National Gratitude Month 
November is National Gratitude Month, where we take a moment to reflect on what we are truly thankful for. In the Thanksgiving spirit, we asked the HK team to share what
they are grateful for.
Senior Associate

I am grateful for change. Despite change being the catalyst for causing negative feelings, anxiety, and unease, the other side of change is often beautiful and needed. I am grateful for the changes I’ve experienced throughout my own life and for being provided the opportunity to help my own clients move through
their own life changes. 
Michelle Hoover
Director of Community Relations

I’m thankful for my HK colleagues and to have the opportunity to work with an authentic and lively team of professionals. I appreciate that I can depend on my work colleagues and enjoy the behind the scenes teamwork and lateral support we have at HK. 
Senior Associate

I am grateful for my family, friends, and my cats, Sirius and Momo (who I adopted this year). I am also thankful that I can work at a place that recognizes my talents, my volunteer work in the community, all while supporting my dedication to our clients.
Senior Associate

One of my favorite quotes, which I have handwritten on a post-it note and taped to my computer screen, is by Marcus Aurelius: “The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts.” Though we are inundated with phrases about the importance of gratitude, and can sometimes feel that one more “kumbaya” comment will send us over the edge, the more gratitude I find for the simplest things, the happier I ultimately am. The fact that we are here, just existing, is miraculous, and I am more convinced each day that normalcy is extraordinary, and I am thankful for that. 
Kiwi Le
Legal Administrative Assistant

When there’s too much noise in my head, and as I am driving to/from the gym at night, and I could get time to slow down, see the beauty of the night, and feel the smooth cool air filling up my chest, I am suddenly very thankful to be breathing and happy despite everything that is out of my control. Life is good.
Silicon Valley Capital Club's
"Capital Connections" 
We were honored to sponsor Silicon Valley Capital Club’s Capital Connections breakfast program on November 4th. Thanks to NINICO Communications for helping to assemble a panel of prestigious experts who offered a play by play of the latest and greatest downtown development
projects in San Jose.

Thank you to our trusted advisors who came out to network and learn about what’s going up downtown.
Movin’ On Up
On November 10th, HK hosted a reception at the Silicon Valley Capital Club honoring Meghan Herning and Andrea J. Justo for their promotions to Senior Associate. We invited their families to help share in the celebration. It was wonderful to enjoy the sunset and twilight views as we raised our glasses to honor the accomplishments and dedication of these two extraordinary attorneys. Thank you to the HK partners for the heartfelt speeches and to Gabby Benitez for organizing this magic moment at our firm.

It's a great day at HK.
Hoover Krepelka, LLP Appears on The Divorce Hour With Ilyssa Panitz 
Thank you Ilyssa Panitz and the CRN Digital Talk Radio team for inviting our attorneys to discuss family law
issues on the show.
Ernest A. Baello, Of Counsel, shared his insights about the divorce process and family law issues in California.
Monica R. Nemec, Senior Associate, covered child visitation and divorce during the holidays.
Everyone deserves a warm meal during the holidays. This Thanksgiving season, we spotlight Martha's Kitchen, a nonprofit organization that has been serving meals and groceries in Northern California since 1981 in San Jose. Martha’s Kitchen sends over 1,200,000 hot and cold meals and 3,000,000 pounds of groceries annually to 75 other nonprofit organizations in Santa Clara, Morgan Hill, Gilroy, Merced, Santa Cruz, San Benito, Fresno, and Monterey counties.

If you would like to support their cause this November, you can help by providing a donation to their organization. All donations go towards funding their programs for hot meals and groceries. You can also support Martha’s Kitchen through Amazon Smile, and Amazon will donate 0.5% of eligible purchases to the organization.

Learn more about Martha's Kitchen by clicking below.
Hoover Krepelka, LLP will be closed for the following dates. 
December 26th – 27th 
December 30th 
January 2nd 
Happy Holidays!
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