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Welcome to those of you who are subscribers as well as those who are reading my newsletter for the first time. If you missed the November 2022 News & Views Part I about the last two eclipses, you can read that here conta.cc/3A2KATw. As I write this, we are still shocked at once again a mass shooting and hate crime, this time at an LGBTQ club, Q, in Colorado Springs. Thoughts and prayers with those who were injured, and to family and friends of those who tragically and unnecessarily passed away. Remember that in addition to Jupiter going direct, the subject of this newsletter, Mars is still retrograde and will be through January 12.

In this newsletter I concentrate on Jupiter stationing direct, which I always look forward to and even though it technically goes direct on the 23rd the planet of abundance has already slowed up and stopped, so it is already for all intents and purposes in direct motion. I will speak about Jupiter's cycle, as well as the other cycles and eclipses and how we may fare in 2023 in my Sensitive Degrees Webinar on December 11. Scroll down below to learn more about the Sensitive Degrees Webinar, and register before early bird rates end.

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In the meantime, I wish those of you who celebrate, a wonderful Thanksgiving. Please travel safely and contribute to a harmonious family and friends gathering. If for some reason you are alone, and all friends are out of town, try to reach out to a community or spiritual center. Even if your beliefs differ, there is always a place in your community, or should be, that will welcome you.

If you do go to a family dinner, try to simply agree to disagree on topics where your opinions differ. If you can do that then by all means engage in stimulating discussions. But if that is not possible, then just avoid those topics. This is a time to be grateful for family, friends and community, and acknowledge what you have in common, rather than what pulls you apart. If you can volunteer some place where they serve food to people less fortunate, or just contribute to a food bank, that would be a great way to honor what the holiday is all about. Mostly I just wish you all a great holiday. I am so grateful to all of you, who have supported my work over the years, and hopefully we will meet in person and if not that way, then on zoom.

This month's lunations occur with the Full Moon (Lunar Eclipse) on November 8, 2022, 11:01. Tropical. 16° Taurus 0’. Sidereal. 21° Aries 56’. bharaṇī. November 23, 2022. New Moon. 22:57. Tropical. 1° Sagittarius 37'. Sidereal. 7° Scorpio 32’. anurādhā. If you have any planets, points, or angles around those degrees (I would take a one degree orb) then whatever is represented by that planet, point or angle, will be prominent and important until the next lunation, meaning that if something is conjunct this month's Full Moon, it will be prominent until the next Full Moon on December 8, and if something is conjunct this month's New Moon, it will be prominent until the next New Moon on December 23. The New Moon represents new beginnings and can help you to institute a change you have been thinking about while the Full Moon is an accomplishment or culmination and gives the push to continue on that path. If your birthday is between November 7-9, then the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is in your solar return (varṣaphala) or close enough that it will be important for the year ahead until your next birthday, meaning that it may be year when things you have been working on will manifest, or feel like they are moving in the right direction, so continue with whatever is fulfilling you. If your birthday is between November 22-24, then the New Moon is in your solar return (varṣaphala) or close enough that it will be important for the year ahead until your next birthday, meaning a change is bound to happen, so work on that change. It could be a physical move, job change, relationship change, or simply working on yourself to integrate new patterns and habits into your life. Expect a great deal of transformative experiences that will make you want to change or take a step in a different direction. Take your time but do head in that direction, since otherwise it will happen to you whether you initiate it or not. (Scroll below for more Celestial Events.)

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Jupiter Stations Direct

Jupiter Stations Retrograde. July 28, 2022. Tropical. 8° Aries 43’. Sidereal. 14° Pisces 38' uttarabhadrapadā

Jupiter Stations Direct. November 23, 2022. Tropical 28° Pisces 47'. Sidereal. 4° Pisces 43’ uttarabhadrapadā

Although Jupiter technically stations retrograde on November 23rd it really has been hovering around the direct degree for about two weeks, and as a rule a planet like Jupiter or Saturn will, for all intents and purposes, station before the actual date. So even though it seems like the world is still filled with violence and inflation, Jupiter did in fact make the markets move forward while at the same time saw cryptocurrencies dive, and some of social media's employment force get laid off. This shows that even if one planet like Jupiter, the great benefic, which rules abundance and prosperity, moves ahead, the sky still consists of other planets that have a life of their own like Mars continuing to retrograde until January 12 and reaching its opposition with the Sun on December 8th, which is when Mars is closest to the earth. Look for important events to take place this week around the 23rd but also around December 8th, which is more Mars-like.

Since Jupiter is direct on the 23rd, there should be expansive news and optimism in general and the feeling like you are coming out of a deep sleep even though ironically it is the beginning of winter in many parts of the world when you might want to stay inside and hibernate. Ironically this week on Thursday the 24th, the day of Jupiter, Americans celebrate Thanksgiving, a time when we are supposed to give thanks for all the good things that have in our lives and extend that good will and thankfulness to others, a very Jupiterian sentiment. The message is to try to find positivity in your life, even if things seem to be troublesome and problematic. There is always something that you can find that can give you strength or hope, so please do reach out if you find yourself alone and in a negative space. There is support all around.

Think about any projects that have languished, NOT disappeared, since Jupiter stationed retrograde on July 28th. If you have a planet, point, or angle between tropical 28° Pisces 47'-8° Aries 43’/sidereal 4° Pisces 43’-14° Pisces 38' then see what that planet represents generically and which house it rules. Also look to see which house those degrees encompass since this is where if you look back and see something that had promise but may have languished, get to it and move on it. Jupiter stationing direct at the beginning of the holiday season means that people could be generous and even overspend, since even with high inflation, everyone wants to feel happy and in a holiday spirit. Jupiter brings that type of optimism, which means even if things are costly now, it will even out...at least that is what people may think since it is important for many of us to take advantage of and enjoy the holidays.

On the other hand, it is still important to stay within your budget, and if you must go over budget, just do not do so at an extreme. Jupiter makes us feel good, but sometimes so good that we neglect our balance sheets and think all will just work out. So in the end pay attention to the balancing act that you must participate in. Some of the things I say here about Jupiter you have heard before, though every Jupiter retrograde cycle and especially its station is still unique depending on where it is in the sky and in your chart, and where other planets in the sky are situated. Additionally, Jupiter has been in the nakshatra of uttarabhadrapadā, during its entire retrograde cycle, since it entered that nakshatra on April 27, 2022 and will leave on February 23, 2023. That nakshatra spans the sign of Pisces, but it is ruled by Saturn, which simply means that this Jupiter cycle will bring reality and a down to earth quality to Jupiter, which means you still have to work and put in effort for the rewards and benefits that Jupiter will bring.

Review and Revise. The general rule of retrogrades is that anything that we are working on around the retrograde station (business, romance, travel, finances, or any project) may not be completed, since we have to come back to them during the retrograde cycle to review and revise, and then the direct station will allow these events to go forward and progress. Again, these apply on a personal level if you have any planets, points or angels on those stationary degrees since whatever is being affected will be activated and must be paid attention to. Then if you have any points, planets, or angles in between the degrees of the retrograde and direct stations, they will be hit three times between the dates of the retrograde and direct stations when first the planet, in this case Jupiter, is direct, then retrograde, and then direct again.

I always use the once a year 4-month retrograde sojourn of Jupiter to revise and revamp projects that I am enthusiastic about but due to the retrograde might not find its voice or audience. Since Jupiter loves to expand, the retrograde cycle forces you to slow down, which is against the nature of Jupiter. Often it means that you will not profit as much as you would during the eight months of the year when Jupiter is direct. If you can help it, normally it is not good to sell a house, car, etc., during Jupiter’s retrograde cycle, since you will earn less. However, it will be a good time to buy since prices normally go down. Now that Jupiter is direct, you might think about selling your house over the next few months, since you might actually be able to profit more. That also goes to any type of retail business you are involved in since people might want to spend more money.

Jupiter retrograde is a great time to review and restructure and Jupiter direct is a time to put everything you thought about and worked on into action. Go back to whatever you started to work on before it retrograded last July. You could also start something new. But in general, like all retrogrades, Jupiter, the Greater Benefic, stations direct and so many things that may have been languishing will start to take shape. Projects that you may have thought were finished may get revived, and if you want to sell a home, or apply for a new position, or begin something new this is now the perfect time to do so. Of course always remember that reality trumps astrology, meaning that realities of what happens in the world could prevent the positive forecast from going as smoothly as you like. Jupiter brings abundance, prosperity, opportunity, and social engagements so we may be getting some good news after all.

If you use tropical Western astrology, Jupiter travelled through two signs during its retrograde cycle. Jupiter entered Aries on May 10, 2022, stationed retrograde on July 28, re-entered Pisces on October 28, 2022, stations direct on November 23, and enters Aries on December 20, 2022-May 16, 2023. If you practice tropical astrology, see which house is comprised of Pisces and Aries, since Jupiter should bring some good news to those areas.

Jupiter retrograded between tropical 8° Aries 43’-28° Pisces 47' so if you have a planet, point, or angle between those degrees, Jupiter conjoins it three times, when it goes direct, retrograde and then direct again. If you have something on the actual retrograde or direct station, then it will hit that degree twice, and most important when it conjoins the stationary degree because it will sit there for a while and activate what that planet, point, or angle means. That will be awakened, activated, and will prosper and expand. These are the generic meanings of the planets, and below that the house that it occupies and//or rules.

Sun. vitality, individuality, ego; Moon. emotions, habits, conditioning; Mercury. communication, intelligence; Venus. love, beauty, creativity; Mars. physical energy, aggression, courage; Jupiter. expansion, abundance; Saturn. limitation, disciplined, fear; Uranus. originality, independent, rebellious; Neptune. spiritual, immaterial, imagination; Pluto. intensity, power; North Node. power, place where you must strive; South Node. place where it is easy, habits; Ascendant. personality, destiny; IC. home, family, mother; Descendant. partnerships, contracts; Midheaven. career, father

If you do not know which house tropical Pisces and Aries occupy, look at your ascendant, or Sun sign, and just count from there. General descriptions for houses are as follows: 

1. personality, body, appearance; 2. finances, possessions, values. 3. communication, siblings, short journeys, learning; 4. family, mother, home; 5. children, recreation, entertainment; 6. health, service, pets; 7. marriage, contracts, partnership; 8. business transactions, sexuality, life and death matters; 9. higher education, travel abroad, publishing, law; 10. profession, status, father; 11. gains, friendships, hopes, dreams; 12. compassion, spirituality, limitations, solitude

If you use Indian astrology and the sidereal zodiac, Jupiter will be in one sign during this retrograde cycle. Jupiter entered Pisces on April 13, 2022, and will enter Aries on April 21, 2023, so that Jupiter should bring good news to the bhava (house) where Pisces is located. Jupiter retrograded between sidereal 14° Pisces 38'-4° Pisces 43’ so if you have a planet, point, or angle between those degrees, Jupiter conjoins it three times, when it goes direct, retrograde and then direct again. If you have something on the actual retrograde or direct station, then it will hit that degree twice, and most important when it conjoins the stationary degree because it will sit there for a while and activate what that planet, point, or angle means. That will be awakened, activated, and will prosper and expand. These are the generic meanings of the planets, and below that the house that it occupies and/or rules.

Sun. power, vigor; Moon. maternal, mind; Mars. strength, courage; Mercury. speech, learning; Jupiter.  knowledge, wealth; Venus. love, happiness; Saturn. sorrow, fear; Rahu. intensity, compulsion; Ketu. extremes, spirituality; Lagna. destiny, vitality. If you want to use Uranus, Neptune and Pluto you can look above at tropical Western astrology for their keywords.

If you do not know which house sidereal Pisces occupies, look at your Lagna or Moon sign preferably, but you can also look from your Sun sign, and just count from there. General descriptions for houses are as follows: General descriptions for bhavas (houses) are as follows:  

1. appearance, destiny, temperament, personality, constitution; 2. Money, family life, food, speech, early childhood; 3. Siblings, Fine arts, courage, desires; 4. Mother, happiness, real estate, vehicles; 5. Children, romance, investments, speculation; 6. Open enemies, work, competition, obstacles, illness; 7. Marriage, partners, contracts, passion; 8. Life and death cycle, research, accidents, other's money, inheritance; 9. Father, teacher (guru), religion, higher learning, opportunity; 10. Career, status, public recognition, reputation; 11. Profits, rewards, gains from work, awards, older siblings; 12. spiritual practice, secret enemies, foreign travel, debt, confinement.

2023 Sensitive Degrees Webinar
Sunday December 11, 2022. 11:00 AM-4:00 PM. Lunch break. 1:30-2:00 PM
Register at www.ronniedreyer.com under Schedule.

Fee: $75 through midnight December 1; $85 after that. (If you register after December 10, you may or may not be able to attend live.) Includes follow-up webinar in July 2023. Presented in tropical and sidereal (Indian) zodiacs. If you cannot attend live, you will receive recording and presentation within 48 hours.

This year should be a recovery year, especially in the spring, when instead of the economy going up and down like the next few months, it should start to stabilize but there will be many other astrological signatures that will bring new challenges in addition to sewing up the old ones.

Some (but not all) planetary signatures we will cover are as follows:

  • Brief recap of 2022 as it leads into 2023.

  • Ingresses: When each planet changes sign. This year in addition to the usual Sun through Mars ingresses there are: Jupiter

entering sidereal Aries/tropical Taurus; Saturn entering sidereal Aquarius/tropical Pisces; Neptune entering sidereal Pisces; Pluto

entering tropical Aquarius briefly; Nodes entering sidereal Pisces-Virgo; tropical Aries-Libra.

  • Lunations(New and Full Moons)

  • Four eclipses:April 19 (solar); May 5 (lunar); October 14 (solar); October 28 (lunar).

  • Planetary Stations and Annual retrograde cycles of Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. This year Mars

stations direct on January 12 but stays in tropical Gemini from August 20, 2022 to March 25, 2023. Mars stays in sidereal Taurus

and Gemini from August 10, 2022 to May 10, 2023. Mars retrograde arc (shadow) from September 3, 2022 – March 16, 202

Venus retrograde from July 22-September 3.

  • Notable aspects

  • Overview month to month of lunations and each sun/rising sign.

  • More time for questions and answers.

  • Recording and power point a week before about retrograde and eclipse theory.
And Much More……
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