Ascencia's Superpower
Dear Friends,
It is well-documented that empathy, compassion for others, courage, and self-sacrifice are key variables that contribute to heroic behavior. It is the ultimate display of respect for another when we volunteer to perform actions without any expectation of reward or external gain, purely for the service of others who are in need. Heroes are able to feel what those in need of help are feeling and they feel compelled to take action.
Sadly, this year it is likely that higher numbers of those who are experiencing or recovering from homelessness, housing insecurity, and food insecurity will spend this Thanksgiving in loneliness given the threat of the novel Coronavirus and the need for social distancing. Fortunately at Ascencia, we know the look of gratitude in a down and out person’s tearful eyes the moment they realize that someone has made sure they are remembered on a Holiday whether it is a delicious meal to enjoy, a gift to unwrap, or something else. There may not be hugs or handshakes this year, but the superhero in all of us can still be confident and safe in exercising the core values that make us tick. If so you can still help us provide that caring touch to clients in need of respect and compassion by Adopting a Family this holiday season. 
Dr. Laura Duncan
Secret Santa Program
While most of us look forward to this time of year, for our Ascencia Families it can be a time of more stress than merriment, more disappointment than joy - this year, harder than any other.

With over 75 families struggling to provide and 65 single adults (mostly senior citizens) spending the day alone, be their Secret Santa and make the holidays brighter for a family in need.
Valiant Safety Measures
Director of Operation, Rick White
Ascencia’s Director of Operations Rick White, was awarded a COVID-19 Safety Compliance Certificate by the LA County of Department of Public Health. A COVID-19 Safety Compliance Certificate ensures that Ascencia is following all of the required COVID-19 health and safety protocols to provide as much safety as possible for all who enter our Access Center and emergency shelter. Ascencia is committed to the safety of all staff, clients, and supporters.
Once an Ascencia Hero, Always an Ascencia Hero
Giving is not just about making a donation, it’s about making a difference.”
– Kathy Calvin

We are grateful for the amazing contributions our donors have made this past year. With every gracious donation, another family is lifted out of homelessness.

Ascencia’s Donor Appreciation Week concluded with the commemoration of World Homeless Day on October 10th.

Thank you for being Ascencia's hero.
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Bridging Tech's Audacious Spirit
Grateful to non-profit Bridging Tech for donating 15 laptops to support our youth clients attending school virtually. Bridging Tech is a 501c(3) non-profit founded by a group of Stanford students aiming to bridge the digital divide for children experiencing homelessness. During these complicated times, it is partnerships like these that allow us to optimize the care we give to each client. we’re grateful for this partnership with Bridging Tech to support the education of our young clients.
Reaching Greater Heights
Ascencia is excited to announce our new Occupational Therapy program. In partnership with West Coast University’s Occupational Therapy Program, Ascencia now provides occupational engagement and group-based interventions to foster health promotion, housing placement, and stability. Our partners offer a variety of activities with clients such as mental health exercises, stress-relief techniques, and motor functioning activities. West Coast University’s Occupational Therapy program is based on the belief that all humans are occupational beings in nature and in the healing power of occupation whereby humans can influence their own health status. We are excited to start this new program with West Coast University’s Occupational Therapy Program to support Ascencia’s mission to lift people out of homelessness, one person, one family at a time. 
Homeless Memorial Day 2020
Calling All Superheroes
Supporting the Fight to Bring CA Home
No matter where you come from or what you look like, in California, we believe that
everyone should have a safe place to call home. That was true before COVID-19, and
it’s even more true now as thousands of our most vulnerable neighbors have been
left without access to the resources they need to stay safe from the virus.

Ascencia is proud to partner with Bring CA Home — a new initiative to ensure
we have the resources to combat homelessness at scale and ensure no family is left
without a place to call home during a time of crisis.

Find out more on their website on how you can help:
Connect with us! | (818) 246-7900