats. 
Roosevelt Elementary School - Gr. 3-6
Fifth grade students from Roosevelt Elementary got an early start to shoveling this year with a nice snowfall in mid October! For years, the 5th graders have used the winter months to help out surrounding neighbors with shoveling. Ten years ago, with the help of community funds, thirty new shovels were purchased to make this an easier task for the kids. Each class rotates to give everyone the opportunity to help our community and when we have large snowfalls, multiple classes go out together. The students shovel the residents' sidewalks across from the school on 2nd Street South (if not done already by the homeowners) as well as around the Virginia Public Library and the church. The students are then thanked at the end of the season with a community service party for their shoveling and trash cleanup.
This year, Volunteers in Education (VinE) is proud to once again be providing support for Rock Ridge’s students and teachers through our volunteer tutoring program. We work to bring together caring, supportive individuals from the community and students who could use a little extra help to be successful academically.
Traditionally, tutors have been face-to-face in classrooms, working with students in small groups or individually. This year, classrooms look a bit different, but the need for help remains. VinE is committed to supporting students as they grow and learn, whether they are in person or online.
Tutors play an important role in classrooms. There are so many students who benefit from additional time to work on skills, develop strategies, or just receive one-on-one attention. Tutors are able to focus on students’ unique learning styles and needs, which builds their confidence and makes learning a more positive and enjoyable experience. 

VinE hopes to serve as many students as possible this year. If you or someone you know might be interested in tutoring, please contact us by email, or by phone (218)404-5742. So many people can be great tutors- parents, grandparents, any member of the community who wants to see students achieve more. You could help in as little as an hour each week. We are looking for volunteers to work with both in-person and distance students. Tutoring is a great opportunity to give back to your community and make a difference in a student’s life. 
Engaging the community
in the education of
its students 
Eveleth-Gilbert Senior High - Gr. 9-12
Virginia High School - Gr. 7-12
If you or your child attended Roosevelt Elementary, you remember the excitement of the annual Fall Festival, which is hosted by the VHS Leo's Club. It's an afternoon students look forward to each and every year, an afternoon filled with costumes, candy and games with all of your classmates.
Now, fast forward to 2020 and imagine the disappointment of not having that event. Our current Leo’s President Kaari Harsila remembers the excitement of the festival, “My favorite part was always the costumes and trying to come up with a great one every year.” She was determined not to let down the Roosevelt students. With many possibilities considered, it was ultimately decided to host the event outside. Students wore their costumes and were able to play games such as bean bag toss, ring toss, cakewalk and the student favorite fishing game. While not the traditional festival, Roosevelt students still got to dress up and play games and the Leo’s members got to do what they enjoy - giving back to the younger students. For the Leo’s, the focus now turns to coming up with creative classroom events for Roosevelt students since the Leo members can’t go into the classrooms themselves; however, Kaari is confident they'll find a way. “Working with the younger kids is a huge part of Leo’s. It’s going to be difficult not being able to go into the classrooms, but we’ll create kits and make it work.”