Ralph White Art Newsletter
November 2020
Art has always been the raft onto which we climb to save our sanity. I don’t see a different purpose for it now.” – Dorothea Tanning

Art is for curiosity. What we experience in art depends on our personal journey. Art will touch each soul differently depending on one’s mood or circumstances. Being able to use all of our senses to experience art is an art itself.

I like to think of my paintings as backdrops for sensory stimulation. The colors and textures form what each person chooses to see and feel. The purpose is to create a reaction within each viewer. Are there hidden meanings or messages that only you can see? Like finding shapes in the clouds. Are there patterns in the art? Are you a person who likes texture or flatness? Paintings, sculptures, pop art, cubism, landscapes, surrealism, doodling, photography, digital art, performance art...?

Challenge yourself to look at more art and discover new feelings. Let it penetrate your thoughts and lose yourself in the beauty of it. Begin your journey into the exploration of your favorite kind of art.

With warm regards,

Ralph White


My new digital painting 'Excite Byte' won 5th Place in the Photography and Digital Art category for the 7th Annual "Open/No Theme" Online Art Competition for 2020 with Contemporary Art Gallery Online