Volume 2| October 2020
It Takes a (virtual) Village...
If you have a question, or a doubt, or an opinion to share about a particular topic relevant to the education of students with disabilities, we're interested -- and chances are, so are other Rhode Islanders...

We've created discussion forums on an array of special education topics -- from assistive technology to early childhood to 504 plans and IEP meetings -- and we encourage you to join a conversation or start your own, on whatever subject you'd like to discuss with other Rhode Islanders who share your interests, concerns and questions. Work on the answers together on our moderated discussion forums -- that's why we built them!
Upcoming Events
Please join us on Tuesday, November 24 at 7pm for another free webinar:

IEP meetings can be stressful -- our expert panelists share their tips for lose the stress and find success!
Service Spotlight:
The Association of Rhode Island Administrators for Special Education is the lead association representing the special education administrators in Rhode Island. ARIASE provides its members with conferences, resources, information briefs, and representation of the membership at the state levels. In addition, ARIASE provides leadership in advocating for appropriate provision of services to all children and youth in Rhode Island. ARIASE offers professional development opportunities for special education administrators on important issues in special education, as well as mentoring for new administrators.

Trending: Accommodation Translation
Adapting 504 Plans to Distance & Hybrid Learning
Even in “normal” times, pre-COVID, there was a fair amount of confusion surrounding 504 plans. Are they part of an IEP? If not, how are they different? Who is eligible? How do I request one? As covered below, the answers to those questions remain the same, but the pandemic has changed just about everything, including 504 plans. In this month’s featured article we dive a little deeper into 504 plans to explore whether and how certain accommodations might need to be adjusted or rethought for distance and hybrid learning – and even for the new normal of on-site learning...