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The Perfect Present - Give a Gift of Learning


Each year the Pentathlon Institute offers a Gift of Learning Special allowing individuals to purchase Family Game Sets at a reduced cost. Both the Regular Family Game Set and the Premier Family Game Set are on sale at:


November 22 through December 24

Orders placed by December 15 will be delivered by December 24.

Need Help Learning the Games?

Online Instructional Videos

We just added 2 NEW Instructional Videos for Division IV, Prime Gold, and Fraction Pinball. All of the videos are beneficial for adults working with students in the club, classroom, or home settings. In addition to learning the 5 games the viewer will benefit from:

  • More in-depth understanding of the games and instructional strategies;
  • Sequencing the Math Pentathlon Program using The Teaching Guides that provide effective and detailed guidance to adults who are teaching the Math Pentathlon Program;
  • Curricular activities from Adventures in Problem Solving Books that connect the games with classroom instruction and club use;
  • Related assessments from Investigations Binders that provide a deeper understanding of each game's multiple strategies;
  • Special pricing on the Instructional Videos is offered when renting the full set of videos.


All rentals last for 1 year from the date of purchase so you and your child can benefit over and over again.

Div I:

Div II:

Div III:

Div IV -

Attention Coaches/SCDs: NMPAT Registration

When parents register their child online, they MUST choose a game to monitor.  This way all parents are aware of the critical need for volunteers and the need to be present to help in some way.  ONLY THE COACH can make modifications to Game Monitors to ensure the school/club quota is met.  As in the past, MAKE sure that your GMs are equally distributed across each of the 5 MP Games.

If Parent is Paying for Pentathletes' Registration: Parents register their Pentathlete online and email their Official Tournament Ticket to their Coach. This allows the coach to view and verify the Pentathlete Registrations and Parent Game Monitor assignments. Coaches can easily change Game Monitor assignments by emailing the Pentathlon Institute. 

If School is Paying for Pentathletes' Registrations: The School/Club Contact Designee (SCD) will request a code for their parents to use when registering online to bypass payment. This replaces all previous formats. The SCD will be able to see in real-time who is registered and what game the parent has signed up to monitor. To request a Code complete the brief application found at:


More Game Monitor info including requirements can be found  HERE.

Top Tournament Priority: Good Sportsmanship


In order to prepare your  Pentathlete for a National Mathematics Pentathlon Academic Tournament, Coaches and Parents need to make all participants knowledgeable of the  Pentathlete  Code of Conduct (below) and review the Participation Guidelines and Game Highlight Sheets.


Good Sportsmanship and Character Development are top priorities of the Math Pentathlon Program. For each Division Level, the first Common Rule in our Highlights is the Pentathlete Code of Conduct which is stated below.

Pentathlete Code of Conduct

A Pentathlete is to treat adults and fellow Pentathletes with courtesy and respect and play by the rules that they know to be true. The Tournament Director will handle any infractions of this rule. Such infractions can result in loss of game (0 points) or be required to leave the Tournament Site.


We highly stress that you teach your students how to win and lose with dignity. During club/classroom use, we suggest that students shake hands both before and after each game as we do at every Math Pentathlon Tournament. While learning the games, highlight the importance of Teamwork. This spirit is seen so many times throughout Tournament Season when Pentathletes who did not receive medals, still enthusiastically applaud the efforts of their school team members that did. Once students can lose gracefully and win respectfully, they gain self-esteem as well as the virtues of patience, cooperation, and integrity. Practice positive use of our tournament challenge system with first, second, and third opinions to teach them how to be respectful with adults and one's peers, while at the same time learning how to stand up for oneself.

Updated Website with Video Clips


Coming Alive: MP Videos  

To make the Math Pentathlon Program come alive we have upgraded our Website with exciting short videos.  One such clip is The Fun Factor Video. This was featured because so many people have commented on how much fun the MP program is for kids of all ages.

The majority of these short videos can be found under the About Us drop-down of our website: Good Sportsmanship, Active Problem Solving, All Abilities, Character Development, and Time Tested. For those of you who are trying to promote MP at your school, the videos are an excellent resource.

In addition, the entire website has been streamlined to be more user-friendly.

Home Practice



Just as with music recitals and other such competitive events, it is very helpful to practice the MP Games at home. This provides parents the opportunity to practice ALL 5 MP Games with their child. 

Link to Family Game Sets


Tournament Registration



Tournaments are limited by space.

 We take registrations on a first-come-first-serve basis. 

Please check with your School Contact Designee for

Registration Directions.  

Tournament fee is 


$42 Regular Registration ~ Sept 1 - March 10

$58 Late Registration ~ After March 10 

No Registrations allowed ~ 10 Days Prior to Tournament


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TEXAS NORTH (DFW & Surrounding Area)


Tax-Deductible Donation

When making your yearly donations, please consider including the Pentathlon Institute, a Not-for-Profit Educational Organization. Funds raised through donations assist the Pentathlon Institute's efforts to help Pentathletes. Anything you can do to help is greatly appreciated.   Fed. I.D.# 38-1645063 501(c) 3-5071

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