November 2022

   Thank you so much to everyone who made the PEI Foundation a priority for your giving this year! Your generosity helps sustain our scholarship awards, the PEI annual conference and leadership program, and our exceptional professional development classes, all which are offered to educators and students across the state.


PEIF has awarded over $145,000 to date through our scholarship program. Who benefits from these awards?

  • High school students who are pursuing teaching, science, or a humanitarian degree
  • Educators fulfilling their license renewal credits
  • Outstanding students selected by their local PEI Chapters
  • Student teachers beginning their first professional year in the classroom
  • And finally, exceptional teachers and associates!


Since PEIF is a 501(c)3, all gifts are tax deductible! Will you consider giving today?


Jodie Nation, PEI Foundation Director 

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A note from PEI Educator of the Year recipient: 

          Thank you so much for the incredible honor of being selected as the recipient of the Educator of the Year Award. I have always enjoyed being in the background and participating in ways to highlight the accomplishments and commitment of the educators at Lynnville-Sully. To have the tables turned was an incredible experience that I will never forget. The highlight of the day for me was to see the emotion in my parents' faces when we hugged on the gym floor. Even as a 42 year old adult, knowing that my parents were proud of the work I do and giving them an opportunity to see it is valued, makes a huge impact on us all. Even though I make my own decisions, I still feel that I represent them and the values they worked hard to instill in me. So, any recognition of success is actually a testament to them along with my husband and children and the sacrifices they continue to make to allow me to invest so much time and energy into our school system.


          I also appreciate this award and the positive recognition it can provide for Lynnville-Sully. We work hard to make Lynnville-Sully a school of choice for many families in our area. Our open enrollment numbers continue to be very strong. Any opportunity we have to build a sense of trust in our faculty and high expectations for our district helps promote the idea that L-S is a great place to live, work, and raise a family. Thank you for the ability to continue to have a reason to be recognized publicly for our commitment to our students and families.


          Thank you for the monetary stipend that accompanies this award. I do not have any idea how it will be utilized because it is such an unexpected situation. But, please know it is greatly appreciated and will be put to good use.


          Lastly, and most importantly, thank you for the work you do to support the educators of Iowa. I truly appreciate the ideals of PEI, especially the fact that decisions are made by putting students first and all employees/roles are valued in education. By coming together to serve our students and families, we can continue to make the educational system in Iowa the best in the nation. Your ongoing encouragement, professional development offerings, legal supports, and outreach activities make a positive difference in the lives of so many educators and their students across the state. We appreciate you and I hope you hear that often.


~Teri Bowlin





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