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Welcome to those of you who are subscribers as well as those who are reading my newsletter for the first time. If you missed the October 2021 News & Views, you can read it here conta.cc/3DRmGtF. Contents of this newsletter: November 19 Eclipse; 2022 Sensitive Degrees Webinar; Horoscope consultations; Schedule of Events; Celestial Events; Psychology of Astro*Carto*Graphy for sale. Scroll down.

In this newsletter I want to talk about the Lunar Eclipse of November 19, which occurs the day before President Biden's birthday, which is the 20th, and therefore is a feature of his solar return (varshaphal). In Part Two of November's News and Views I will address Jupiter's entry into sidereal Aquarius (for those who practice Indian astrology). That should appear sometime next week, but I did want to get this one out. Here is a great video about the lunar eclipse. Scroll down for information about what it means and what to expect from it for your chart.


Thanks to those who already registered for the Sensitive Degrees Webinar. Remember that you will all receive the Go To Meeting link and power point presentation a few days prior to the webinar. You can still register so scroll down to read about my annual 2022 Sensitive Degrees Webinar, which I have been doing for over 10 years. This year will be filled with many astrological occurrences and will be on Sunday December 12 from 12:00 through 5 pm with a half hour for lunch. The early bird rate of $70 is available until midnight December 1, and after that date will go up to $80. The webinar, as usual, will be conducted in both Indian sidereal and Western tropical. If you cannot attend live or cannot attend the entire event, then you will receive the audio and audio-visual recordings plus 50-plus page handout of charts, lists, and tables for next year. You will also be able to attend the 90 minutes follow up in July 2022 to review the prior six months and look ahead, since many things can change during the year. I realize there is a lot of material available free of charge on the web, but the information that I provide is unique, complete, and intense. Please scroll below for information on the webinar.

This is also a beautiful time to look at the sky to see Venus as an evening star, as it moves closer to earth especially if you live in an area with clear skies. More about that in my lecture on The Magnificant Venus Cycle, which I will present for the NCGR Milwaukee Chapter on Monday November 29. If you missed this lecture, which I presented for National NCGR in May 2021, this is a great time to hear it with added material and visual images that were not in that lecture. Look for information on how to sign up below.

Scroll down below for information about horoscope readings. I do get booked quickly so if you would like a reading it is a good idea to reach out via this email address. My next open appointment is Wednesday December 15.

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