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November 2022

Highlights from the OC Leadership Conference

Stories from OC's 70th Anniversary Celebration

Thanksgiving Blessings

Just Your Ordinary Joe

Prayer for Ukraine

Highlights from the OC Leadership Conference

What a joy to be together face-to-face for 2022 One Challenge Leadership Conference! Nearly 100 leaders from around the world came together to prayerfully discern God’s direction for OC in the coming years. We rejoice in what we heard from God about the OC of the future.

Enjoy this photo video complication from the conference with a song written by OC mission worker Pam S. The song, “Move on Us, O God,” became our cry and prayer for the week ...

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Featured Video - Stories from OC's 70th Anniversary Celebration

One Challenge celebrates 70 years in 2022! Enjoy this look inside our celebration with stories of God's faithfulness throughout the years ...

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Thanksgiving Blessings

In this month focused on Thanksgiving gratitude, One Challenge is celebrating the time spent together at the 2022 OC Leadership Conference. We’re thankful for the presence of the Holy Spirit that filled our time together. We’re grateful for the challenges laid at our feet. We find joy in knowing it is God who guides our steps. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Conference News & Prayer

Just Your Ordinary Joe

God had a plan for Joseph, and he revealed it to him in a dream. Being the second youngest of many brothers, Joe had little hope for notoriety in that time and space, so he made the best of his vision by sharing it with everyone. As you can imagine, this didn’t play well for him ...

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Prayer and News: Ukraine Ministry

Once a month on the OneChallenge.org website, we are posting the latest news and prayer requests for Ukraine from our OC international ministry workers. 

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Please join us in praying for OC workers around the world. You can read daily prayer points on our Pray page here.  

We would also enjoy praying with you. Do you have any prayer requests to share? You can email us on our Contact page here.

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