Jacksonville Beach, District 2
Community Newsletter
November 2020
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It's time to be thankful!

A quick note...
We have made it through the election! I hope that everyone who is reading this is well, and that your family and friends are safe. We often hear that these are unprecedented times, and they are. But in situations like this, community matters more than ever.

Let's remember to be thankful. Thankful for family, friends, and our community. My hope is now that the election is over, we are able to put our political differences with our neighbors aside. We don't have to agree on everything, and if political conversation causes tension, then talk about something else. "Judge not, lest ye be judged" (Matthew 7:1).

The pandemic has revealed that we all rely on each other. Today, we truly understand what community means: the relationships between residents, businesses, and neighborhoods. Be well.

- Georgette

Jax Beach Election Results
Let's congratulate our new At-Large Council Members on their election win:
and the Mayor-Elect (current Councilwoman),

They will be sworn into office on Monday, November 16 at 6pm in Council Chambers. The public is welcome to attend!

City Charter Changes

Referendum 1 - Passed
A super-majority of Council (a minimum of 5 Council Members) is required to remove the City Manager.
Referendum 2 - Passed
A super-majority of Council (a minimum of 5 Council Members) is required to remove the City Attorney. Language has also been added to the Charter regarding the City Attorney.
Referendum 3 - Passed
If City Council ever votes to contract out JBPD or Beaches Energy, the decision must also be approved by the voters.
Referendum 4 - Passed
More clarity has been added to stress that those in elected and appointed positions shall not interfere with City employees’ job duties.

Please let me know if you have any questions, concerns, or comments.
Photo Credit: John Tesh
It's Time to Get to Work
Even though we are getting near the end of the year, there is still much to do.

The Council meets to vote on agenda items twice each month (only once in January and July due to holidays). We also have Council Briefings to discuss items that will be coming before us for a vote, receive updates from City staff, and to discuss items we would like to see on future agendas.

In November, the Council met on the 2nd. Some of the items we voted on that may interest you were:
  • Updated Golf Course fees
  • Prohibiting fires on the beach
  • Prohibiting vending carts on the beach
  • Prohibiting commercial vehicles from loading/unloading on 1st st. in the Central Business District, as well as other areas in the CBD.

At the Council Briefing on November 9, we discussed (video below):
  • Allowing food trucks to operate in HOAs and City Parks
  • The use of e-scooters in the City, and if allowed, how they should be regulated.

The second voting meeting (Nov. 16th) will be to swear in the new Council members, and the following week at the Briefing (Nov. 23rd), Council will review the findings from the City's Listening Sessions that were conducted to help Council agree on our City's Vision of its future.

Once the Jax Beach's Vision is determined, we will next develop a strategic plan to ensure that all departments in the City are working together to achieve the City's identified goals. This will include updating the City's Comprehensive Plan and Land Development Code. I will keep you updated on the progress in all these stages.

Be Heard

There have been many changes in the operation and leadership of the City over the last two years. If you have an issue you think Council should discuss, please contact us, and not just your District Councilperson. The Mayor and the At-Large Council members were voted into office to represent you, too!

After you make contact with your Council members, each one will decide if he or she wants to discuss it with 1) the City Manager (many issues are handled this way. For example, a missed trash pick up); or 2) have it placed on the agenda for a Council Briefing to get feedback from other Council members.

At the Council Briefing, after a topic is discussed, Council provides direction to City staff on how to proceed. If a majority of Council Members do not agree that the topic should move forward, it does not move forward.

Due to FL's strict Sunshine Laws, Council members cannot discuss any items that may come before us to vote on or that are currently in front of us for a vote outside a publicly posted meeting, and this includes any item that you want Council to address that requires a vote. We cannot meet individually, email, make phone calls, or even text each other. This is why it is important for you to contact more than just your District Representative.

Below is our contact information:
November 9, 2020 Briefing
Jax Beach Online
Earlier this year, Jax Beach hired our first communications manager, which has had a positive impact on the City's online presence. While there is still much more to do, below are the City's current official social media accounts:
Jax Beach now has its own newsletter! It's easy to sign up.
The State of Florida has entered Phase 3 in its Covid-19 response. Stay up to date on the impact of Covid-19 in Florida at the
The Jax Beach Pier
Construction on the Pier has started again! The Florida Times-Union has written some interesting stories about the work:

Sea Turtles

Jacksonville Beach is a proud partner in the "Clean. Dark. Flat." campaign to raise awareness of how we can help ensure the safety of the sea turtles.

Thank you to everyone who changed/updated your lighting so that the sea turtles do not crawl in the wrong direction. It is greatly appreciated!
Together, we will make a difference.
Let's continue to work together to ensure that Jacksonville Beach remains one of the greatest places to call home! Reach out if you have any questions or concerns about what is happening in your neighborhood or City.
Cell phone: 904.486.6865