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November 2022

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National Diabetes Month 

World Diabetes Day: November 14

Guidance for the Public Health Emergency (PHE)

CDC guidance around maintaining/reinstating recognition status 

NEW! Consumer-Facing Webpage on DiabetesFreeNC

Visit out new "Explore the Program" page

Free DPP Participant Materials Available

National Diabetes Month

National Institute of Health (NIH) National Diabetes Month Toolkit

Included in this toolkit: 

  • National Diabetes Month flyer
  • Social media content
  • Resources for public and health professionals
View NIH National Diabetes Month Toolkit Here!

American Diabetes Month Resources

  • Click here for the ADA's prediabetes campaign for National Diabetes Month.
  • Click here for all ADA National Diabetes Month events.
  • Click here for the ADA's social media toolkit.
  • Click here for National Diabetes month playlist to get you moving!
View ADA's National Diabetes Month Website for all resources!

Guidance for the Public Health Emergency (PHE)

On July 7, 2022, the CDC provided guidance for maintaining/reinstating recognition after pausing during the public health emergency. Over the next few months, it is expected that all organizations will be delivering sessions and submitting data again. 

Beginning in October 2022, CDC will be discontinuing CDC recognition for organizations at the time of their next data submission that: 

  • Have not been in contact with the DPRP since the beginning of the PHE (March 2020).
  • Have been unreachable by the DPRP team after multiple attempts.
  • Have data due but do not have data to submit.
  • When the organization is ready to begin offering the lifestyle change program again, a new application for CDC recognition will need to be submitted. At this time, their previous recognition status will be restored.
  • Have received CDC recognition but were not able to begin a cohort before the first data submission was due.
  • These organizations should contact the National DPP Customer Service Center (National DPP CSC) with the date that their first cohort began (or will begin). We will adjust your approval and effective dates to align with the cohort start date, which will result in a revised data submission timeline. If this is not completed by October 2022, recognition for these organizations will be revoked.

Please note that while we may remain under a PHE, in-person organizations will still be allowed to hold virtual sessions. Any cohorts that begin virtually during the PHE will be allowed to complete virtually. Please continue to code these sessions as make-up sessions.

If you have been delivering virtually using your in-person org code during PHE and have decided to switch permanently to virtual DL/delivery, you will need to apply for a new orgcode for the new delivery mode. The DPRP will award temporary preliminary recognition until you have enough data to be evaluated for permanent recognition status under the new orgcode. Please note that if you are an MDPP supplier, you do not have this option if you wish to continue to deliver virtually to Medicare beneficiaries. CMS will only reimburse organizations using an in-person organization code, even though they are currently allowing unlimited virtual sessions during the PHE.

Sites can request a meeting with the State Quality Specialist, Kristie Hicks, to receive technical assistance regarding these changes. 

For assistance or questions, please email Kristie at Kristie.Hicks@dhhs.nc.gov

NEW! Consumer-Facing Webpage on DiabetesFreeNC

DiabetesFreeNC has a new consumer-facing webpage to highlight what a potential DPP participant can expect upon enrolling in a program. The “Explore the Program” page includes promotional video clips (in English and Spanish) featuring real-life experiences from certified lifestyle coaches and program participants from Roanoke Chowan Community Health Center’s Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) in Ahoskie, NC. All DPPs are welcome to use these videos during recruitment activities and National Diabetes Month events.

View "Explore the Program" Page Here!

Free Materials from DiabetesFreeNC

If you are interested in receiving any of these materials from our team, please email Kristie.hicks@dhhs.nc.gov with the following information in the body of the email:

  • Name of Program Coordinator or Lifestyle Coach
  • Mailing Address of the DPP
  • Items and Numbers Requested (please do not request more than allowed amounts, indicated below)

Available Items:

  • Food Model Kits (1 per DPP)
  • Mexican American Food Model Kits (1 per DPP)
  • Vegetarian American Food Model Kits (1 per DPP)
  • Non-Latex Stretch Bands (up to 20 per DPP)
  • Calorie King Books (up to 20 per DPP)
  • Plan Your Portion Placemats - 8.5' x 11', One pack of 100 tear-off sheets (up to 2 packs per DPP)
  • Grocery Shopping Made Easy Guidebook - 18 pages in English; Flips over for 18 pages in Spanish (up to 10 per DPP)
  • Portion Plates (up to 20 per DPP)
  • Cooking with EFNEP Cookbook in Spanish (up to 10 per DPP)
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