November 2021
SGP expands its sustainability certification to suppliers and manufacturers in the printing industry
Focusing on the most relevant sustainability challenges, SGP certification criteria version 4.0 validates certified facilities as leaders in the sustainable supply chain for print and related supplies.

Version 4.0 revised criteria which will be effective Jan. 1, 2022, maintain a focus on the three pillars – societal, economic, and environmental – through the development, implementation and documentation of a robust sustainability management system (SMS) and series of best practices.

Revised every five years, SGP’s certification criteria establishes certified facilities as leaders in the sustainable supply chain for print and related supplies. The SGP Board of Directors approved version 4.0 which further streamlines the criteria, as well as includes provisions pushing the circular economy model. With a circular approach, the certification makes SGP facilities one of the strongest parts of a sustainable supply chain. Criteria focus on validation and documentation of operational metrics help facilities contribute to their customers’ sustainability goals.

“This revision represents the program’s continued commitment to moving the sustainability needle in the print sector. Now, facilities will be required to discuss possible end-of-life strategies with not only their supply base, but their customer base as well. It is our biggest step yet towards a circular economy model that offers clear documentation for leaders in the sustainable supply chain,” said Marci Kinter, SGP vice-chair, Technical Committee and PRINTING United Alliance representative. “Version 4.0 enhances its integration with the SGP Impact Tracker, the program’s sustainability dashboard, to promote standardized metric reporting to help print customers their print production as optimized for sustainability.” Read more
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Why increasing recycled content requirements for packaging may not lead to more sustainable outcomes
by Calvin Lakhan, Ph.D. and Consortium For Waste Circularity board member

In recent years, there has been a groundswell of support for increasing recycled content requirements for consumer packaged goods, in an attempt to promote more environmentally sustainable outcomes. However, does increasing recycled content requirements actually achieve this objective? What are the barriers, challenges and implications of doing so?

There is no clear-cut answer to this question. Much like the adage, not all recycling is created equal, neither are the impacts of increasing recycled content - every situation is site and material-specific. There is often a presumption that increasing recycled content is a universal good, and therefore, policies should be implemented that require producers to increase recycled content in their products and packaging. However, this approach fails to capture the complexity of the issue – often the ability to increase recycled content is constrained by economic, infrastructural and technical factors. Read more
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