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Mainely OEI

November 2021 Newsletter

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November is best known for Thanksgiving and Veterans Day among many other observances, and here at OEI, we like to focus on this month being the official month of gratitude and thankfulness.

"There is always, always something to be thankful for." ~Unknown

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Thanksgiving Holiday News

As you all know OEI Thanksgiving is going to look a bit different again this year due to the pandemic. Rather than our traditional gathering, meals will be prepared and packaged for delivery.

Though we will not be able to enjoy this tradition/meal “together”, we still want folks to be able to showcase their talent and, like last year, will be putting a fun spin on things by doing a virtual talent show!

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Rising Stars Therapeutic Farm

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Rising Stars S.O. Equestrian Team Horse Showcase at The Farm

A HUGE thank you to everyone who made our 2021 horse showcase possible for the Rising Stars S.O. Equestrian Team, held on October 2nd. It went off without a hitch and I think the athletes really enjoyed themselves. Besides almost setting the grill on fire (thanks to Doz for sacrificing his hand and sweatshirt). It was a great day! Even the horses and other animals stepped up to the plate!


Having been so involved from the beginning of this season I certainly have learned a lot. This will translate to changes for next year which should ensure it’s bigger and better! 


We will schedule an “end of the year celebration” for athletes. Stay tuned for that date!


Thanks again to everyone for your support!! 

~Chris Vincent

Click for video slideshow

For those of you who missed opening ceremonies on October 2nd, below is the video of the live feed recording from the Committee Chair Special Olympics Maine Equestrian, Kim Kennedy. Enjoy!

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Prize Calendars

We sold raffle prize calendars in October, making this our third annual prize calendar fundraiser to benefit the farm. Daily winners will be chosen in each region that we provide services in throughout November. We would like to recognize all donors who graciously donated to our Rising Stars Calendar Raffle fundraiser this year! Thank you!

The Cupcakery Cafe & Bake Shop

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Autumn skies and apple pies!

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Thanksgiving is upon us! Order all of your favorite holiday goodies from The Cupcakery Cafe & Bake Shop. All orders are due no later than 11/19 by close of business.

Give us a call or send us a message for more details.

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Starfish Greenhouse & Gift Shop

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 If you plan to have a spring garden, you should spend some time this month preparing for the next growing season. Click below for a helpful guide to late fall gardening tasks.

Late Fall Gardening Tasks

Out & About In The Community

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Fall decorations.... check!

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Excited to feed the baby goats at the fair... the goats are excited too!

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Bowling is always a fun group activity and is certain to bring lots of smiles

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Take your pick!

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Shooting some hoops!

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Mini-golf at Roy's on a sunny fall day!

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Who says scarecrows have to be scary? This one is just happy to be soaking up the sun!

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All smiles on this beautiful day!

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We love a good fall BBQ!

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A visit to the fair with friends is even better when the sun is shining!

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Finding the perfect pumpkin is sure to get you in the mood for fall

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This is the one!

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Ricker Hill Orchards 2021

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Fair food and games are a Maine fall tradition

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Pumpkin patches have a special way of welcoming us into fall

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Fair Season 2021

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Fall is a great time of the year to explore the many walking paths and footbridges in our communities!

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Who's up for a game of pickleball?

Welcome New Team Members

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Hodan Adow – Direct Support Professional

Emmanuel Musanganya – Direct Support Professional

Ashley Black – Returning Direct Support Professional

Fadumo Mohamed – Direct Support Professional

Heidi Bowe – Direct Support Professional

Kristina Adams- promoted to Assistant Program Manager  

Dianna Watkins- Assistant Program Manager *September*


Employee Highlight

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This month we would like to highlight Ruby Knight. In May Ruby will celebrate 10 years of employment with OEI!! Ruby is deserving of recognition for many reasons but most notably for her commitment to the agency and the individuals she has supported over the years. Ruby is someone we can always count on. She is reliable and incredibly flexible with her time and schedule. Ruby is always the first to respond and complete trainings and other tasks when requested by her manager and/or the administrative team. We are beyond grateful to have someone so trustworthy and dependable as part of the OEI Family!

For ALL of your hard work and dedication over the past decade, we thank you, Ruby! We appreciate you more than you know! 

Kindness Activity

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We collected non-perishable food donations and distributed them to our local food pantries and schools to assist families in need within our communities last month. For November's kindness activity, we are going to focus on Military Veteran Appreciation!

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"Give thanks not just on Thanksgiving Day, but every day of your life. Appreciate and never take for granted all that you have."

~ Catherine Pulsifer