Art Festival Newsletter | November 2021
2022 Color of the Year
Green/Gray Blend

My one talent as an artist is, I have a great eye for color. I have always loved the subtle differences and frankly see most of the shades (even white which makes painting a room very challenging). The process of the choosing the Color of the Year has always fascinated me and I have written about it extensively for this Newsletter.
Normally the colors chosen by the different companies have significant variations as their mission is to select one paint chip out of more than 3,500 that somehow captures the mood of the moment—the Color of the Year.

For instance, in 2021 the colors chosen shared a certain reserved optimism, but the overlap was rare. (Read Color Trends 2021 Here)

For 2022, nearly all the big names chose green, from Benjamin Moore’s October Mist and Sherwin-Williams’s Evergreen Fog to Gillen's Guacamole and PPG's Olive Sprig. Why the sudden surge in the popularity of verdant hues? 

The prevailing theory is that the color soothsayers all had the same experiences during the worldwide COVID lockdowns — working from home, eating outside, renewed appreciation of nature and the need to bring serenity into the home.

All the colors chosen for 2022 combine soft neutrals with muted earth tones - blending hues that draw on natural elements like sea glass and floral stems. Color expert Leatrice Eiseman, the executive director of the Pantone Color Institute describes these hues of green as “Mother Nature’s most ubiquitous neutral color, working in tandem with every other color in the spectrum."
March 13-15, 2022
Sheraton Suites, Old Town Alexandria, VA
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This two and half day professional development event brings together show directors and those connected to the industry for learning, discussion, inspiration and networking opportunities. This conference is tailored to individuals who are involved with
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2019 Art Festival Director Conference
We are proud to announce that Dr. Brea Heidelberg will be our Keynote Dinner Speaker, Sunday, March 13th discussing How to promote Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Using a Blind Jury Process.

5 Tips to Protect Your Social Media Accounts
Over the past 18 months we have all increased our social media content and usage and this has led to a corresponding rise in social media related crimes and unethical habits.

The tips below from Dubawa, although not exhaustive, will help you take control of your social media accounts and prevent you from being a victim of cybercrime.

Enable Two-Factor Authentication on all accounts (2FA)
One effective way to protect any social media account is to enable two-factor authentication in your account. Two-factor authentication allows web services secondary access to the account owner in order to verify a login attempt. In most cases, this involves a phone number and / or an email address. When a new device or an Internet Protocol (I.P) address tries to log in to any social media account, you use your mobile phone to verify your identity by either clicking on a text or emailed link or typing in a number sent by an authenticator app. This prompts an account owner of any log in from anywhere around the world.

Aside from linking your phone number to your two-factor authentication, a very effective way is to use an authenticator app. This is helpful in times of no cellular access. Some authenticator apps include DuoGoogle authenticator and Authy.

To turn your two-factor authentication on, check the “security” section of your “settings” on any social media service you have signed on to.

Choose a strong password
Choosing a strong password may be the most important choice in keeping your information private. Create passwords that are hard to guess, even by your very close friends and family. Do not use popular jargons that you share with other people. Try to mix alphabets, numbers and symbols in your password and try as much as possible to change it often. You should choose a password that you can remember.

Do not write passwords in diaries or places that are accessible to other people. On some social media platforms like Facebook, you are allowed to use your account to sign into other social media apps like Instagram with the same user details. It is advisable not to do that. Use Facebook logins for only Facebook. This will prevent hackers who have access to your Facebook from logging into your other social media accounts such as Facebook with the same details,

Know how many devices are logged into your account
Try as much as possible to always know how many devices are logged in to your social media accounts and where the devices are located. Once you notice any unrecognized device from a location you are not sure of, log that device out. On Facebook and other social media apps, you can find this at the “security and login” section in your settings.

Avoid access to third party applications or websites
Once a while, take inventory of your social media accounts to see if there are any third-party applications that you have granted access to your personal social media account. For instance, there are websites that require you to log in with a social media account. Make sure you are okay with what information they are accessing from your social profile/account as these can be gateways to your account for hackers. If there are any you do not use anymore, delete them. On Facebook, for instance, you can check this at the “apps and websites” section in your settings. Remove any app or website you are not sure off. This applies to other social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram.

Create unique emails for your social media accounts
If possible, create a dedicated email specifically for your social media accounts. With this, if your social media accounts are compromised, the hackers won’t have access to any valuable information from your important personal emails.
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December 10-12, 2021
Chantilly, VA
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April 1-3, 2022
Indian Wells, CA
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June 11-12, 2022
Chicago, IL
Application Deadline 12/15/21
Muscarelle Museum of Art Awards Prizes for its First-Ever Driveway Chalk Art Competition
I thought you would like to know who won the first ever Drvieway Chalk Art Compettion presented by the Muscarelle Museum of Art and open to professional and amateur artists.
Entrants in the summerlong event replicated a piece from the Muscarelle Museum’s permanent collection, using their driveways or other public spaces as canvases and colorful chalk as their tools. Submissions of their completed artwork had to be photographed and uploaded by Labor Day.
Naoka Nakagawa-Russo was stunned to learn she won the first prize for the chalk art replica she created in her Westchester, New York driveway of Musashibo Benkei at Gojo Bridge, from Torii Kiyotada. The detailed piece depicts a kabuki actor in the role of Benkei in the play “Kanjincho.”
Steve Prince, the Muscarelle’s Director of Engagement and Distinguished Artist in Residence, devised the concept to bring families and community members together in a safe space outdoors during a time when COVID-19 dominates the way people live. He notes that chalk art is temporal as is the pandemic.
“Art is very much tied to healing and restoration of people,” he said. “This gave people an opportunity to do something with their families that’s enjoyable. It beautifies the community, at the same time.”

  • Third Prize was awarded to Sylva Murtinova, a student at William & Mary, Murtinova chose the same image as Nakagawa-Russo but varied her color scheme.
Prince plans to offer the competition annually. “I thought the event went excellent for the first year because it was originally designed to be a live event and because of COVID, we had to keep shifting,” he said. “We were able to make it a nationwide event that became much more inclusive.” The 2022 competition will expand with age divisions and multiple categories.
“We’ll have a whole year to plan it,” Prince said. “We’re looking forward to making it even more special.”

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