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State Coordinator's report

I am going to hand this out at October BOD so some of you will already be aware of this information. So here we go. This is going to make some of you upset and rightfully so. But it is a problem we as a group need to handle. Stay with me and read the facts. I want you to know I don’t like the position we are being put in but that is what it is.

A few months ago, we contacted the State gambling commission to ask some questions. In that conversation, it was made known we are a 501c4 organization. What we have always been for years. We have had a gambling permit for the past twelve years. Approved every year by filling with the State gambling commission. In the discussion with the gambling commission, they realized we are a 501c4 organization, not a 501c3. 

So, what is the difference you ask? Here is a little background.

Find the Gambling Commission Letter Here

Andy McAfee

State Coordinator


Spring Opener

We are happy to announce that raffle tickets for our 2023 Spring Opener raffle are available for sale. Thanks to our sponsors Jake's Gun and Pawn, Apple State Harley Davidson, and Mike Myers Motorcycle Attorney, we have some amazing prizes!


Please reach out to your Gambling Representative, David Crawford, to check out raffle tickets. His cell for call or text is 206-427-0091.


Below are the rules regarding distribution and selling of the raffle ticket, please review them carefully and Happy Selling.

Spring Opener Raffle Ticket Rules:

  • You must be an ABATE member in good standing to sell tickets.
  • The ABATE member that checks out the tickets from our Gambling Representative is responsible for returning the whole ticket or the ticket stub & $10.
  • The buyer and the seller must print their full legal first & last name as legible as possible. No nicknames, road names or initials please.
  • Please be mindful that when selling the Raffle Tickets, we need to make sure everyone has a fair chance when it comes time for the drawing. Therefore, the ticket stub cannot be altered in any way. This means no lamination, stickers, tape, rips, folding or creasing etc.
  • We ask that all SOLD tickets stubs & $10 be returned to the ABATE Gambling Representative by the June 11th, ECOM Meeting. The unsold tickets the member can keep & continue to try & keep selling. This is to help minimize the amount of cash & ticket stub counting we have to do the day of the event.
  • By 12 noon on Saturday of the Spring Opener ALL tickets & sold ticket stub / $10 must be turned back into the ABATE Gambling Representatives for counting. At that time there will be sperate tickets checked out that will be sold at the event between 12 noon & 6pm. The Gambling Representatives & State Officers could stretch out the selling time up until 8:30 pm depending on where the Gambling Committee is at with counting the sold tickets & money.
  • The drawing will be held at 10pm on Saturday, June 24, 2023
  • The member that sells the winning ticket for the 2020 Road King will get a $200 Pre-paid Visa (The member will be asked to complete a W9 for us to report your winnings)
  • The member that sells the winning ticket for the Tommy Gun will get a $200 Pre-paid Visa (The member will be asked to complete a W9 for us to report your winnings)
  • The members that sell any other of the winning tickets will get 1 Spring Opener member ticket for the 2024 Spring Opener event.
  • For any Chapter that sells 50 of the bike tickets OR 50 of the gun tickets (but not a combination of the two together) will get a Gift Certificate good for 1 Free Member Spring Opener ticket for the next year’s event. The Gift Certificates will be given to the Chapter Coordinators to pass out to the winning members of their chapter at the BOD in October.

The Vendor Registration form is attached here!

Ambassador-at -Large

Membership renewal. I’ve talked to many members recently who believe their membership is about to run out or already has. Retention is very important. It makes it difficult to keep our numbers up if they fall by non-renewals. It is as important (if not more so) to keep members as it is in signing up new ones. So, I challenge everyone, myself included, when we are at ABATE socials, rides and events, make that one of the topics of discussion, along with bringing on new members. Just a reminder, the more members the louder the voice is in Olympia!      


From your ambassador at large Mac… Ride safe!   

Legislative Update

Session Prep Work

By the time this goes to press the elections will be upon us.  We will be heading into session before you know it, so now is the time to begin to set us up for success.  Step one is to reach out to the winners in your area, both new personnel and newly elected, and begin the communication process long before the session opens up.  Arrange to meet with your representatives in district just to get acquainted, even if we have no draft legislation to discuss, merely concepts.  The time constraints of session will not be in play, so things will be more relaxed.  Meeting at the local coffee shop for a meet and greet is an excellent opportunity to get to know your rep, and equally important, for your rep to get to meet the riders in their district.  The plan should be familiarity and comfort before issues, so show some real interest in what brings your rep to the game as well as what do they do when they are not being a legislator.  Feel free to share your back stories too.  Yes, this is basic cocktail party stuff, but if you do your ground work properly then when you meet more formally in Olympia it is more like checking in with a valued associate.  Familiarity will lead to trust, and trust leads to success.

Our legislative priorities will be: 

  1. Supporting Lane Sharing/Splitting legislation
  2. Supporting additional profiling
  3. Working to remove/reduce the tonnage fees on motorcycles


Compiled & Edited by Bill Bish

National Coalition of Motorcyclists (NCOM)

Learn more about what is happening worldwide with the National Coalition of Motorcyclists. 

In this issue. 

  • New Study Reveals Self-Driving Cars are Not Safe for Motorcyclists
  • Self Driving Cars are Coming, Sooner Than Later
  • California Votes to Ban New Gas Cars by 2035
  • Illinois Announces Round Two of its EV Rebate Program, Including Bikes
  • Big Brother May Put an End to Spedding in New York

And more - Click here to read all the stories.


Talking about Riding


We’re going to flip the table this month.  Normally I pontificate about good riding techniques, but this month the subject will be how we talk about riding with the non-riding public, AKA “civilians.” 

Remember, a lot of civilians look at us as if we have taken leave of our senses for even getting aboard one of those “two wheeled death traps.”  It is our job to present our chosen avocation in the best possible light, helping them to understand that we are not (really) crazy but levelheaded riders who take responsibility for our safety.  The war stories of near misses, high speed ripping, near misses, and other such high jinks should be reserved for the friendly audience, not the uninitiated.  Likewise, it is counter productive to refer to civilians as “cagers,” or present the picture of “us vs them.”  The picture painted should be one that shows that riders and drivers are partners in the safety of the traffic mix.  Respect given earns respect.

If the subject of the near miss is broached, the conversation can be steered towards how a rider avoided the impact with their operational skill.  When the conversation is how a driver almost clocked a rider, the conversation can go towards a neutral discussion of what might have caused the incident.  If it seems that the rider may have some (or all) culpability for things it is no sin to acknowledge that we can be our own worst enemy.  The follow on might be something along the line of not everyone is a great rider, but we want to help them get better for the benefit of all.

Language is an interesting thing.  Let’s just make sure that we are using the positive aspect of our language to help our cause.

Larry Walker


The secret to life is to keep moving uphill


Individuals Can Make a Difference!

Don’t fall into the trap of believing only high-powered lobbyists or big money donors can make a difference in D.C. The average biker can and has impacted policy in our nation’s capital.

A perfect example is the work of two motorcyclists in Nevada, Fred Harrell and Russell Radke. Both are long time biker rights advocates and understand the best way to get things done is to educate and develop relationships with their elected officials. Over the course of several years, they met with and befriended their local lawmaker, Congresswoman Susie Lee of Nevada. Sharing their experiences as motorcyclists and their concern regarding the profiling of bikers they sought solutions to help address the issue. Click here to read more. 



Sky Valley and North Snohomish - Chilli Feed

November 6th, 2022


SKCC - 2022 Veterans Parade

November 5th, 2022


Spring Opener

June 22-25




Well, Hello Fall, y’all! This AMAZING weather just keeps us on the road well into October. We held our EPCC Board Elections and re-installed our incumbent Officers. A few of us are in Ellensburg attending STEAM & BOD as I write.



Hey all!  Greetings from Foothills!  Just got home from a great training session at STEAM & BOD.  Enjoyed the heck out of our fellowships within ABATE of Washington & now Oregon, that gal can play some Ship Captain Crew!  Next up BASH food boxes on Friday, November 18th.  It’s a joy to support such a great organization and help out where we can. READ MORE


Back after a brief absence…

Logger's Playday really messed with our regular chapter meeting in September! I don't know how we missed planning for that event, but only 4 members showed up. Shout out to Katie and Trevor the diehards! READ MORE


Greetings from the Pen!


Out here in Ellensburg for STEAM and BOD today. Bittersweet because the weather is stellar, and we are hemmed up inside TCB but am glad to be here for this. We are doing good work here and it’s kinda nice to see a lot of new officers stepping up into these roles. 



There’s not a lot happening within the chapter at the moment, except talking about Christmas (Ugh! Really?) and how good of a summer/early fall it has been. Cannot believe we are in the middle of October and it is still going to be 80 degrees this weekend! But we all know it will be coming to an end eventually. READ MORE


It's FALL!!! Slippery roads, leaves, and nightfall coming sooner. Ride skillfully. This past month we hosted the beer garden at Jet City Harley Davidson in Renton. Come join us. We enjoyed the Rat City Salmon Run. City riding was actually fun. We are getting ready for STEAM and BOD.



Greetings from Sky Valley chapter in Snohomish! 

We completed our election of new officers in September. The Sky Valley Coordinator, Rod “Red Dog” Hobelman, has decided to step down this year. Rod has been Coordinator for the Sky Valley chapter for the past 18 years. He was Deputy Coordinator for 2 years before that. That’s 20 years of continued leadership for this chapter! Not to mention Rod’s huge contributions in putting on the Annual Bike Show the past 25 years! READ MORE


 Greetings to all from Star Lake Chapter,

We missed last month September report, so we have a few more things to add to this October report. We had our monthly chapter meeting and tailgate party October 2nd, 2022, 10am-11am, at one of our chapter members home in Tacoma. Thank You Kim Nyland for hosting the event (Pics 1,2&4). This was the first meeting with the newly elected officers. READ MORE


Greetings from Spokane 


Not a bad turnout for our JOYA charity ride. The weather turned out to be perfect! If you ever get to our part of the state, Jackson Street Bar and Grill is a must stop in. Great food, service, and owner. Thanks to Ron for hosting. 



Man, what a great September and first half of October! Spanaway chapter is taking advantage of the nice weather. Recently we rode to Shelton for the Oyster Festival. Afterwards we took the long way home and traveled along some great country roads.


Need to reach a specific Chapter?

Get their contact information here:



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Who We Are

We’ve been helping people for almost 30 years. We’re smart, efficient, and sophisticated. We measure success by the results achieved for our clients. Most of our cases involve a motorcycle, bicycle, and auto collisions. We work on a contingent fee basis. We only get paid if there’s a recovery. Not only do we do all the work, we also advance all the costs necessary to prepare the case for trial. Clients don’t have to pay any money upfront.

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Have you heard of umbrella coverage? Basically, it adds coverage to all of your policies. Or does it...?

By default, umbrella coverage increases liability limits. But it doesn’t increase everything. And that’s a big deal. Maybe the most important coverage you can have increased is uninsured motorists in (UM) and u red motorists (UIM). I’ve said it before. And I think it’s probably more true now than ever. At least 90 percent of drivers are uninsured or underinsured. (We just settled a case against a driver who had $5.3M in coverage—and even he didn’t have enough insurance.) So it’s vital that you let your insurance agent/broker know that you want your umbrella policy to cover not only liability but also UM/UIM.

 Click here to read more about umbrella coverage

The Ins & Outs of "Releases" in Washington

We’re asked to sign releases all the time. Sometimes we’re not even asked to sign—they’re just embedded in our transactions. (Like when we buy lift

tickets to go skiing.) 

The Deterrent Effect of Releases

People fall into two categories. Either they assume that releases are iron-clad or they forget that they signed releases. The people who assume they’re iron-clad don’t pursue claims. That (false) belief is the biggest benefit to the businesses that make customers sign them.

Read More

Resources for Bikers

Filling in the Blanks

Most people have a pretty clear memory of how they got hurt. Frequently their memories are punctuated with very specific details. “That son of a bitch looked me right in the eye before turning left.” “The front door mat was a bright pastel color.” “The impact made a sound just like an M-80 going off.” But when you go through something traumatic, like a motorcycle wreck, the brain isn’t focused on making memories—it’s focused on survival. The same mechanisms that keep the brain sharp enough to escape immediate danger may also make it harder to accurately recall the event.


He Passed Me Going 90 MPH

In just about every motorcycle case we have there

are allegations that our client was speeding. There are a couple of important things to know about the issue of motorcycle speed. The first relates to the reliability of witness observations. The second deals with the way courts deal with favored drivers exceeding the speed limit.

Witnesses are almost always wrong about

motorcycle speed. It may be based on the relatively small size of motorcycles compared to other vehicles. Or it may be based on witness bias.


Public Health and Relations Crisis

The concept of public health has really expanded. It used to focus on disease. Now it includes things like gun deaths. New York’s Governor recently declared

a gun violence disaster emergency. This new strategy treats gun violence as a public health crisis. We have a public health crisis of our own in Washington. It doesn’t have anything to do with guns. Or COVID-19. It has to do with motorcycles.


What the Jury Doesn't Hear

The evidence rules have a big impact on what the jury gets to hear (and what it doesn’t get to hear). Evidence can seem a lot like an iceberg: 10 percent visible, 90 percent below the surface.

A lot of the evidence rules are counter-intuitive. Here’s what the jury doesn’t get to hear in a personal injury case:


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