Monthly News & Updates
November, 2021
Game-Changing Door Openers
When we say “door openers”, we mean kick the door off the hinges GOOD!

We constantly hear comments from clients like “Our salespeople are struggling to get face-to-face meetings, responses to their phone calls, and replies to their marketing emails.”

We have a working solution that produces the kind of ROI clients rave about: Video Brochures, Video Mailers and Video Boxes.

Without going on about them forever, here are 5 results they usually produce:

  1. Recipients are genuinely impressed after receiving them.
  2. After watching them, the desire to know more is too powerful for them to dismiss.
  3. They respond.
  4. Salespeople suddenly get more busy with qualified leads.
  5. Sales opportunities skyrocket. 
This Month's Case Study:
Renuvion Cosmetic Technology
After developing a new, cutting-edge skincare device, the traditional sales and marketing materials Renuvion’s sales team were using simply weren’t drawing a response.

Desperate to change that trend, they partnered with MediaFast to produce a Video Brochure. Then they had their salespeople hand deliver them to the office staff at dermatologist offices. Within no time, their sales team was ecstatic to report that they were getting contacted before they even made it back to their cars! As a result, sales increased and Video Brochures have become a permanent sales tool for them.

To learn more about why they are so effective and how we can help you successfully deploy them, contact us at