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November 2022 News

Registration Is Open for Our Online Business Course!

Register now for our online course The Business of Canine Rehabilitation with live/interactive sessions on March 22, 29, and April 5. Learn from our expert faculty how to launch and grow your own rehabilitation practice. Read more here.

Woman and dog looking at laptop

PT Students: Attend CRI’s Rehabilitation Modules While in School – and Receive a 20% Discount!

PT students: We have updated our policies, and you are now eligible to attend CRI's rehabilitation certification modules after your first year of PT school. Don't wait to begin your training! Visit our PT Student Certification page to read more and find out about our 20% student discount!

Physical therapy student

We Have a New Home in Missouri!

We are very excited to have a permanent home in Springfield, Missouri!

Starting March 2023, CRI will hold most rehabilitation modules at its new location in Springfield, Missouri. Our Acupuncture certification modules and Canine Sports Medicine will remain in Colorado. Please read more.

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CRI new facility in Springfield Missouri

In The Words of Our Students …

"I am just addicted! But Dr. Wright's acupuncture class was just an out-of-body experience for me! I know it is targeted toward new acupuncturists who have never done acupuncture, but it is also an amazingly stimulating class for someone like me who already has some history of practicing acupuncture. I thought her classes were amazing from her library, but this is even better!!"

Yuko Eguchi-Coe, DVM, CVA, CVTP, CVCH, CVFT, CVMMP, CCRT, Corvallis, Oregon

Dr. Wright's acupuncture class was an out-of-body experience!

Congrats to Our ACVS Winner!

CRI attended the ACVS meeting October 12-15 in Portland, Oregon. It was a great meeting where we talked with a variety of people wishing to add rehabilitation to their practice and/or get certified in acupuncture. The winner of the $500 off Introduction to Rehabilitation course is Gabriella Sandberg! Congratulations!

2022 ACVS Surgery Summit

CRI Faculty Spotlight

Meet Amber Kenney!

Amber Kenney, MPT, MTC, CKTP, CCRT, completed her certification in canine rehabilitation at CRI in 2014 and started her mobile canine rehabilitation service the following year. In 2016, she sold her human practice so she could spend more time working with her canine patients. Amber's skills and experience have made her an integral part of the teaching teams for Introduction to Canine Rehabilitation, Clinical Skills, and Advanced Canine Rehabilitation Therapist. She was a co-creator of the Clinical Applications course and is a lead instructor.

A few fun facts about Amber …

Text or phone call? DEFINITELY text

Puppies or kittens? Puppies

Attend a party or host a party? Host

Hang out with little kids or old folks? Old folks hands down

Cranberry sauce: Canned or made fresh? Fresh

Read Amber Kenney’s biography on the CRI website, and watch our Facebook page for more fun facts about Amber!

Amber Kenney with dog
Amber Kenney with medals
Amber Kenney lifting weights

Registration Is Open!

Registration is now open for Winter and Spring 2023 Rehabilitation classes! Click here for a calendar of our upcoming in-person and online classes.

Register now for:

Rehabilitation students in class

Don't Miss Our Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale!

Watch your email for an announcement about our Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale coming up later in November! Don’t miss this special once-a-year offer!

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Check Out CRI’s Online Learning Platforms

CRI’s online learning platforms are an amazing way to update your clinical knowledge — click here to learn more about our online CRI Member Library that has over 80+ hours (and growing) of CE. We also offer the CRI Acupuncture Member Library focused only on acupuncture.

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CRI Member Library
Acupuncture Library

Veterinary Nurse Corner

Veterinary nurses and assistants: We have updated our CCRVN and CCRA program starting November 2022. Our certification modules are now:

Visit our CCRVN page for complete details.

Veterinary nurse with dog

Congratulations to Our October Clinical Applications, Acupuncture, and Veterinary Nurse Students!

Clinical Applications October 2022 class photo

Students, faculty, and demo dogs gathered for a class photo during Clinical Applications, held October 1-2 in Littleton, Colorado.

Acupuncture Module 2 October 2022 class photo

Students, faculty, and demo dogs took a class photo during Veterinary Medical Acupuncture for Sports Medicine/Rehabilitation Patients (Module 2), held October 14-16 in Littleton, Colorado.

Canine Rehabilitation Veterinary Nurse October 2022 class photo

Students, faculty, and demo dogs posed for a class photo during Canine Rehabilitation Veterinary Nurse, held October 21-23 in Littleton, Colorado.

CHE Research Review

Observational Study on Lameness Recovery in 10 Dogs Affected by Iliopsoas Injury and Submitted to a Physiotherapeutic Approach

Read the study from Animals (Basel)

The Study: This retrospective study investigated the outcomes of 10 dogs affected by primary injury of the iliopsoas muscles after a course of physiotherapy. Dogs received physical therapies and modalities followed by muscle strengthening. Lameness resolved in a median of five sessions at a median of 18 days. Variables including sex, age, and breed did not differ in the number of sessions although the variable of breed (border collie dogs) did have a positive impact on speed of recovery.


Study Limitations: Retrospective study with limitations due to lack of control group and small study numbers.


Impact on Clinical Practice: Rehabilitation of iliopsoas lesions may promote lameness recovery within three weeks of diagnosis.

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Canine Home Exercises Are an Integral Component of Any Rehabilitation Plan. We Make It Easy.

Now Including Cats and Exotics!

Request Your Free Trial Today

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Did you know Canine Arthritis Resources and Education (CARE) has a wealth of FREE resources to help veterinary professionals and pet owners manage osteoarthritis (OA)?

Sign up for a free subscription today to gain access to CARE's extensive collection of resources to help your rehabilitation patients and clients. CRI is pleased to be a sponsor of CARE.

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November is Vet Rehab Summit Time!

It's November — finally time for the annual Vet Rehab Summit from Onlinepethealth, and we are incredibly excited! The Vet Rehab Summit takes place on November 12, 2022 and includes lectures by several CRI faculty members including Dr. Kara Amstutz, Dr. Leilani Alvarez, Francisco Maia, and Dr. Janet Van Dyke.

This year, the Vet Rehab Summit is focused on helping Vetrehabbers achieve excellence above perfection and growth above striving. The things that hold us back from reaching our full potential are not our clinical skills and knowledge — it is our response to stressors, criticism or challenges, it is in our ability to believe in ourselves and to pursue our dreams.

Onlinepethealth Vet Rehab Summit Lecture Lineup

In addition to our line-up focused on growth, the Summit also has three incredible bonus webinars to help you continue to grow as a professional in your clinical knowledge, skills and abilities.

Onlinepethealth Vet Rehab Summit Bonus Content

Prior to the Vet Rehab Summit, Onlinepethealth is excited to host three workshops that will dive deeply into specific areas that you might be struggling with.

Onlinepethealth Vet Rehab Summit Workshops

To register for the Vet Rehab Summit, head over to

If you are an Onlinepethealth member, you can register for free directly through your members portal.

Tickets to the workshops are sold separately — Onlinepethealth members can purchase tickets in their members portals at a discounted rate! See you online!

Breezie Demo Winners of the Month

Our November Breezie Demo Award Winners are Abbie, Laska, and Kisa, all companions to Sara Wolcott, a Free Free Certified CVT in the Denver metro area. Emergency medicine is her passion and allows her to utilize all her skills and continue to learn with every new case. Being able to bring her pets to CRI sessions is immensely helpful for them and for students to learn with complicated cases!

Abbie, age 13, "is the happiest and sassiest border collie around!" Sara says. "In June 2017, her t12-t13 disc blew due to an unknown cause. She had imaging and surgery done at that time and recovered well. Started walking on her own around 9 weeks post op. She was back to about 90% normal from that time until April 2020 where she reinjured her back. Advanced imaging was not done at that time, but treated symptomatically for pain and started rehab doing underwater treadmill, strengthening exercises, and acupuncture. She has had gains, losses, and plateaus since then and most recently in September at one of the CRI sessions we discovered her left hip has been luxating. She is not a surgical candidate so we are working on getting some muscle mass back on her in hopes that will keep her in place! She loves attending CRI sessions for all the attention and of course all the treats!"


Laska, a 10-year-old Doberman, was saved from euthanasia at almost 4 years old when she was diagnosed as diabetic and hypothyroid and her previous owners couldn't afford treatments. Sara explains: "Once she started on appropriate medications and diet she'd lost 25lbs and her gentle happy demeanor blossomed! Soon after she developed diabetic cataracts and received phacoemulsification surgery at CSU. She has been well managed since then and is just now starting to show typical signs of aging. She loves attending CRI sessions as well, she's definitely a people person!"


"Both dogs love camping and paddle boarding, foster kittens, and attention from anyone that will give it to them!" Sara says.


Kisa, a 16-year-old DSH Tortie, is the embodiment of Tortietude, according to Sara. "Now in her senior years she has developed hyperthyroidism and followed up with hypertension! The latter being discovered when she started walking into objects or other animals at home or not jumping up to her favorite spots. Luckily it was caught early and her retinas are still attached! She is currently managed with diet and transdermal medications to easily treat her. This has managed to keep our bond in a positive light and not stress either of us out. She has attended CRI for acupuncture treatments and tolerated them well."

In recognition of this honor, Team Wolcott will receive a $50 gift certificate from Jiminy's good for any of their treats or dog food. Congratulations, Abbie, Laska, and Kisa!

Breezie winner Abbie
Breezie winner Laska
Breezie winner Kisa

CRI Graduates: Is Your Contact Information Still Correct?

If you are a CRI graduate, please check your listing in the Find a Therapist online directory and make sure the contact information is correct. If you have any updates, please email Joyce Rudzitis, CRI's chief operating officer.

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Thank You to Our Sponsors!

For more information, download the Sponsorship Opportunities flier or contact Dwight Amstutz.

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