The Charlestown Coalition News: 

Issue 63

November 2021


Turn It Around Thanksgiving Celebration

Turn It Around celebrated an early Thanksgiving with all of our members and special guests from the community that have worked with us this past year. Shout-outs to Kara Hayes, Sophia Moon, Dr. Linda Forsythe, Bobby Iacoviello, Armand Coleman, and Eric Anderson of Transformational Prison Project (TPP). And, SUPER SPECIAL shout-out to Pastor Erik Malloy and his wife Sarah, who helped prepare an amazing meal for us! We also held a “Gratitude Circle” where everyone spoke about something they were grateful for and appreciated about someone who were in the room. It was very powerful and humbling to be a part of. 

Thanksgiving Turkey Giveaway

Community Fridge


Turn It Around members Jancarlos Pimentel and Jeremiah Morilus have each been volunteering to assist in upkeep of the New Health Community Fridge, located at Charlestown Health Center on 15 Tufts Street.  Jancarlos and Jeremiah have been going on weekends and holidays to check and record the temperatures of the fridge and freezer, and also to go through all the food to make sure it is appropriate, fresh, and that there are no unexpired items. If you would also like to volunteer to help with the upkeep of the fridge, you can do so here.

Meet the Trauma Team

The Charlestown Coalition’s Trauma Response Team was formed in July 2016 through a grant from the Boston Alliance for Community Health (BACH). The Trauma Response Team initially started as a group of residents who wanted to learn more about trauma, its impact on the community, and how they could best serve residents during traumatic situations. 


Over the past several years, the Trauma Response Team has served as an important part of the Charlestown Coalition by supporting the community and connecting people to treatment concerning issues around loss, community violence and substance use disorders. Our Trauma Response Team consists of dedicated and passionate people who are leaders in their community. 

This month we want to recognize and appreciate Lori D'Alleva who has been a part of our trauma response team since 2018. Lori is the Director of the Charlestown Adult Education Center and she has been working in the Charlestown community for over 12 years. She is committed to ensuring that residents and young people get the second chance they deserve in life. Lori works tirelessly to support young adults in her program- providing a listening, nonjudgemental ear.  Lori is an amazing person and strong advocate for residents in the community, ensuring their voices are heard and their needs are met. She is a great partner and friend to the Charlestown Coalition and because of Lori's ability to work with anyone in the community, we enlisted Lori to be a part of our trauma response team. We want to thank Lori for her ongoing support and dedication.


To learn more about Lori D'Alleva go to our website at:

Community Race & Equity Discussion

Join us on Tuesday, December 21st, at 5:30pm for our monthly Race & Equity Discussion. This series explores important topics about the impact of race, policing in urban settings, and equity. It is open to all members of the Charlestown community and the general public. Please note we will be meeting this month on Zoom.


This forum is being co-sponsored by the Charlestown Coalition, Turn It Around Youth Program, and City-Councilor Lydia Edwards and her team.

Highlighting Our Community Partnerships:

Caregiver Homes

This month we would like to highlight our partnership with Caregiver Homes, which continues to provide support to so many in the Charlestown community and surrounding areas. Caregiver Homes is an AFC Program, also known as Adult Family/Foster Care. This program is designed to help people on MassHealth & CommonHealth age 16 or older who cannot safely live alone due to medical, physical, cognitive, or behavioral health challenges. Caregiver Homes provides financial assistance to live-in caregivers and support to consumers through a professional team (Registered Nurse and Care Coordinator) to keep care at home. Caregivers are the invisible army. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Caregiver Homes. To learn more about their work go to: 

If you've partnered with us, we'd love to hear from you. Please send us an email with details of how we've worked together along with any photos (if you have them), and we will share on our social media platforms. Let's show the community what great collaborations we've had with amazing organizations like yours!

Upcoming Coalition Meetings


Steering Committee Meeting

December 28th

from 12 PM -1:30 PM

Meetings are held virtually until further notice.

Contact Sarah Coughlin for more information.

CC pam-Final 2021.png

Trauma Response Team

December 7th at 5:30 PM

Meetings are held virtually until further notice. Contact

Phenice Zawatsky to learn more.

Untitled design _8_.png

Charlestown Family Support Task Force 

December 7th at 12 PM

Meetings are held virtually until further notice. Contact

Phenice Zawatsky to learn more.

Turn It Around:

Youth of the Month

November’s TURN IT AROUND Youth of the Month is  Carieliz  Santiago Borgos. Cari is one of our newer members, but she’s been one of the MOST helpful!! She attends every single meeting, but also volunteers for absolutely ALL of our community service projects, and anything else TIA does. She’s been a revelation to the program, and we’re so happy she’s part of the TURN IT AROUND program! Congrats Cari!!!

-Mswati Hanks,

Youth Program Coordinator

Read More

Voices of Recovery

Christopher Roche is sharing his journey in recovery this month.

Read Full Interview

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