November 2021
Tips to Maximize your Results with Respen-ATM
Welcome to our Respen-A newsletter, a way for us to share tips on how to maximize the benefits of the Respen-A, to feature upcoming events, and to introduce you to some of the people whose lives have been changed due to this Homeopathic Treatment! Please read on, and share...

I've noticed, numerous times over the years, that people post on social media about 'methylation problems'. I never paid much attention till this past week when someone using the Respen-A brought the topic up for discussion. In times like these I learn a whole lot more about the science of what occurs at the cellular level, thanks to conversations with Elaine. SHE understands it completely while I can only speak to it based on experience. I do believe that there are no coincidences in life, and this topic has saved mine.
The new Respen-A user had started using inositol for a sugar conversion issue. She had gone off the Respen-A to clear phenols with the PST disc, which hadn't yet arrived. Her first night following inositol dosing was horrendous, what she referred to as methylation issues. She shared a schematic of the inositol chain and was worried because the C-H-3 that is on the chain of the inositol is a methyl group.
After a call to Elaine we learned that a methyl group does not cause methylation. The normal cellular process to address a methyl group problem is for Acetyl-CoA to fix it. Acetyl-CoA (acetyl coenzyme A) is a molecule that participates in many biochemical reactions in protein, carbohydrate and lipid metabolism. Its main function is to deliver the acetyl group to the citric acid cycle (Krebs cycle) to be oxidized for energy production. Simply stated, Acetyl-CoA is needed to methylate. However, you need MAO-A to make the Acetyl-CoA. If you don't have MAO-A (it is inhibited) then you can't methylate, and you will suffer the consequences. The symptoms that our good whistleblower was having were the symptoms from high serotonin: when Acetyl-CoA is absent then serotonin stockpiles, which can become toxic and cause serotonin syndrome.
What fascinates me about this story is that I'd had a similar experience on the very same night. In my case I suffer from RLS (restless leg syndrome). Usually I am able to get it to calm but it always takes 1 - 4 hours away from sleep while I am trying to solve the problem. I am chronically low on MAO-A and often have trouble with either the Respen-A or PST working for me. I'd been using inositol since the late 1990's. Since we'd recommended inositol for the sugar conversion problem, and I'd seen that some people take up to 1000 mg three times per day, I decided to put it to the test in trying to stop my RLS. I'd already had 600 mg of inositol earlier in the day. By 1:00 a.m., near wit's end, I chose to take 1000 mg more. I did not connect the dots of my night of torture- BOTH legs in extreme RLS every 15 seconds and burning for the rest of the night- till after I'd spoken with Elaine and helped the other lady. Now it makes complete sense. I didn’t have my MAO-A High enough to be able to do its job of making the Acetyl-CoA to fix the methyl group problem with the inositol.
The best take-away is that now I don't have to suffer from RLS anymore. I have completely calm nights when I stay away from supplements that inhibit MAO-A. Will I try inositol again in the future? Likely, yes, but only when my MAO-A is stockpiled. Till then I will just eat plenty of gluten to release my serotonin.

(article submitted by Kerri McCormick)
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Can I use other adhesives to secure the
Respen-A disc to the skin?

Respen-A is shipped with a special tape to adhere the disc to the body. Sometimes we have questions from parents regarding seasonal activities or sensitivity issues, and rarely adhesive issues. The following answers and resources are on our website under frequently asked questions (link at bottom of article), FAQ for your future reference:

The tape that comes with the disc is occlusive (keeps all air out) and waterproof- both of which are necessary to keep the disc viable. Therefore, DO NOT use any other tape, or Band-Aids, to seal the disc to the skin.

Some people have skin that does not do well with adhesives, and in these cases the tape doesn't stick well. We recommend the following skin-prep protective to help the tape stay secure:

To use the Skin Prep Protective Dressing, put the Respen-A Disc on the skin and wipe around it with the Prep, being careful not to let any of the moisture reach the disc, as moisture will destroy the viability of the disc. When dry, apply the tape that comes with the Respen-A Disc to seal the disc to the skin.

Some parents have mentioned that there is redness on the skin where the tape holds the Disc down. It is our experience that this is visual, not painful, and that the redness resolves on its own, usually within a day or two. If your child is saying or indicating that the tape itches, and there is clearly a long-lasting sensitivity issue, here is a reference for some sensitive skin tape that you can use ONLY to apply the Respen-A Disc with (see further information below*):

*To use the sensitive skin tape, use it to secure the Respen-A Disc to the skin, but because it is not occlusive (doesn’t keep the air out...air will cause the Respen-A Disc to be unviable) or waterproof, you must cover the sensitive skin tape with the adhesive tape that came with the Respen-A Disc! You should be able to cover the disc completely and not worry about overlapping the sensitive tape- one is wider than the other, so you should be able to avoid skin contact. HOWEVER, you'll need to keep an eye on the tape when your child bathes or swims as water can get underneath the sensitive skin tape- and water will destroy the viability of the Respen-A Disc.

If your child will be swimming or bathing, and you don't want to risk destroying the Respen-A Disc should water get through, you can remove the disc and store it in the airtight, silver Zip Seal bag that the disc came in, and re-apply when you child is finished. The disc is good for one day of use.

If your child is going to be swimming and you would like to leave the Respen-ADisc on, we recommend trying Nexcare Waterproof Tape (also available at Wal-Mart). Completely cover the adhesive- that came with the Respen-A Disc- and gently remove when finished swimming:

Are the benefits we see on the first day of Respen-A the maximum benefits we will see? And if we see benefits, he has to remain on it for the rest of his life?

No. Improvements should build over time, but in the beginning you may see an abrupt return of symptoms when you remove the disc. As improvements start to build, the gains will last even with the disc off. 

I am giving my son Mag07 three times a day and he is extremely constipated...?

That product is intended to be used as an oxygen delivery mechanism for colon cleansing, not as a supplement. Mag07 works with the digestive tract, and you need something that breaks down in the stomach, not the intestines. The only purpose of the magnesium in Mag07, which is an oxygenated item, is that the magnesium stabilizes the oxygen. The oxygen binds to the magnesium. That’s its only purpose, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to get oxygen to the digestive tract. You need to use magnesium as a supplement to clear constipation, and we recommend magnesium oxide.

Is glutathione in any dose or form allowed?

Glutathione is okay but should only be used in low doses as it is an oxygen free radical scavenger. Glutathione is an antioxidant in plants i.e. a phenol. So if a person has phenol sensitivity it will diminish the effects of the Respen-A. Best to start protocol without it.

A Parent's Experience With AM-4

I have to tell you how thankful we are for what you’ve developed.

Gracen has struggled so much over the past years & has never been invited to a birthday party, or had even one friend show up at his own birthday party . He had a roller skating birthday party in September and he had friends come!!! You cannot even imagine what a big deal this is- Gracen has spent recess time since kindergarten on the buddy bench with no friends & no desire to interact with others.

While Gracen is so pleasant and thriving socially this year, we still have some hurdles to overcome to see more gains, and I will call you to explore more options to help us get there. Our psychiatrist/IEP rep says "we are not going backwards to using drugs again. If you have to put two patches on him to make things better then do it!"
(Jenn, WA)

A Mom's Experience With the PST Disc

Alex is doing well on the PST disc. I've been telling him to do things on his own a lot more, and he is. It's pretty great! I also have him make me tea every day. He isn’t vacuuming or washing dishes yet, but he LOVES doing laundry!

We have been using the new (PST) disc for about 9 months. Alex actually started waving back at me when he leaves on the bus. I have been waving goodbye for over a decade and this is the first school year that he is waving back!!!
(Suzanne, WA)

*If you are using the AM-4 disc you still need to avoid anything that inhibits MAO-A. The AM-4 blocks the inhibitory effects of alanine on MAO-A. Alanine inhibits MAO-A. Many supplements are known to inhibit MAO-A. See the FAQ page for some known MAO-A inhibitors.

*High copper inhibits MAO-A and boosts MAO-B because MAO-B is a copper containing enzyme, and MAO-A is a flavin containing enzyme. 

*MAOI's are MAO inhibitors. They are the opposite of MAO-A or MAO-B. It is possible to have a drug reach toxic levels if you are taking supplements that inhibit MAO! It can also raise serotonin levels to the point of serotonin toxicity !

*In talking with parents, we have found that high doses of Vitamin D may decrease the effectiveness of the Respen-A Disc. Therefore, we suggest taking no more than 400 IU’s of Vitamin D a day, which is the amount that is in most multi-vitamins. IT MGHT BE EASY FOR YOU TO FORGET THIS WHEN VITAMIN D IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED DUE TO COVID19.


Research shows that 80% of people with ASD are sensitive to phenols due to a deficiency in the phenol-sulfur-transferase enzyme. This results in the buildup of phenols in the body. High phenols inhibit MAO-A and negate the effects of the Respen-A.

Phenols are high in many fruits, vegetables and multigrain/whole grain foods as they are the antioxidants in plant products. If your child doesn’t see any improvement when using the Respen-A, it may be that he/she has a deficiency in the phenol-sulfur transferase enzyme and may benefit with supplementing No-Fenol enzymes by Houston Enzymes at meals and avoiding foods high in phenols.

If you see benefit with the No-Fenol enzymes then you may want to try the PST (phenol-sulfur-transferase) disc for your child. Some children have switched completely to the PST disc from Respen-Aas parents have seen more gains. A month's supply of the PST disc is $50.

Also if your child has phenol sensitivity, you should not supplement P5P as it inhibits phenol-sulfur transferase.
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(Photo shown is Noah, a happy Respen-A user!)


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