Newsletter - November 2021
As countries auction 5G frequencies in the sub-6GHz spectrum, the deployment of 5G networks has been rapidly accelerating. To support customers deploying 5G networks and equipment we have developed a variety of new products to expand our Octane Wireless 5G portfolio.
The SA-600-3800 is the most recent addition to our range of stub antennas. This lightweight antenna provides a single radiator solution that delivers groundplane-independent operation over a number of the 5G NR (New Radio) bands, from 600 to 3800 MHz. The SA-600-3800 offers higher gain at lower frequencies and extends the capabilities of the LTE/5G SA-700-3800 stub. Our stub antennas can easily attach to small, pocket-sized radios, multi-rotocopter drones and UAVs.
Our line of small footprint, high performance panel antennas has also been expanded with the introduction of the LP-600-4200 model. This highly directional radiator packaged in a compact form factor panel enclosure has been designed for low profile, directional applications and is independent of the mounting platform.  It can be used for distributed antenna systems, in-building wireless networks, and is also small enough for covert direction finding.
The latest model in our extensive body wearable product offering is the BW-600-4200-EG, developed for 5G directive applications.  Octane Wireless is the industry leader in covert, body worn antennas and this new 5G radiator complements our range of electromagnetically efficient wearable antennas that feature a soft, flexible waterproof textile covering.
In addition to Octane Wireless’ newest antenna products for 5G, we have also been customizing our RF-over-Fiber links to support 5G applications. The PTX-001-030 RF photonic transmitter and PRX-001-030 RF photonic receiver provide zero loss fiber-optic transmission of RF signals in the sub-6 GHz 5G spectrum, using compact power efficient assemblies.
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