November 2021
Questions for a New Bookseller

In the six months since assuming the stewardship of the Northshire Bookstores, we have personally met and interacted with hundreds of customers, authors, and readers. In our new roles, it has been wonderful becoming involved members of this devout community of readers and writers.

Each and every day we have the pleasure of talking with our community one-on-one and answering your questions about the bookstores and our new role in them. The most common questions we are asked from friends both new and old include the following, along with our most common answers:

How Are the Stores Doing?
The stores are doing well. We are impacted daily by the challenges of our times but thriving nonetheless. This is all thanks to our loyal, dedicated patrons and our amazing staff who go above and beyond every single day.

Do You Like Working in the Bookstores?
We do! It is more complex, challenging and nuanced than we expected but more fulfilling and rewarding also. In short, it’s the hardest job we’ve ever loved.  
Do You Still Have Time to Read?
As always, evenings are spent reading books. More than ever, it remains our solace, education and comfort. Reading during work hours is difficult as we are so busy working with customers, staff, publishers, vendors, and authors. One unexpected pleasure is having access to early drafts of upcoming books in the form of Advanced Reader Copies (ARCs). This is exciting and makes us feel that we are part of an industry that values our opinions as readers and booksellers.

What Are You Reading?
As much as we can! The breadth and width of the available selection of books is staggering. We are both interested in and compelled to read the books that our customers are reading and those new books which our buyers and publishers believe our customers will want to read upon release. The good kind of “homework” every day. The variety of genres we read covers bestsellers and little-known titles and includes Literary Fiction, History, Nonfiction, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Memoirs and Mystery. There are more new titles coming out each Tuesday so there is always a book (or 10) to look forward to and recommend. You can find a partial list of the books we’ve read in 2021 here! You might find old favorites on this list or some new favorites to seek out.

See you at the Northshire Bookstore! 

Clark & Lu French
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Northshire Bookstore records most author and bookstore events and makes them available for free viewing through our “Northshire Presents” YouTube Channel.

We are continually updating these offerings to allow our community to connect with other readers & book lovers. Explore & Enjoy!
Featured Release

A work of unparalleled candor and splendorous beauty, The Lyrics celebrates the creative life and the musical genius of Paul McCartney through 154 of his most meaningful songs.

From his early Liverpool days, through the historic decade of The Beatles, to Wings and his long solo career, The Lyrics pairs the definitive texts of 154 Paul McCartney songs with first-person commentaries on his life and music. Spanning two alphabetically arranged volumes, these commentaries reveal how the songs came to be and the people who inspired them: his devoted parents, Mary and Jim; his songwriting partner, John Lennon; his “Golden Earth Girl,” Linda Eastman; his wife, Nancy McCartney; and even Queen Elizabeth, among many others. Here are the origins of “Let It Be,” “Lovely Rita,” “Yesterday,” and “Mull of Kintyre,” as well as McCartney’s literary influences, including Shakespeare, Lewis Carroll, and Alan Durband, his high-school English teacher.

With images from McCartney’s personal archives—handwritten texts, paintings, and photographs, hundreds previously unseen—The Lyrics, spanning sixty-four years, becomes the definitive literary and visual record of one of the greatest songwriters of all time.

Pre-order Highlight

From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Small Great Things and The Book of Two Ways comes “a powerfully evocative story of resilience and the triumph of the human spirit” (Taylor Jenkins Reid, author of Malibu Rising)

Diana O’Toole is perfectly on track. She will be married by thirty, done having kids by thirty-five, and move out to the New York City suburbs, all while climbing the professional ladder in the cutthroat art auction world. She’s an associate specialist at Sotheby’s now, but her boss has hinted at a promotion if she can close a deal with a high-profile client. She’s not engaged just yet, but she knows her boyfriend, Finn, a surgical resident, is about to propose on their romantic getaway to the Galápagos—days before her thirtieth birthday. Right on time.

But then a virus that felt worlds away has appeared in the city, and on the eve of their departure, Finn breaks the news: It’s all hands on deck at the hospital. He has to stay behind. You should still go, he assures her, since it would be a shame for all of their nonrefundable trip to go to waste. And so, reluctantly, she goes.

Almost immediately, Diana’s dream vacation goes awry. Stranded in the Galápagos Islands, where Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection was formed, Diana finds herself examining her relationships, her choices, and herself—and wondering if when she goes home, she too will have evolved into someone completely different.

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