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Fr. Mark's Message...
“Food for Thought...”

The Beatitudes (Mt 5:1-12) spell out in simple terms the guidelines that we should use to live our lives. To see with the eyes of Jesus… To show deep gratitude to God and to everyone… To live and to love with the heart of Jesus, to go beyond ourselves and think of others, to reach out to others, beginning with those we rub elbows with, and in a special way our sisters and brothers most in need… so to give our contribution “to make of humanity one family” (St. Guido M. Conforti).

To make God’s will your own and not the other way around…
Speaking of the vows, St. Guido Conforti begins with the vow of poverty: it is a vow to be loved, because it is the first renunciation that Christ demands from those who follow him closely. The vow of poverty allows Christ to reign alone over their hearts, accompanied by the grace of inner freedom. The missionary, for the love of Christ, is truly free from all attachments to the earth. He, or she, is totally for God and for the non-Christians brothers and sisters. Humility and simplicity of life, appreciation for the gifts of our brothers and sisters, respect for sacrifice and daily work make the fraternal spirit grow. Have a good vision!
St. Guido Conforti Feast Day, Nov. 5
Fatima Shrine, Holliston, MA
101 Summer Street
Holliston, MA 01746
(508) 429-2144 
It is with great regret that the annual Festival of Lights at Our Lady of Fatima Shrine in Holliston will be cancelled this year due to the pandemic. This includes our annual Christmas Concert. Our Mass and
Confession schedule will remain as usual. The Masses for Christmas will be at 8:00pm on December 24th and 11:00am on December 25th. People interested in attending these two Masses will have to call the office to register attendance. Space is limited due to the social distancing. Call 508.429.2144
Our thanks to Brendan Climer (in the grey t-shirt on the right) who came and completed his Eagle Scout Project here at Our Lady of Fatima Shrine. He created the path to the Martyrs Grove and the pavers around the altar. Brendan is a member of Troop 14 at St. Mary’s Parish in Holliston, MA. His project enhanced the altar area of this new prayer space.   Thank You, Scouts!
~Fr. Rocco Puopolo SX
Our Confrere Pietro Rossini SX is collaborating with the Sant’Egidio Community of Boston in collecting and distributing clothing for the homeless. If you can help with this, contact Pietro.
Metrowest book discussion
Join our religious and nonreligious neighbors for a fascinating book talk around honoring the gift of our diversity. Register by Email or on the website.
Xavier Knoll, Franklin WI
Xaverian Missionaries - Midwest Mission Center
4500 Xavier Drive - Franklin, WI 53132
(414) 421-0831 
Br. Diego Acosta SX, has joined with us for a year to learn English.
He is on his way to study and work in Asia. We see him here spending time with his first teacher. Sometimes, you could only wonder what each understood from the other but be sure that they had a terrific time! To be kind, welcoming, and nurturing, you need an open and kind heart.

On the feast day of Saint Guido Maria Conforti we rejoiced with Brother Diego as he renewed his religious vows. We had a private celebration due to the pandemic, nevertheless, it was a celebration where we prayed to become "beautiful feet who bring good news" as we imitate our founder who enjoyed of a deep union with Christ. "I looked at Him, and He looked at me, and it seemed he was telling me many things." ~St. Guido M Conforti. We continue to pray that the good Lord may grant us vocations who spread the Good News of Salvation.

We extend our deep gratitude to all who supported us through our Online Auction and Fall Raffle!
~ Fr. Alex Rodriguez SX
Xaverian Missionaries Blog
Communion of Saints: The Christian Mystical Tradition in Dialogue with Sufism
The Communion of Saints is deeply embedded in the mystical tradition of Catholic Christian belief and practice. Dating back to the beginning of Christianity 2000 years ago, it speaks to the very heart of the spiritual life of the Church. The striving for sanctity, or holiness in response to the Divine is common to many religious faith communities and so too is referring to a person perceived as “holy” as a “saint."  Learn more.
Xaverian Missionaries in the World
Get on your way! Tangier - Morocco
The Xaverian Missionaries are starting a new mission in Morocco.
It has been 3 years since the last General Chapter (XVII) reflecting on the repositioning to which the previous chapter (XVI) invited us, and pronounced on some new openings, among them, that of Morocco. Learn more. (Make sure to click on the "translate" button in your browser.)
Xaverian Missionaries Podcast
Listen to the podcast from Pietro Rossini SX,
"The American Sin - an Exclusive Interview about Racism in America."

In the US, "the American Dream" represents the hope for everybody who came to this country to find a better life. However, "the American Sin" is a tremendous hurdle for who tries to reach this goal.

Kitty Baker, an American educator, speaks about how racism affects people's lives in the US. She is from a biracial background, and she traveled across the country teaching in many different educational environments. In this exclusive interview, Kitty asks us to take action in changing this unfair system.
Gregory's selection as first African American cardinal shows 'Black leadership matters'
"This is a way of saying that Black Catholics are seen; that we matter in the church," said [Brian] Massingale in an email, who over a decade ago chronicled the church's ongoing failures toward Black Catholics in his book Racial Justice and the Catholic Church. "His elevation is a sign of hope, another step that the church is slowly becoming truly 'Catholic' and universal," he continued. "It is a sign of hope that his pastoral sensitivity and prophetic voice will be present in the conclave that chooses the next pope." Learn more.
Post Election Prayer
O God of Healing,
We are called to wholeness,
We are called to community,
We are called to restore and renew.

To the darkness of division,
We choose to respond with light,
To the despair of violence,
We choose to respond with peace,
Trusting in Your light and Your peace
To open a way forward.

O God of Healing,
Help us listen and learn,
Present to the sorrows we all bear.
Help us reflect on your teaching
As we seek new beginnings.
Help us to act with the realization We are all your children,
We are sisters and brothers,
Connected with sacred bonds.

God of Healing,
Hear our prayer for wholeness,
For community, for restorative peace,
And for the renewal of our nation.
In Christ’s name, hear our prayer.
~Jane Deren, Ph.D. Education for Justice

Learn how to model Christianity. Celebrate a Golden Jubilee in the Jubilee Year and the Blessing of ordinations amid a pandemic! Travel to Morocco with the Xaverian Missionaries. See the "Seed of Peace" germinate in Burundi and cheer for interfaith dialogue in Japan. Learn how mission activities continue in a pandemic and get the winter 2020 updates from the USA Xaverian Missionaries centers. Read it here.
St. Guido Maria Conforti, founder of the Xaverian Missionaries. Our "missionary to the world" became a saint on World Mission Sunday, October 23, 2011. Learn all about him here
Mother Celestina Bottego, founder of the Xaverian Missionary Sisters of Mary. Read about her here. Read the latest about her in The National Catholic Register.

Thank you for joining in our mission! 
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