Volume 4 Issue 8 | November 2021
Ask in Prayer; God Hears
from 100 Days of Hope
Ask in Prayer
Confess your trespasses to one another, and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. 
— James 5:16 NKJV
In Mark 11:24, Jesus says something remarkable: Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.
It sounds too good to be true! We know the words are valid because Jesus Himself spoke them, and He always tells the truth. Yet we so often don’t go to God with our requests.
Instead, we talk to others about our struggles, or we hide them. We keep ourselves busy — too preoccupied to feel our pain. We tell ourselves our needs are insignificant, or we feel too needy. Sometimes, we talk to God about what we want, but it’s more like reciting a list to Santa Claus than communing with the almighty God.
Allow your conversations with God to be a two-way street. Pray for an expectant heart and a childlike faith, and when you present your requests to Him, spend time listening for His voice. Hear what He wants to tell you about your requests, and don’t lose hope — He will answer.
What holds you back from praying the way Jesus teaches?
God Hears Our Prayers
But truly God has listened; He has attended to the voice of my prayer. Blessed be God, because He has not rejected my prayer or removed His steadfast love from me! 
— Psalm 66:19-20 ESV
You’re excitedly recounting the details of your new home to a coworker, until you realize she isn’t listening — she’s engrossed in scrolling through Instagram. You call your mom and try to explain the pressure you feel at work, until you realize she isn’t hearing you — she’s focused on her rambunctious grandson. You begin listing your symptoms to the doctor, until he interrupts, telling you it’s all in your head.
Is anyone listening? Does anyone care? Do I even matter? you wonder. Yes to all of those questions.
When you pray, whether in gratitude, pain, or confusion, your prayers aren’t dissolving into thin air or disregarded for more important prayers at the moment. God hears your prayers. He is ready to listen any time of day or night. He doesn’t get distracted, impatient, or irritated. Even if you’ve prayed the same prayer hundreds of times, He doesn’t roll His eyes and dismiss it. Our heavenly Father never misses a word we think or say in prayer; remember this truth when you’re praying today.
Think about God hearing your prayers; how do you imagine He receives them? What does today’s scripture tell you?
By Michael Wimberly, interviewing DeLaina Cox
What does your ministry do?
The Campus Development Committee is responsible for the strategic development of church-owned real estate. In addition to the church and school buildings, this includes the approximately 25 acres of land that the church currently owns.
What are the major goals for your ministry in 2021?
Coming into 2021, we had two major goals. One was to implement an upgraded and expanded security system within the church. The other was to break ground on a six-classroom expansion of the Columbus Adventist Academy (CAA) school building. I’m happy to report that a state of the art security system has been implemented. In addition, we officially started the CAA expansion project with Lincoln Construction and Moody Nolan in July. The project is on track to break ground in December!
What are the major initiatives your team has planned for 2021?
In order to secure the city permits to expand the CAA building, it was necessary that we first address an outstanding zoning requirement imposed by the City of Columbus when the school was originally built. This requirement was to rezone our property into a zoning category that allows for a school building. This was a lengthy process that our committee initiated with the City in December 2020, and successfully completed in May.
Why did you want to be a part of this ministry?
I was asked by Pastor Washington to serve on a committee to look into a proposal at the time to secure modular units to expand the capacity of CAA. As a parent of a student at CAA, I understood the need for additional space and wanted to help however I could. This committee eventually evolved into the Campus Development Committee.
What would entice a person to want to volunteer for your ministry?
Our church has been blessed with land, a gift of tremendous value and unlimited possibilities. As God leads our congregation in the ways he intends for us to leverage this tremendous gift, this committee will play a key role in bringing those possibilities to fruition. If you are passionate about helping the church achieve the God-directed vision for our property, then this committee is for you!
What kinds of spiritual gifts are you hoping that your volunteers have?
We can use individuals with a variety of gifts, from building construction and real estate development, to dealing with contracts and vendors, researching codes and regulations, and organizing groups and activities.
If time and money were no object, what would be your most audacious goals?
If money were no object, I would want to complete a major renovation of the church building, starting with the sanctuary, bathrooms, and kitchen areas. I’d want to complete the next phases of the CAA expansion to include a high school, a gymnasium, and a kitchen. I’d also like to see the development of outdoor spaces — a picnic pavilion, walking paths, sports areas, and a community garden where our members and neighbors could come and grow food.
Does your ministry have any specific needs? Is there something you need that could be donated?
Yes, money! (LOL) But seriously, obviously projects of this type require a major investment of funds. I personally believe that the benefits will far outweigh the investment when you consider the ministries that the investment will enable and the lives those ministries will impact.
The Difference Between Gratitude
and Thanksgiving
By Father Stavros Akrotirianakis
Have you ever thought that there is a difference between gratitude and thanksgiving? There actually is. Gratitude is a feeling, whereas thanksgiving is an action. If someone does something for me, I can feel grateful. My offering of thanks to that person is an action. One can feel gratitude without thanksgiving. One cannot feel thankful without feeling grateful. Thanksgiving is gratitude in action.

Looking at life in general, the person who lives the grateful life counts his or her blessings privately. The person who is thankful honors the giver of those blessings. For instance, I’m grateful that I woke up feeling relatively healthy this morning. I’m thrilled that I’m not sick or in the hospital, since many people in the world today woke up sick or in the hospital. Now what if I take my healthy day and squander it doing bad things—if I eat or drink to excess while sitting on the couch watching bad movies? What if I drive like a maniac, act like a jerk at work and don’t help out around the house? I may have gratitude for health, but where is my thankfulness for my health? I have taken a healthy day and I have made it into a self-serving day. Again, thanksgiving is gratitude in action.

How do we feel about God’s gifts to us? Grateful or thankful? Do we express our gratitude with outward thanksgiving to God, or are privately grateful with no action? Using the example above, if I wake up healthy today, then I should go out and do something productive and wholesome in thanksgiving for my health. If my health is a gift from God, then I should honor Him with thanksgiving. If the two greatest commandments are to love God and love our neighbor, then a grateful heart becomes a thankful heart by becoming a charitable heart. The gratitude for health on a given day leads to a thankful heart that expresses it thanks in service to others.

Another way to define these terms is that the grateful heart is content, while the thankful heart is helpful. In Psalm 86:12, to “magnify Him (God) with thanksgiving” calls us to action. To “magnify” the name of the Lord means to “make greater” His name by honoring Him. And we honor God not so much with praise, but with action. For to love God means that one must love others. Gratitude is an inward feeling of joy and contentment. Thanksgiving is an outward display of gratitude. It is an outward display of joy shown in loving action.

The goal then is to develop a grateful heart, one that recognizes the gifts of God, and turn it into a thankful heart, which glorifies God through loving expressions towards others. Gratitude means we are pleased with ourselves. Thanksgiving offers things that please God. Thanksgiving is gratitude in action.

Lord, thank You for Your many blessings in my life. Fill my heart with gratitude. Lead my heart to thanksgiving. Inspire my thanksgiving to offer acts of service to others this day.
Geraldine Shepherd
Tireless advocate for Pathfinders and youth
Elder John C. Smith
Pastor, AWC
Departmental Leader
Sharon Lewis
Adventist Educator, Former CAA Principal
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