Volume 33 | November 2021
EMP YouTube, Custom Programming, Barcode Symbology, and More!
Still Waiting on New Service Vans
Last month we talked about the chip shortage impacting our customer shipments, this month we focus on a less obvious place that the chip shortage is impacting our business, service vans. We have two new vans on order and we are still awaiting their arrival. Read the article below to find out more!
We are YouTubers!
Last month, we talked about marketing, its mysteries, and how we have navigated marketing over the years. We did not touch enough on our YouTube Channel. We are constantly adding new content! Sure, we do these videos as a service to our customers, but it has also proven to be one of the better marketing tools in our bag. Click the article below to read more and SUBSCRIBE today!
Rewriting a Restocking Application for Android
Is your warehouse running on obsolete Windows software, but the thought of updating the entire platform is daunting? We are here to help! In this latest customer solution, our software engineers rewrite an entire restocking application running on Windows Mobile 6. Check out the article below to find out more!
Choose Your Barcode Wisely
It has been a while since we have talked about barcode symbologies. I know, it’s really interesting stuff! But important stuff to be sure. Depending on your application and your industry, choosing the right barcode symbology can have a long-lasting impact and which barcode symbology to choose is not always apparent. Click on the article below to find out more!
Custom Programming
Yes, we sell/integrate hardware, but one of our biggest strengths is our programming capabilities! We recently completed 2 huge warehouse system overhauls; both of these large projects were going on while literally 250 other smaller projects cycled through the group. Proud is the keyword, everyone worked hard this year to get some excellent work done. So, our featured product this month is our custom programming capabilities. Click below to find out more about our programming capabilities!

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