Giving Thanks for All of You
You have heard it before. World Trade Center Delaware values the many organizations and government agencies with which it partners. We can't do all that we do without them. But we are especially able to do what we do because of all of YOU—the people we serve—our members, old and new. Make sure you read about our new and renewing members in this edition of our newsletter and you will be fascinated by how we continue to grow and thrive even in these difficult times thanks to the great minds and hearts of those who make up the WTC-Delaware! We wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!
November 2020 Updates
WTCDE Premier Members
Port to Port International 
From everyone here at Port to Port International, we wish you a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving!
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STAT International
From everyone here at STAT International, we wish you a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving!
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Welcome New Members
TRIC Robotics
If you think a robot that can treat huge strawberry fields overnight – and automatically act as a non-chemical, environmentally friendly pesticide with the use of UV rays - is a great idea, you wouldn’t be alone. This new invention won the 2020 New Castle County Chamber of Commerce Swim with the Sharks contest and the company behind it is already growing from its local roots across the country…and is hoping to capitalize on its WTC Delaware membership to expand even further internationally.

TRIC Robotics started as the brainchild of Founder and CEO Adam Stager, a PhD graduate from the University of Delaware. Stager, a mechanical engineer, began his journey as an entrepreneur by selling robots to SWAT teams. Through research with robotics and the use of UVC technology with the Department of Agriculture, Stager developed a robot that would kill pathogens with UV rays on strawberry plants that are considered one of the “dirty dozen” crops that usually need chemical treatment.

Stager worked with farms in West Virginia and Camden and Georgetown, Delaware, and then he founded TRIC Robotics in 2017; the company, with a staff of five, is headquartered in Newark, DE (USA) but is already expanding to work with farms in California. “Our goal is to improve the future of agriculture through sustainable innovation,” Stager says. “By reducing chemical use on farms and providing critical information to growers we are creating a more stable supply of food and reducing agricultural risks."

Stager said that winning the Swim with the Sharks $10,000 grant as well as a membership with the NCC Chamber and WTC Delaware provided the start-up company not only with needed funds but invaluable networking and partnerships, and he hopes this will kickstart even further expansion. “We are planning to grow first in the United States, but are talking to farmers internationally in Canada and Mexico” he said. “We are hoping the World Trade Center can help us develop these international relationships to prepare us for future growth.”
D150 Fueling
Founded by several University of Delaware students who were looking to help trucking companies save time and money by delivering discounted diesel to them fueled the start of a new company, D150 Fueling, which won both the U of D Horn Entrepreneurship scholarship and the New Castle County Chamber Emerging Enterprise Award – as well as a membership to WTC-Delaware.

D150 Fueling is an on-site fueling, owner-operated company running out of Newark, DE providing fleet fueling, bulk and dyed fueling at competitive prices to commercial and industrial companies in a variety of fields including farming, construction, trucking, government and more. “You name it we fuel it,” said Amedeo DeLuca, Vice President.

The Horn award recognizes entrepreneurial students through awards and scholarships totaling almost $10,000 in cash and Venture Development Center (VDC) credit, while the EEC award furnished D150 Fueling with a start-up venue for the business.

DeLuca said winning the awards and the membership in WTC-Delaware were a big boost to the company’s exposure, providing networking and connections, especially with the Port of Delaware which DeLuca said the firm is seeking to build a relationship with for potential future business. “A lot of great people believed in us and we are super thankful for all of the helpful introductions we’ve been provided, and we hope with the World Trade Center’s help to receive even more,” DeLuca said.

The business has already grown from two trucks to twenty and now operates in DE, MD, NJ, and PA around the clock 24/7, 365 days a year.
Triad Associates
Triad Associates is a multi-discipline team of professionals, representing public, private, and nonprofit clients in securing federal, state, and regional resources for a wide range of community and economic development projects.
“We are honored to be a new member with the WTC Delaware and look forward to assisting entities with their economic development needs,” said Carolyn Zumpino, President of Triad. Howard Henderson, one of WTC-Delaware’s Board of Directors, also works as a Senior Associate for Triad.
The firm utilizes its in-depth knowledge of available funding resources, expertise in analyzing economic and community needs, and resourcefulness in fostering public/private partnerships to formulate innovative, workable strategies to meet their clients' objectives. Founded in 1978 and headquartered in Vineland, New Jersey with a regional office in Glenside, Pennsylvania, Triad Associates is driven to formulate innovative yet practical solutions that will enable communities to grow and thrive. 
Their ability to secure nearly $1 billion in grants and financing for their public, private, authority and non-profit clients is a reflection of the passion that each member of their multi-disciplined team applies to each assignment. This has resulted in billions leveraged with other public and private commitments.
Whether it is a housing, neighborhood or economic revitalization strategy, accurately identifying project impacts and outcomes, writing the grant application or implementing an approved project, their willingness to go above and beyond coupled with strict attention to detail is what has led to the numerous successes for their clients for over 42 years. 
“Our commitment to successful outcomes which address our clients' social and capital needs is the hallmark of our success and integral to our Mission at Triad Associates,” Zumpino adds.
Thanks to Our Renewing Members
Belfint, Lyons, Shuman, CPAs
Foreign Direct investments and international services is a market that Belfint, Lyons & Shuman, Certified Public Accountants assists, and has assisted for decades...and that business segment continues to grow, which is one of the many reasons why the firm renewed its membership with the World Trade Center Delaware.

BLS is one of state's oldest and largest privately-owned CPA firms and its membership with WTC Delaware is important for a number of reasons according to Stephanie Chapman, Principal of Corporate and International Services who cites "communications, visibility and connections" as key benefits. "If you are an offshore global company that wants to do business in America, you open it in Delaware," Chapman said, referring to the fact that the state is the "corporate capital" of the U.S.

Chapman said that BLS continues to grow its international relations and business "exponentially." As head of the firm's International Tax Practice, she specializes in providing United States tax compliance and advisory services for US inbound and outbound investors and expatriates, working with foreign business owners and their advisors to establish their tax residency, develop banking and legal relationships, and niche business development and growth. Through the firm's membership in PrimeGlobal, an independent association of accounting firms, she is able to offer global-scale solutions to the firm’s multinational clients.
MacElree Harvey, Ltd.
With roots that reach back to 1880, MacElree Harvey is one of the state’s oldest and largest legal firms with more than thirty attorneys and their staffs dedicated to providing clients with superior representation. The firm serves individuals and businesses in the Pennsylvania and Delaware area with expertise in nearly all areas of the law and operates from five locations.

World Trade Center Delaware is proud that one of the attorneys of MacElree Harvey, Ltd., Andrew R. Silverman, sits on its Board of Directors. Andy is licensed to practice in both Delaware and Pennsylvania and focuses his practice on business, corporate, and transactional law. The firm joined World Trade Center Delaware in 2015 after recognizing that his clients were increasingly confronting international legal issues, such as FCPA compliance and multi-border trade agreements.

Since joining, Andy has advised manufacturers and service providers regarding all matters affecting international trade, including business acquisition, sales, distribution and supply agreements, licensing, and joint venture agreements.

MacElree Harvey attorneys have long had a reputation for Initiative® – in listening, in counsel, in court, and in protecting the interests of every client. “As we move forward through the 21st century, we look forward to continuing our dedication as Pennsylvania and Delaware’s trusted law firm,” the firm’s website states.
At this special time of year, Thanksgiving, we appreciate the overwhelming trust that all of you have in us and we want to express our gratitude for your confidence in us to work with you on projects great and small. And we want to thank our many partners who help us provide quality programs, joint ventures, knowledgeable and crucial information, networking and experience. From helping us present a large multi-tiered conference with participants from across the US and around the world to the recent outstanding USGLC Mid-Atlantic Regional Summit on November 16 with Senator Chris Coons, our partners make it possible for us to provide resources we could not offer alone. These conferences and summits just get bigger and better each year, so make sure you take advantage of them!

I am happy to announce a new partner: Discover Bank is this year's International Delaware Presenting Sponsor. The theme of this year's magazine is FinTech—the marriage of financial services and IT. Discover Bank is collaborating with the University of Delaware's Delaware Technology Park to construct a new multimillion building on the STAR campus to house growing FinTech companies and provide a training space for the FinTech professionals of the future. We couldn't be happier to welcome this new partnership and hope that you will also become a partner in this year's magazine supplement to Delaware Business Times. Thanks to all of you who have already taken advantage of this opportunity for exposure as well!

So, to members and partners old and new, and to the international business community close by and far away, we say thank you and we wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!
Last Call for 2020 International Delaware Magazine!

Are you looking for a great opportunity to get exposure for your company in a business magazine that reaches well over 30,000 decision makers locally, regionally, nationally and internationally?

If so, don’t hesitate as the deadline to reserve space in the upcoming 2020 International Delaware Magazine supplement is Wednesday, November 18! (Ads are due by Friday, Nov. 20).

This is the World Trade Center’s premier annual publication and is distributed to thousands of Delaware area businesses as well as to the U.S. Dept. of Commerce and 300+ World Trade Centers globally – so you won’t want to miss this opportunity to be included! The magazine will be published and distributed as a supplement in the Dec. 8 Delaware Business Times and will feature articles on FinTech and International Commerce. For more information email: or call 302-504-1276. You can view last year's edition:

We are looking forward to having you, our members, featured!
World Trade Center Delaware Gala



Secretary of State 

World Trade Center Delaware Sponsors 4th Annual USGLC Mid-Atlantic Regional Summit with Sen. Chris Coons, Cindy McCain

Wilmington, Delaware, Nov. 16, 2020 - World Trade Center Delaware partnered once again with U.S. Senator Chris Coons (D-DE) and several other renowned keynote speakers to focus on COVID-19 and how Delaware can join not only the nation but the world to address the global pandemic in a more unified way in the fourth annual USCLG (U.S. Global Leadership Coalition) Mid-Atlantic Regional Summit.

The summit was attended virtually by the biggest and widest audience ever since its inception. Senator Coons was joined by U.S. Representative Lisa Blunt-Rochester (D-DE) and Mrs. Cindy McCain (wife of former Senator John McCain and head of the McCain Institute) among many other speakers. WTC-Delaware President Carla Stone also spoke through a video presentation.

“We are honored to have partnered with the USGLC every single year that Senator Coons has brought this important summit to Delaware,” Stone said. “We are also proud we are represented on the USGLC Delaware State Advisory Board. One of the benefits of WTC Delaware is forming coalitions with international thought leaders such as Cindy McCain, who can bring timely, non-partisan information, to Delaware.”
Announcing World Trade Center Delaware Notary Services By Appointment  

World Trade Center Delaware now offers Notary services by appointment. Notaries “serve as a public and impartial witness to the signing of important documents.” (State of Delaware) Please note that we will observe all COVID precautions.

Just call 302-656-7905 or email to schedule your appointment.
Time for the memories
By Joan Lyons, Executive Director, Seamen’s Center of Wilmington

November 13, 2020 will be my 20th anniversary as the Executive Director of Seamen’s Center of Wilmington. What a ride it has been!

I arrived tentative at best but soon recognized the true gratitude of the seafarers I began to meet. Those on ships that returned regularly became my friends . . . Capt. Singh from the Dole Colombia, Chief Engineer Marcus from the Great White Fleet, Ricardo and Paulino, Hondurans that worked for Chiquita, to name but a few. Literally thousands have walked through these doors in the last 20 years. 

And now, I am looking forward to my retirement. Visits with grandchildren and new adventures with family and friends. December 31, 2020 will be my last day of work at SCW. But before I move on, I wanted to share some of my thoughts.

As I interviewed for this job, our dear friend Captain Rowland told me how much I would enjoy working with this mostly international group of men (yes, I have met lady seafarers but they are the minority). He assured me that they would respect me and likely become my friends. He was right. Never have I been so moved by the kindnesses I have received or witnessed by seafarers. Nationality did not play a part in that kindness, nor did color of skin or religion. Whether the Captain or the Cook, all looked at this little yellow house as their haven. They appreciated our efforts and our smiles. 

There were days of joy as seafarers shared photos of babies born during their absence or the fellow that got engaged via telephone while in our building. There were days that brought sadness as I greeted a ship whose Cook had died on their journey, or learned of a seafarer’s home burning to the ground. There were days of worry when storms were approaching and days of shock when a ship would arrive following that storm as we witnessed the damage to the vessel. And of course, there were days with everything in between. SCW has taught me that the simplest gesture or effort is often the most important.

Seafarers work long hours to support their families half a world away. Many live conflicted lives as they go to sea and miss their children growing up. For the most part one can see that they have adapted to their ship “family” for the long nine months of their contract. But rarely do they complain of their situation. It showed me what patience and strength of character mean.

Dedication is a word that has been exemplified by the SCW volunteers and Board of Directors. I have learned that there is no limit to the generous friendship the volunteers so freely offer. They help with fundraisers, landscaping, computer work, and sorting used clothes. If it needs to be done this group will jump in to do so. Many of our volunteers and Board members have been active for 20+ years with our mission.

I have been routinely moved by my peers in the industry. Their care and friendship to me personally are gifts that will always be treasured. Their support of this mission is incredible in every way – whether it is donations of money or gifts for a raffle, the maritime corporations have been there at every turn for SCW. They see and appreciate the sacrifices seafarers make personally to bring the cargo to our docks.

SCW has been blessed to have the involvement of churches. Large and small, these congregations have made a difference for the arriving mariners by donating funds, clothing and items for Christmas at Sea. They pray for their safety and remember them by singing hymns on Sea Sunday. I have made many good friends through my participation with these houses of worship.

So many wonderful memories – guitar playing seafarers, seafarers that played pool or shot baskets outside.  One of my fondest memories will always be of taking seafarers to Christmas Eve Mass. What an experience to sit next to 8 Filipinos, and say the same prayers and sing the same songs that we all grew up learning though we lived thousands of miles apart and learned them in different languages. That was real joy at its best.

Our founders handed over a non-profit to me that had a strong foundation of doing good. Hick Rowland had a vision of what would build success and he entrusted that vision to me. He felt strong community participation and a volunteer corps would be the recipe for success. Again, he was right. Our Center has grown and prospered in large part because of those two elements. I am proud that I could grow our financial picture to keep up with the growth of the program. Focusing on our mission always had to come first. Following that mission made the rest fall into place. 

Nearly every day in the last 20 years I have left work knowing that I made someone’s life a bit better. Though I know it is time to leave, I also know how grateful I am that all of you have made my life and that of a seafarer that much better.

Fair winds and following seas!
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